Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

18 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22324 Best Website Design & Development Agency - South East WebDynamix was established in late 2018 with the aim of providing high quality websites to all businesses and charities, from start-ups to corporates. It works with all business sectors and aims to understand each business by researching their market, goals, and who their competitors are. Its team’s knowledge and experience are very broad and they can cater for any business sector, such as hospitality, accountancy, events, finance, construction, and more. WebDynamix’s mission is to create and provide innovative and effective platform integrated brand marketing solutions that help its clients grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals in order to turn audiences into customers. Tying in with this is its vision of delivering results-oriented brand marketing that enhances its clients’ awareness, improves their sales, and encourages their growth. Striving towards achieving this mission and vision, the company’s team takes the time to learn all about the client’s business, including details such as what makes them stand out, their brand colours, their products and services, and their audience. Then they will develop a website that enables the client to attract the attention of potential customers who can associate with it. Supporting this is the team’s ability to build and maintain good collaborations with customers and other agencies through excellent communication with impact and clarity. They are highly customer-focused and with great attention to detail, understand customers’ businesses and objectives. Not only this, but the team are also devoted to their own development so they are always improving, driving for results, and providing only the best service and products. Underlying all this is taking accountability, keeping things simple, acting with integrity, and having a real passion for what they do. Also crucial towards producing top-notch web design projects is using the best tools – Tools that will not overcomplicate the ability to apply changes or updates to the website. The company also provides training to its staff make sure they make the most of these tools in order to be efficient and clean in the development process. Indeed, the WebDynamix team’s focus is exclusively on their clients and producing only the best results. This process begins by having an initial meeting with them to establish how their business operates, the services and products that need to be promoted on their website, a review of their brand, and if necessary, creating new brand details that are current with the times, as well as research into who the competitors are. The moment a client gets in touch, the team does the utmost to guide them through the website creating process, to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible, to explain each stage of the process jargon-free, and to be involved in every stage. Above all, they take a big emphasis on quality testing to ensure the website aesthetic looks good and gets the message and brand across to visitors, without any errors. Importantly, the team prides themselves on keeping up with modern trends and technology, which can be of real benefit to customers. This includes observing how businesses came out of COVID with a fresh approach to marketing, taking stock and re-evaluating their presence online and making changes to their prime marketing tool: their website. Companies felt restricted during this time and are looking to gain brand exposure and recognition. As a result, audiences are paying attention to these companies. Also, during COVID times, WebDynamix helped a number of clients who previously had an online presence, but relied on their customer looking at their website in order to purchase products or services via their shop. This was not possible during COVID, so WebDynamix transformed the way these businesses operated by providing an ecommerce facility to take orders and be able to distribute them, fulfilling the needs of loyal customers and also increasing the reach. These businesses still continue with a physical high street presence, but also have the online facility to reach customers away from the high street catchment. Meanwhile, the WebDynamix team are foreseeing upcoming industry trends, too, including expecting the industry to this year see websites that involve interaction from the audience or storytelling in the form of narrative visualisation. This is where you have a series of visual elements sequenced together and organised chronologically to convey a specific message to visitors, involving embedding videos to engage homepages and scroll-triggered animations. The company also believes that we are heading towards the cookie-less web, especially as Google has announced that Chrome will phase out third-party cookies to create a more secure online experience for users. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how WebDynamix has achieved such success within the Southern Enterprise Awards 2022, with it truly offering great website design that brings out the best in what a client company offers. It is also a great collaborator within the industry, with its location in the Southeast of England being helpful due to brilliant access to a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, hospitals, finance, real estate, construction, food, and leisure. This is in addition to technology businesses in industries such as IT services, cybersecurity, and digital agencies to work with in order to develop the best possible solutions for clients. Now, the company looks towards the future where it will be recruiting new team members, in whom it seeks a mixture of qualities: as well as a creative mindset, staff need to pay special attention to detail and make sure every website they build is fully functional – not just on how the detail looks to the eye, but also making sure that when buttons are pressed, they action the expected outcome. This is expected internally and with any business it collaborates with. Going hand in hand with employing new staff, WebDynamix wants to keep expanding as a business throughout the rest of the year and into 2023 – and we are truly rooting for its success as it continues to leave its mark on the web design industry. Company: WebDynamix Ltd Contact: Dennis Gumuskaya Email: Website: