Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 40 SME Lifetime Achievement Award 2023: Alexander Rennie Over the last 30 years, MB Plant has continued to elevate their services to an unparalleled level in the industry. Providing vehicle, plant, and access hire and sales, haulage, training, and service and repair solutions, this proud family-run business is a team we won’t forget. Let’s learn more about MB Plant’s history as we celebrate the achievements of Managing Director Alexander (Sandy) Rennie. From their main offering of vehicle, plant, and access hire to sales, haulage, event management, servicing and repairs, and extensive training, MB Plant covers an impressive amount of solutions for their many clients which span a great number of industries. They act as a buttress for businesses and individuals from the fishing, farming and agriculture, marine, construction, manufacturing, food and drink, and oil and gas, tourism, engineering industries, and even the public. MB Plant’s myriad of services make them stand out from the crowd, but their Managing Director is this article’s focal point as he is garnered with the SME Lifetime Achievement Award 2023. As no small achievement, this award is a reflection of Sandy’s dedication to the continuous innovation and growth of not only the business, but also the industry as a whole. It was June 1975 when Sandy began his career as a service engineer with Johnston Engineering – the Linde forklift agent for the whole of Scotland. For six months, before Johnston Engineering’s first depot opened in Peterhead, Sandy worked out of his own home. Then, with the depot up and running, Johnston Engineering was able to expand their team and take on more work, resulting in the forging of a partnership between themselves and Motherwell Bridge Plant. As a result of this partnership, major words such as the St Fergus Gas Terminal, Peterhead Power Station, the BP Landfill site at Cruden Bay, as well as numerous other fabrication and construction projects across the North and Northeast of Scotland, became more than possible, they became incredibly successful. Sandy continued to grow and evolve with Johnston Engineering until the company was taken over by Motherwell Bridge Plant in 1980. It was in 1981 that Motherwell Bridge Plant saw the perfect opportunity for Sandy to be appointed as director, and he took charge of all operations in Peterhead and Evanton. The company expanded rapidly with Sandy at the helm. They opened a new depot at Invergordon Enterprise Zone where major developments were taking place, including vast amounts of rig repairs and fabrication – ultimately assisting the now booming North Sea oil and gas industry. Shortly after his appointment as director, and with a large reorganisation in 1983, the new business name MB Plant emerged. This was a time for change and development, resulting in larger premises and more team members. Come 1990, MB Plant then purchased Fraserburgh Tool Hire – bringing the team to 13 members. Over the years, Sandy’s leadership has steered the business, and the team, to great success time and time again. He has seen the business take on a wealth of projects, clients, and staff – enriching the industry along the way. From the beginning, Sandy took on his responsibilities with a calm, collected ease. Of course, as we all know, the world of business is not without challenges, but Sandy has always supported the community around him so that everyone can flourish – together. For over 30 years, Sandy has proudly and professionally strengthened a wide variety of construction projects across Scotland, including the development of ASCO Base, the building of Peterhead Poer Station, and the Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland. Up to this day, MB Plant is an honourable business with a lot of heart, and now, with three dedicated generations of the Rennie family, the future is looking bright. From the early years of company movements, acquisitions, and many steps of growth to where they are today, Sandy has always supported the company ethos, passionate team members, and the local economy. Having celebrated their 30 year milestone this year, MB Plant have spent time looking back over their many achievements while also casting their attention forwards to what is to come. Sandy has been a guiding light for MB Plant since the very beginning and he continues to nurture the younger generations of the family who will continue their legacy. The team is ready to take on their future projects and further growth, and they welcome these with open arms. Contact: Sheena Stephen Company: MB Plant Web Address: