Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 80 Most Innovative UK-Wide Steam Power Generation Innovators 2023 The energy industry, whether in the UK or globally, needs more innovative technologies to find their way to the surface. We’ve found an organisation that can do it all from research to design, development, manufacturing, and supply. GA R&D Ltd is making waves across Scotland, throughout the UK, and spreading across the ocean to many different locations. Here we explore its success as it wins a title in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. Based in the beating heart of Europe’s Capital of Energy, Aberdeen Harbour, GA R&D Ltd is a unique energy research and development organisation. It has, over its 13 years of existence, come to design, manufacture, and supply high quality technologies to help the energy industry immensely. Staying one step ahead of its competition, GA R&D develops Intellectual Property which is ultimately handed over as a complete solution to the companies with whom it works. It is rare to find a business which does it all from research to design, development and manufacturing, then a direct supply of such technologies, but GA R&D strives to gain and transfer knowledge for its clients and stakeholders. This transferral of technology from GA R&D to its users ensures that the energy industry can continue to grow, adapt, and experience better solutions. It is GA R&D’s aim to consistently differentiate itself from the technology hubs of today, and it is because of its work that it is able to keep doing so. What’s more, competitors often partner with GA R&D to join forces to complete goals and contribute to a better future. GA R&D faces all big energy issues which are announced, whether that’s to do with turbines, nuclear power, oil and gas, electricity, or any other areas of the energy industry. GA R&D is addressing problems by giving viable solutions for better, cleaner energy. Of course, GA R&D does things differently as a commonwealth advocate. The business believes in the commonwealth being exactly what it’s supposed to be: common. By making its solutions available for everyone, so that all people, from all walks of life and all countries, can feel the benefits. Its sharing of knowledge and solutions makes GA R&D stand head and shoulders above the rest, and its equal support of all people is admirable. With a plethora of successful partnerships and events having taken place with GA R&D at the forefront, the last 13 years have seen the organisation create tremendous solutions such as 3C-Steam Turbines and GARD U-line. Over the years, GA R&D has also been part of some very special occasions such as the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Book Launch. Having celebrated the ‘300 Years of Leadership & Innovation,’ GA R&D was invited, by SJH Group, to support ‘Her Majesty The Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album.’ 3C-Steam and Gard U-line Turbines are truly revolutionary inventions which reinforce and reinvent conveyance technology and steam power generation efficiency. These inventions are able to increase performance and efficiency, while simultaneously helping us to save costs and making the world a more sustainable environment. Already operating in 9 countries, GA R&D has a highly professional team of seasoned experts which organise its global operations. Together, the team are focused on creating and delivering pioneering technology which act as global energy transition solutions. The team’s mission is to stay current, transfer knowledge, and enhance the economy for everyone, and it is becoming increasingly important for all businesses to do the same. The internal culture of the team is a family environment, bursting with ideas and strong bonds of trust between individuals. The GA R&D management team, such as Managing Director Yerasimos Angelis, believe that people can continually build on their skills, but reliability and trustworthiness cannot be taught. GA R&D doesn’t rely on qualifications within its team, as they each play a vital role within the company regardless of the amount of qualifications they may have. The team is of a high standard, great quality, and with a strong foundation of family-like values where everyone can trust on another. This inspires both professional and personal growth, making GA R&D a hotspot for nourishment amongst its team members. With regards to being based in Scotland, Yerasimos told us that many companies are trying to breathe more life into their industries across their regions. As there were plenty of challenges arising throughout the pandemic, many ideas are still being shared to bring about large amounts of change and a surge in business for a plethora of sectors. GA R&D has been extremely successful in the UK and is proud to be manufacturing the best technologies for power stations, all manufactured in Scotland. GA R&D doesn’t simply focus on the UK. As aforementioned, GA R&D works with many countries around the world. However, the organisation is looking for further connect with people on a global scale and work more with continents such as Africa – to aid the energy sector across its many countries. For the future, GA R&D has exciting plans in the pipeline which will, ultimately, alter the energy sector for generations to come. Awarding GA R&D with the title of Most Innovative UK-Wide Steam Power Generation Innovators 2023, we’re celebrating its innovation, compassion, and sheer determination within a crucial industry. When we spoke to Yerasimos he was passionate about how the past few years have been a fantastic journey for the business, and we’re sure that the years to follow will be just as magnificent. For the future, global green electricity, regardless of environmental conditions, changes in the transportation industry, and the next generation of energy is truly a showstopping place to start. Its plans aren’t going to be revealed just yet, but we encourage our readers to watch this space. Contact Details Contact: Yerasimos Angelis Company: GA R&D Ltd Web Address: