Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 30 Despite the very recent rise in demand for quality cleaning services, Perfect Clean has spent the past decade delivering the services that many are beginning to value more and more. Boasting so many years in the field, it has come to master the art of cleaning, enabling it to spread its expertise throughout the entirety of Scotland. From regular office cleans, to deep cleans across a variety of sectors, Perfect Clean is easily Scotland’s most adept cleaning company to date. Join us as we explore, in more detail, how it has spent the last ten years earning itself its exceptional industry position. Since 2013, Perfect Clean has been lending its expertise to a wide range of clients across Scotland. What started as cleaning services strictly aimed at the hospitality sector and The Royal Scotsman Train quickly evolved into a collective that now promises a plethora of services. Ranging from traditional office, contract, and industrial cleaning, to operating within specialist areas such as trauma, biohazard, and hoarder cleaning, Perfect Clean prides itself on both its versatility, and its ability to carry out each project to the highest standard possible. However, these sectors aren’t the limit of Perfect Clean’s scope. In addition to tackling both general and specialist projects, it also delivers services relating to both the public and transport sectors. As such, Perfect Clean has gathered the necessary equipment, workforce, and experience to provide for schools, healthcare institutions, and prisons, whilst also lending a helping hand in aircraft, train, and boat cleaning. Truly, Perfect Clean has spent the previous ten years adapting its practises to the point where it has plenty to offer, without ever having to sacrifice its exceptionally high standards to get the job done. As many companies have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, they have recognised the invaluable nature of cleaning. This acute resurgence of awareness created a dire need for cleaning services that didn’t simply deliver, but were willing to go the extra mile to guarantee total cleanliness within even the largest of environments. With customer satisfaction as its primary objective, and an obligation to reach a spotless result with each project, Project Clean fills this need. Combining dedication and responsiveness with a desire to remain on top of Scotland’s industry, it manages to maintain an impeccable reputation – one that’s founded on genuine talent and industry prowess. Of course, no company manages to acquire such consistent levels of success without innovation, and a dedication to developing each and every day. Unsurprisingly, Perfect Clean pursues this in droves. It holds an unapologetic desire to continuously improve itself – be it through the products it uses, the processes it deploys, or the training of its staff. Regardless of the steps that it must take, Perfect Clean is fully committed to ensuring that its structure remains solid, whilst being adaptable to emerging trends within the industry. From the moment a new, sector-changing piece of equipment reaches the market, Perfect Clean ensures that it’s among the first to master it. It's for this reason that it finds itself in such prestigious standing, able to assist even the most complex industries throughout Scotland. As a result of its dedication and expertise, Perfect Clean now recognises that no project is too small, or too large, for its team of professionals to handle. This expertise has almost exclusively emerged as part of Perfect Clean’s constant applications of brilliance, but none of it would be possible without the abundance of passion demonstrated by the individuals behind the collective. Its team is the face of the brand – what reassures each client that they’re in the best possible hands from the moment they step on site. Having accumulated such a vast, yet mutually respecting, client base, Perfect Clean has now turned its sights towards the future of the company. This future, as it seems, is filled with maintaining the immense connections that it has formed with clients across the region, whilst investing even more time, effort, and resources into both training and equipment research. To remain at the forefront of innovation, one must always be a step ahead, and Perfect Clean flawlessly embodies this very notion. As such, it remains a dependable companion throughout any business’s cleaning ventures. As a firm believer of the mindset that the most important part of any businesses is the willingness to learn and develop as time progresses, Perfect Clean embodies what it means to be a client-centric, quality-focused cleaning company. Whether it’s carrying out commercial cleaning throughout Scotland, or dedicating itself to more specialised, biohazardous and industrial cleaning, Perfect Clean has mastered the art of remaining swift, driven, and, above all else, passionate. As such, no project is impossible, no matter how daunting the process may seem at first glance. Perfect Clean exists to act as a reliable companion in getting a space to exactly where the client wants it, and retains this nature even once a project has ended. Perfect Clean prides itself on the relationships that it has forged over the past decade. It truly loves the work that it does, and is always eager to work alongside clients both new and old. Every project is an opportunity to learn more, try out new techniques, and leverage its wealth of experience to produce satisfying solutions time and time again. When working alongside Perfect Clean, clients can expect an unparalleled level of dedication – one that knows no competitor in Scotland’s current cleaning industry. Perfect Clean promises, as the name suggests, perfection, and we believe that such commitment will continue to serve it well as it transitions into the coming year. We’re incredibly honoured to feature Perfect Clean as our chosen Commercial Cleaning Rising Star 2023. Having already amassed a brimming client base as a result of its boundless talent, Perfect Clean demonstrates immense potential for expansion in the future. And we, for one, can’t wait to see where it goes next as we eagerly delve into 2024. If the previous decade is anything to go by, Perfect Clean definitely has exciting plans in store for Scotland’s cleaning industry. 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