Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

47 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20391 Best Compressed Air System Supply & Servicing Company 2020 From system planning and pipework installation, to maintenance and regulatory compliance services, there is no shortage of areas in which a company must be up to date when it comes to handling compressed air. Fortunately for those clients, Wessex Compressors offers the ultimate and complete package for compressed air service. Customers range from institutions and facilities that require the highest quality air, such as hospitals, dental surgeries, precision engineering and laser technology firms, right the way through to companies requiring only occasional and low quality air that lives do not depend on. Regardless of the quality of air, vis-à-vis its purity levels and cleanliness, Wessex Compressors always aims to deliver the absolute best in service for its clients. What marks it out as different, however? It could be easy to say simply that “air is air”, but there is a great deal of thought that must go into the production and supply of compressed air. For Wessex Compressors, the goal is to ensure that the customers always receive the right advice, guidance, and satisfaction from a job completed by themselves. From that initial contact and query, right the way through to the project completion on any given job, the standard of excellence and desire that drives the firm never wavers. Perhaps the most critical aim for the team at Wessex Compressors is to achieve customer satisfaction, and the right compressed air system for their needs, as opposed to the firm’s own. Rather than address the clients’ needs from a sales perspective, the firm approach everything with a client-centric approach. Since 1992, Wessex Compressors Limited have provided a professional and knowledgeable service for customers with many varied compressed air demands across the South of England. With a combined experience that stretches more than eight decades in the compressed air industry, Wessex Compressors is able to offer truly unsurpassed levels of expertise and guidance to ensure that a compressed air system works best for the client and their requirements. To find out more about the firm and its award-winning success, we profile its services and offerings today. Being based in the South of England also has a great many benefits for the team at Wessex Compressors. Industry in the geographical coverage area, which is primarily Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Hampshire, is generally at the smaller end of the industrial scale. However, Wessex Compressors has found it to be an area which has exceptionally high skill levels across all industries in the South. Perhaps being smaller has allowed these companies to act and adapt more quickly when needs arise, such as with COVID-19 causing businesses to shut up shop. As a company, Wessex Compressors is a full member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), and its engineers are fully trained by industry-leading compressor manufacturers. It is fully capable of being a distributor for Boge (rotary screw and piston), and the firm is also a local distributor for Abac, Air Industrial, and Bambi piston compressors. Wessex Compressors is also a supplier for a variety of quality air treatment and pipework manufacturers, such as MTA, SPX, Teseo, and EQO fluid pipe systems. With virtually no staff turnover, it has a very committed and strong workforce, and it prides itself on its name and reputation. Wessex Compressors is always keen on talking to any individuals that would like to get into the compressed air industry, with the main qualities being a strong work ethic, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to work hard and be happy in working as part of a team as much as being on their own. Essentially, the success of Wessex Compressors is outstanding for reasons too numerous to mention here. The firm goes after success with every move it makes, drawing on the excellence of its team and the reliability of its partners. Wessex Compressors understands the necessity for compressed air that is of the highest quality, and never fails to deliver on its promises to clients. Company: Wessex Compressors Limited Contact: Gary Whetlor Website: Rather than address the clients’ needs from a sales perspective, the firm approach everything with a client-centric approach.