Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 38 Best Window Coverings & Treatments Business 2023 Founded in 1987, The Scottish Shutter Company is dedicated to helping customers find luxury shutter and blind solutions for their homes and businesses. The family-run company is passionate about providing its clients with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. From humble beginnings, The Scottish Shutter Company has a history of producing bespoke designs that fit perfectly and continue to exceed customers’ expectations. The Scottish Shutter Company has received our award for this year’s Best Window Coverings & Treatments Business. The husband and wife team, David and June Browne, launched their family business nearly four decades ago. Originally nicknamed Dundee’s Curtain Shop by locals, the company has expanded its portfolio to fulfil its clients’ everchanging needs. Upon witnessing the growing demand for shutters and blinds, the business has ceased curtain production to align with changes in customer lifestyles. The Scottish Shutter Company has undergone many changes but continues to deliver the same business ethics and stellar customer service that propelled The Scottish Shutter Company to success. David Browne is an experienced engineer with a background in computeraided design (CAD). Along with ensuring that background systems function efficiently, David is the Project Director and collaborates with architects, interior designers, and developers to design shading systems for new homes. David enjoys rising to the challenge of any awkward window space and revels in producing tailored solutions with effortless fits. The Scottish Shutter Company creates shutters and blinds that place clients in control of the amount of light, shade, and temperature admitted into a building. It is the business’s overarching goal to provide energy efficient solutions that reduce glare and protect buildings’ contents from UV damage. Under the influence of co-founder June Browne, The Scottish Shutter Company has grown into a thriving family business. Although now retired from the day-to-day running of the business, June continues to use her years of industry knowledge and experience to advise and support David when needed. The team’s expertise enables them to create seamless solutions that mould perfectly to windows regardless of shape, size, or angle. The Scottish Shutter Company’s unique blend of family and business continues to attract returning customers with its consistent delivery of exceptional products. The couple’s daughter Judith and son-in-law David D'Ambrosio have also played pivotal roles in the business’s success. It is Judith’s role to ensure that the client experiences a comprehensive, flawless client journey from start to finish. Her in-depth understanding of the customer experience embodies the business’s commitment to exceptional customer service. Judith ensures clients receive the ideal product for their specific requirements, taking the stress out of sourcing shutters and blinds. The Scottish Shutter Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of workmanship and offers a 5-year perfect fit guarantee to assure clients that their investment will be protected for years to come. David D'Ambrosio, David and June’s son-in-law, is the current president of The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) and a leading expert on window and door shutters in the United Kingdom. David resides at the forefront of the business, personally measuring clients’ windows to ensure shutters are a precise fit. He is also involved in the design process and specialises in creating stunning shading solutions that make all windows look picture-perfect. From the first appointment, The Scottish Shutter Company ensures that every client’s needs are prioritised with home visits that place clients at ease in their own surroundings. The business also offers appointment-only consultations in its state-of-the-art Dundee and Edinburgh showrooms, so that meetings can be conducted privately without interruption. In these settings, clients are encouraged to ask questions and will receive expert advice on the right product for their individual requirements. Being able to see, feel, and touch the materials enables customers to make an informed choice prior to purchase. Over the years, The Scottish Shutter Company has faced its fair share of tough times, but the resilience of the family business and their determination to succeed have allowed the company to overcome all challenges. It is this strength of character that has forged The Scottish Shutter Company’s position as the leading independent shutter and blind specialists. The company prides itself on ensuring that every product is a reflection of the high-quality values that the business lives by. All staff involved in the designing and fitting process are committed to exacting measurements and expert installation services to ensure clients always receive perfectly fitting shutters and blinds. The Scottish Shutter Company understands the difference that well-designed window coverings make to domestic and commercial properties. Its shutters and blinds are created to help filter out harsh sunlight, resulting in less glare, fewer hot spots, and a reduced chance of UV damage to furniture and fittings. Excellent window coverings should create a barrier between internal spaces and the window itself to decrease sound pollution. Clients who invest in the company’s offerings can feel secure in their investment, receiving fewer distractions from external noise and improved quality of sleep. With the cost of living crisis, it is more important than ever to conserve energy wherever possible. By adding an extra layer of insulation to windows and doors, clients can keep the heat inside and the cold out. The Scottish Shutter Company ensures a secure fit to create a comfortable environment to relax and work in. It is the business’s objective to place clients in complete control of their privacy with the ability to easily angle and close its shutters and blinds. Products can be opened to allow light to flood into any room or alternatively, kept closed to create a safe and secure environment for clients. As one of the leading experts in window blind automation, David D'Ambrosio continues to envisage intelligent solutions for hard-to-reach blinds. The Scottish Shutter Company has invested in significant research to produce its activated motorised blinds by hand or voice to provide inclusive options for all. With the family’s combined expertise and experience, they are eager to embrace new challenges, creating customised products to complete all jobs to an exceptional standard. The Scottish Shutter Company believes that all clients should be able to enjoy spectacular shading in their home or work environment, and the business is dedicated to overcoming obstacles with its effective solutions. In the coming year, The Scottish Shutter Company will continue to deliver its high-quality services and products across Scotland and the North of England. The company also aims to tackle more complex projects and introduce innovative shading systems that other Scottish businesses are unable to offer. By investing in virtual teams, The Scottish Shutter Company has expanded its reach and continue meeting the growing demand for its products. Most recently, the company has begun to serve clients in remote Scottish communities, such as the Highlands and Islands, with its bespoke virtual service, which takes clients on a journey from the initial concept to a virtual installation. We are excited to see what beautiful new shutter and blind solutions The Scottish Shutter Company will design in the future for its valued clientele. The business remains steadfast in its family values and commitment to client-focused service. For its consistent delivery of bespoke designs and innovative products, The Scottish Shutter Company has been honoured with a Scottish Enterprise Award for this year’s Best Window Coverings & Treatments Business. Contact Details Contact: David Browne Company: The Scottish Shutter Company Web Address: