Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

18 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20491 Good results speak for themselves. There is no better measure of success. The team at SEO Flatrate know this well, and have positioned their firm to ensure that everything they do gets the results a client expects. Because of their incredible achievements in the field of SEO marketing, they have been recognised in SME News’ Southern Enterprise Awards this year. We take a closer look at this innovative little firm to see if we can understand how they’ve achieved such a high degree of success. Based in Dorset and London UK, SEO Flatrate has become one of the foremost names in the SEO business. As the digital marketplace continues to expand, the team provide customers with support across a range of different activities including Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Website Design, and UK based Hosting services. Many businesses offer similar services to customers both large and small, but few offer such a clear pricing model. There is no need for contracts or minimum term agreements – what matters are the results. The absence of long-term-agreements ensures that the team must deliver first-class results for their clients, leveraging every fragment of knowledge and experience that is available. The pricing model is 100% transparent and is clearly published on the website for all to see. Clients who enquire have every step and stage carefully explained so that they know exactly what services they will be in receiving. This clarity benefits everyone involved and ensures the highest service levels are maintained throughout the process. This transparency continues when clients take out the services of SEO Flatrate. The team have taken a step that is unlike most digital marketing companies and provides clients with full access to all in-house SEO monitoring and analytical tools at no charge. This means that clients, and the team, can review progress in real-time, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Because the team value results so highly, making the success of working with the team so obvious has been incredibly advantageous. The company has witnessed exceptional growth over the last few years, in no small part due to Best Specialist Online Marketing Agency 2020 the requirement of SEO and digital marketing services becoming increasingly apparent to businesses around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to work online, so the requirement for businesses to want to improve their search engine rank position (SERP) is obvious. Similarly, the number of start-ups during the pandemic has increased dramatically. With more time being spent at home, it is the perfect opportunity for many to start their own businesses and really make a difference to their lives. 2020 has also seen a rise in requests from the corporate sector, with many businesses from a variety of industries looking to improve their online visibility. The ability to provide an on page ready website as well as a solid website UX and responsive design is vital to achieving success, but for some businesses, it is simply beyond their internal capabilities. As such, more modern businesses are performing better than their traditional counterparts, simply because they have not invested in the trends that guide the market. During the COVID-19 crisis, when every business is looking to protect their profit margins, this has become incredibly apparent. The team at SEO Flatrate has found working in the South of the UK immensely satisfying. It is one of the leading tech start-up regions in the country, attracting a vast amount of impressive talent. As a hub, SEO Flatrate does not stand alone. It is part of the successful Flatrate Services Group, a Digital Services Management and Managed IT Services company located in the city of London and Poole. Working alongside other parts of the organisation is what allows the team to have the capacity and in-house capability to extend their services portfolio to include a wide range of Digital Services such as Website and Email Hosting Services from within the Group’s Bournemouth based Data Centre. The team has access to its own infrastructure, which means that those taking out SEO Flatrate services do not need to depend on third party hosting providers. Instead, the servers are based in the team’s Bournemouth Data Centre. The Head office based in in Poole also hosts the team’s UK helpdesk support team, for which the team has gained a great deal of positive recognition. It’s easy to find the best candidates to join the firm. Bournemouth university has a strong history of marketing graduates, which means that SEO Flatrate has the pick of some of the brightest minds entering the industry. It keeps the firm at the forefront of industry developments. There are few other companies that offer a place where they can grow so effectively both personally and professionally. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, some of which are tried and tested, others of which are new and innovative. Without the thoughtfulness of the Because the team value results so highly, making the success of working with the team so obvious has been incredibly advantageous.