Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 | 91 Agora Clinic of lockdown until 12th May, the Agora Clinic continued to offer patients medical consultations, fertility screening, and treatment planning from the comfort of their own home. During lockdown, Carole once again pioneered and led the way for home fertility “MOT” kits for both men and women, and also started virtual patient information evenings and webinars designed to help educate and inform. As the lockdown continued, these information evenings were able to give patients real hope and support whilst they began to make plans for their treatment. Educating every individual about their reproductive potential, and empowering them with the freedom of reproductive choice, is central to the vision that Carole has always had for the Agora Clinic. Since reopening in May after national lockdown, Carole and her team continued to run virtual open evenings twice a month; one for heterosexual couples, and one for single women and same-sex couples. These webinars have proven to be hugely successful, as Carole is able to talk about the most useful fertility tests that a person can have to help them identify whether or not they have a fertility issue, and the various routes to parenthood that are available. It gets the topic of parenting and fertility out in the open, and is the start of an important dialogue for women in their twenties and thirties who may not even be planning a family, but just want to know about their future fertility so they can think about freezing their eggs. Looking to the future, Carole is confident and optimistic that people’s parenting dreams should not be derailed by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Her advice is two-fold; firstly, know your options. The better informed you are, the better you can plan effectively for the future. A good place to start is by attending one of the free virtual opening evenings that the Agora Clinic provides, and there are plenty of details on the website that can be found below. Secondly, be reassured that all licensed fertility clinics in the United Kingdom now have very strict controls in place to keep patients and staff safe from COVID-19. Fertility can be a scary topic to talk about, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Carole has dedicated her life to the pursuit of better fertility care for everyone, no matter their differences. Ultimately, Carole is one of, if not the absolute finest fertility care individuals working in the United Kingdom today, and every patient can benefit from as much as a simple chat with her.