Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Glendale House, and indeed all the staff at Horizons, are honoured to stand alongside the young people in their care. The new houses opened in 2022, Newhaven, Westhaven Lodge, and Bonnieview all replicate the homely feel and the therapeutic care provided to our looked after children and young persons. The company thinks it is essential its young person’s and children’s voices are listened to, and that all decisions which are made are in their best interests. It works hard to help create links and foster positive relationships within the local community. It thinks this is an integral aspect of the care system’s duty, and thus it promotes respect towards neighbours, and responsible citizenship amongst its wards. One of the ways it encourages this is through open communication, whereby it invites neighbours to discuss any concerns they harbour, hoping this will help achieve a status of harmony between its residents and the community in which they live. In addition, each Horizons residential Care house has worked hard to establish community link-ups with local facilities such as libraries, leisure centres, youth groups, sports clubs, and other groups that might be of interest to young people. It is keen for its service users to be able to participate in a wide range of leisure activities, catering to each and every individual’s personal interests and preferences, allowing them to thrive and flourish. The groundbreaking care home has recently been recognised as Best Residential Children Care Home 2023 in the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Its insightful approach to providing young people and children with the best experiences possible within the residential care sector are to be much applauded. It should be, and indeed it is, celebrated for making such a significant difference in the lives of so many. Well done to Horizons Residential Care Limited. Contact Details Company: Horizons Residential Care Limited Web Address: Contact Name: Dr Narud Fowdar