Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 52 Venison Producer of the Year 2023 Located squarely in the middle of the Galloway and South Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere, Gledpark boasts the claim of being the first UK business to be certified by the British Deer Farms & Parks Association (BDFPA) as a “Assured Park Venison Producer” and becoming a Scottish Government supported Deer Demonstration Unit in 2014 and 2015, respectively. This was followed by a UNESCO Biosphere certification mark in 2019, citing the company’s venison as conforming to exceptional ethical, environmental, and welfare standards. With breathtaking views and an abundance of open space, Gledpark seeks to set the example for agricultural best practice on a national scale. The UNESCO Biosphere of Galloway and South Ayrshire is internationally renowned for the world-class environment it provides for its people and the nature held within. This designated area is home to fantastic landscapes, wildlife, cultural heritage, and learning opportunities that communities, businesses, and visitors are invited to experience and celebrate in a way that is sustainable and boosts Southwest Scotland’s reputation and opportunities for growth and development. As a result of its designation, this land area aims to protect and value its cultural and biological diversity, while simultaneously promoting development that is environmentally sustainable and beneficial to the planet. A proud supporter of the biosphere and all which it encompasses, Gledpark acts as a prime example of environmentally conscious agricultural business practice through a combining of assurance, health testing, water capture, electricity generation, and the housing of pollinators. The company also possesses an outlook it deems to be exceedingly progressive, having played host to, or currently hosting, an array of beneficiaries, inclusive of the RSPB, NFUS, and the Wigtown Book Festival, to name just a few. Gledpark’s red deer spend all year freely roaming around the large paddocks; these offer plenty of cover for the animals, as well as providing the forbs and woody browse which form a key staple of their diet. In winter months, supplementary feeding is based on farm produced forage resulting in extremely high calving rates and no calf mortality. This well-known herd has often been used as a demonstration unit, and as they are suited as breeding stock, they have been proudly selected for breeding hinds by Forestry and Land Scotland and SRUCs Barony College. In addition to the selling of breeding stock, Gledpark is currently seeking grant funding to support the development of an on farm butchery – this is to both satisfy local demand created by its popular red deer safaris and increase accessibility to those not in the restaurant trade or unable to handle a whole carcass. Those wishing to make the leap to managing deer or preparing for DSC qualifications are more than welcome, and the team are fully qualified and willing to assist the novice in a safe and friendly working environment. Bespoke packages are available to cater to all needs and budgets, and those lucky enough to train at the facility are offered on-site accommodation, with campervans and motorhomes also welcome. For those looking for something special, Gledpark proudly hosts Kirkcudbrights Station House Cooking School’s venison cookery events, which not only provide great company, but offer patrons an exclusive opportunity to leave with excellent and innovative cooking techniques, as well as warm memories. This of course is all situated on a beautifully unique area of land, where everybody is invited to visit, learn, and stay. With its certification mark of authenticity, a selection of red deer with pure Scottish bloodlines so as not to cause any of the issues associated with hybridisation, Gledpark is ultimately a stellar producer of venison. Artisan is the very fabric of its production method, so prospective customers can rest assured of its desire to supply them with nothing less than the best. Company: Gledpark Email: Web Address: