Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

In 2009, Creative Director Paula Murray founded Supertonic, drawing on her extensive interior design background, including senior roles at CDI International and Graven. Armed with a first-class honours degree from the Glasgow School of Art, Paula established her own commercial design firm to bring innovative design solutions to the forefront of the industry. Today, Supertonic believes in the transformative power of businesses, emphasising that a brand is more than a name or logo. The firm aims to empower clients to see their environment as a valuable tool in deepening engagement with customers and employees alike; enabling client brands to come to life in 3D spaces. Over the years, Supertonic has collaborated with renowned brands and emerging entrepreneurs, offering more than physical space design. Their award-winning design and delivery service creates engaging, social, and immersive experiences which elevates connection and brand awareness among clients' customers and employees. Using a blend of interior architecture, lighting design, graphic design, brand building, and storytelling, Supertonic leverages three decades of expertise to craft spaces which authentically represent their client brands and aspirations. The process begins by deeply understanding client needs, values, and expectations, along with their business strategies, goals, and targets. Supertonic cheerfully and respectfully challenges traditional thinking to overcome hurdles and deliver costeffective, commercially viable and innovative solutions. Paula emphasises the active role of their brand in driving, aligning, and guiding every aspect of their organisation. "Our brand isn’t simply a mark to promote; it’s an instrument we put to work every day," she shares. Supertonic extends this approach to client collaborations, forming a virtuous cycle of value creation and reaping rewards from operationalising brand strategies. Distinguished by their commitment to their core values — creativity, education, quality, and value — Supertonic operates with a consistent dedication that sets them apart. Paula, in her leadership role, prioritises investing in and developing young talent. This commitment extends to educational initiatives, with Paula serving as a lecturer at Napier University, Edinburgh and often taking on placement students or graduates. Supertonic's in-house training program, Babytonic, fosters a culture of curiosity and enquiry, alongside the embodiment of company values and integration of a collaborative approach which extends from the Supertonic approach to filing, all the way through to client communication and partnership. In recognition of their talent and delivery of exceptional design, Supertonic For Design has been awarded the title of Experiential Interior Design Innovators of the Year at the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. As they look forward, the firm aims to further strengthen its commitments to net zero planning and design, broaden its portfolio of clients and further diversify the team. As Babytonic continues to yield impressive results, Paula and her team are poised for a promising future and are eager to continue their trajectory of success. Contact: Paula Murray Company: Supertonic For Design Web Address: Phone: 07595848886 Benbecula Distillery Visitor Experience. Under construction. Based in Fife, Supertonic For Design is a distinguished design consultancy with a legacy of crafting cost-effective, sustainable and impactful spaces over the past two decades. Recognised for their expertise in brand building, interior and experiential design and community development, the firm is dedicated to aligning business, brand and behaviour for company founders and SME’s. Experiential Interior Design Innovators of the Year 2023