Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 32 Most Supportive Children & Young Persons Residential Home 2023 - Ayrshire Life is never as straightforward as it seems. Some of us experience more ups than downs, some more downs than ups. Regardless, when tough times arise, so too does the need for quality care and attention. For children and young people alike, that’s exactly what Orchard Cottage Care aims to be. Set on guiding youngsters through trauma recovery by equipping them with valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, Orchard Cottage Care is Ayrshire’s definitive safe space for children looking to get a jumpstart on their futures. Below, we venture through how. First opening its doors in October 2021, Orchard Cottage Care is a passion project that was launched with one core goal in mind – to provide a space for struggling children who just need a little guidance to get themselves on the best path for them. Hosting five bedrooms, each outfitted with everything anybody could need to comfortably enjoy an escape to a more refreshing lifestyle, Orchard Cottage Care is a warm home that is set on remaining as such. Whether this translates through its surroundings, or through its on-hand staff members, the cottage upholds a welcoming atmosphere that possesses the ability to put any child at ease. Settled in a semi-rural location near the village of Dundonald, Orchard Cottage Care is a humble abode that utilises its breathtaking wrap around garden to present young people with a chance to experience a more remote lifestyle – one that’s far away from the stresses of life. Though in close proximity to the nearest town, Orchard Cottage Care is just far away enough to deliver a sense of serenity to the area – something that is notorious for having a positive impact on the mental state of children and adults alike. From this location, Orchard Cottage Care poses a myriad of opportunities, allowing the youngsters to immerse themselves in natural and local communities alike. Adopting a holistic approach towards care, Orchard Cottage Care has earned itself a wonderful reputation that’s founded on its selflessness. As a waypoint for weary children who are in need of therapeutic care and nurturing environments, every aspect of Orchard Cottage Care has been planned down to the smallest of details. This is all in the hopes that, through all of the services, experiences, and teachings that it has to offer, it’ll be able to help young people receive a wholly personalised care plan that’s fully aimed at helping them flourish into the people that they deserve to be. Nobody should be held back by their circumstances, and Orchard Cottage Care is at the forefront of exploring how to amplify this notion to the children under its care. This is achieved through a combination of the staff and the overall environment that they have tirelessly worked to create. Run by Jane, Orchard Cottage Care’s registered manager, with support from her assistant manager, Darren, the home has been lucky enough to find itself operating alongside some of the most skilled individuals within the region. The team, comprised of people who were carefully selected for their dedication to the cottage’s cause, is the beating heart of Orchard Cottage Care. Through them, young people are given access to individuals who have been trained in childcare to an exceptional degree. As such, they carry compassion and professionalism in abundance. This coalescence of talent is, of course, directed towards each child under Orchard Cottage Care’s roof. After gaining its first young resident in December 2021, Orchard Cottage Care now hosts five children and young people alike – ranging between six and seventeen years old. These individuals receive only the best care imaginable, delivered by the cottage’s cohesive team of highly trained individuals. Orchard Cottage Care acts as a stepping stone to get residents on the path leading towards a bright future, and is willing to go above and beyond to make this happen. But one cannot ignore the positive impact that the cottage’s amenities present. Benefitting from its position, Orchard Cottage Care boasts a stunning wrap-around garden, filled to the brim with activities for residents to partake in. From swings, a climbing frame, a large sandpit, and a pool area for warmer months, to a trampoline, football net, badminton net, and basketball hoop, the cottage’s exterior boasts an opportunity to rejuvenate in a stimulating manner. In addition, the outdoor amenities also include chicken coops and vegetable patches, allowing the children to interact with the concept of caring for food and animals alike. This is further encouraged through regular visits from Orchard Cottage Care’s child friendly pets – two Labradors, three spaniels, and a pug named Jake. However, that isn’t to say that the interior isn’t equally brimming with opportunities for fun and relaxation. Its large, open plan dining and kitchen area grants the younger children the exciting chance to explore - while still maintaining safety - whilst the smaller lounge presents a safe sensory space for any of the residents to retire to. Partner this with five rooms, four of which possessing ensuites, and the fifth having its own dedicated bathroom, and you’ve got an environment that truly encapsulates the feeling of home. And, if it’s a little too cold for outside recreation, Orchard Cottage Care’s large lounge boasts space for four sofas, a dozen toy boxes, and even a small bouncer trampoline. Clearly, meticulous thought has gone into making Orchard Cottage Care the perfect location for young people and children alike. Those who have gone through traumatic situations need to feel safe, and no place has gone so far to secure such an environment than Orchard Cottage Care. The chance that it offers to its residents is simply invaluable – fundamentally, it’s presenting them with vital life skills that will carry them into the next stages of their lives. We’re certain that Orchard Cottage Care is the most holistic method of helping children heal, and we can’t wait to see it thrive as we head into the new year. Contact Details Contact: Adele McDade Company: Orchard Cottage Care Ltd Web Address: