Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 26 Way back in 2009, the people of Glasgow were introduced to a new face on the Chinese cuisine market – one that would come to be nationally recognised as the best that Glasgow has to offer. Despite its humble beginnings as a family run restaurant and takeaway, I-Chai’s specialty in Chinese cuisine, in tandem with various other oriental dishes, caused a surge in popularity that hasn’t ebbed since it first opened its doors. This is a direct result of the unapologetically authentic taste that accompanies each and every dish. Partnered with a genuine desire to introduce diners to a new way of viewing Cantonese cooking, I-Chai has managed to become a trusted establishment for all manner of oriental meals. It's this very characteristic that I-Chai proudly exhibits time after time. At its core, it has its sights set on encouraging positivity, togetherness, and enjoyment throughout its customers, all whilst providing the best possible service. It comes as no surprise to learn that it has been consistently achieving this goal for well over a decade, but what makes I-Chai truly special is how highly it values each diner as an individual. Across its restaurants and takeaway services, I-Chai adds an extremely personal touch to its dishes – a quality that has allowed it to connect with customers, whilst also providing them with the means to indulge in Glasgow’s most renowned Chinese cuisine. This ultimately stems from the opening of its first establishment in 2009, a time in which its primary clientele consisted of families who were eager to experience a new, authentic approach towards their favourite eastern dishes. Through these connections, I-Chai has managed to foster its own community within Glasgow, acting as a waypoint for individuals who wish to come together for a truly special experience. Whether this takes place within I-Chai’s Crow Road establishment, or from the comfort of their own homes, diners can appreciate a delectable union between authenticity and community. I-Chai’s heart lies in bringing people together, with its food acting as a catalyst for an unforgettable dining experience. But just how does I-Chai manage to create tantalising dishes time and time again? Having originally immigrated to Scotland, the family behind I-Chai leverage their roots to reinvent what some would expect of a typical Chinese takeaway. As opposed to simply following a formula, it has dedicated itself to utilising only the freshest ingredients, whilst also adding a genuine touch that’s reminiscent of its origins. This inspiration is evident throughout every meal – from the moment a customer digs in, they’re exposed to a flair of flavours that perfectly capture the pride and inspiration drawn from I-Chai’s heritage. It’s a truly unbeatable encounter that’ll leave any Chinese cuisine lover eager for more. Alongside delivering authenticity through the food that it prepares, I-Chai finds itself exemplifying this nature through everything that it does. Not only does it remain incredibly humble, despite its soaring success, but it also seeks to provide comfort to those who have been deprived of access to genuine Asian gastronomy. Students who have travelled to Glasgow for university studies, or even those who have immigrated from China, may wish to indulge in a little piece of home every once in a while. I-Chai aims to be exactly that – a means for those who have left their traditional childhood dishes behind to relive the nostalgia and embrace the comfort that partners the tastes of home. Boasting a varied menu with a wide array of dishes just waiting to be tasted, I-Chai is, by far, Glasgow’s go-to for all manner of oriental delicacies. Extending its range from its specialty Chinese cuisine, to foods originating from Thailand, Japan, and more, I-Chai promises mouthwatering moments from the very first bite. Its chefs are masters of combining fresh ingredients with aromatic spices to elicit an eastern essence – one that’s impossible to overlook. Never before has a Chinese cuisine establishment within Glasgow tantalised the tastebuds in such a way, granting I-Chai a unique status as a one-of-a-kind entity within its field. No matter your tastes – whether you’re eager to indulge yourself, or are looking for a healthier takeaway alternative – I-Chai is prepared to deliver the best flavours to you. Despite finding its origins in the early 2000s, I-Chai has remained up to date with the times, allowing it to not only cook up marvellous flavours, but to also carry out the most streamlined takeaway services imaginable. Combined, all of these factors make for a Chinese cuisine specialist that is committed to making its food as accessible, and tasty, as possible. And rest assured, with many new culinary methods frequently emerging, I-Chai will certainly be at the forefront of applying them to continue delivering only the very best to clients across Glasgow. We’re so very excited to feature I-Chai as part of this awards supplement. Just imagining the tastes that it offers to its clients was enough to make our stomachs rumble and our mouths water. It holds an incredibly special quality – one that isn’t often seen through the vast majority of takeaways. This quality is, of course, its unrelenting dedication to bringing a piece of China to Glasgow. Every dish is meticulously prepared to the utmost standards, resulting in a menu packed with delicious delicacies to sample. And as we rapidly approach the season of family and comfort food, our Glasgow readers simply must try a little piece of I-Chai’s authentic, award-winning Chinese cuisine. Contact Details Contact: Tik Sze Hung Company: I-Chai Web Address: Let us set the scene – you’re in Glasgow. Whether you’re living there, or just visiting for the season, you’ve found yourself in either Anniesland or Bishopbriggs. Regardless, you’re craving arguably the most unanimously agreed upon comfort food – Chinese cuisine. But, in order to truly indulge in Chinese food, one must seek out an establishment that has mastered the craft of delivering authentic dishes to its customers. In such a situation, there’s one definitive option that has long since taken Glasgow by storm - I-Chai, the region’s most renowned specialist in all things oriental. Best Chinese Cuisine 2023 - Glasgow