Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Here at SME News, we are delighted to host the Southern Enterprise Awards 2022! Since its inception in 2018, the Southern Enterprise Awards aims to highlight and reward the businesses and individuals who have showed true excellence, commitment and determination across the southern regions. After a turbulent couple of years, the entrepreneurs and businesses in the south of the UK have changed and adapted rapidly to all that has been thrown at them. The South of England is host to a variety of different businesses in a plethora of industries and sectors. Naturally then, we want to shine a light on the city companies, the coastal shops to the country pubs and all those who keep the region ticking! Research from the UK Government shows that over 1/3 of UK businesses are based in London and the South East. The South East accommodates 940,000 of the UK’s private sector businesses, accounting for 35% of the UK business population and the beautiful South West is home to over 550,000 UK businesses. Sif Brookes | Senior Editor

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 6. Town Planning Experts: Best Property Education & Training Consultancy 2022 8. Solicon Conservatory Roofs: Best Bespoke Conservatory Roof Installation Company - Sussex 10. Ashman Media: Sports Videographer of the Year 2022 12. HFMC Wealth: Best High Net Worth Wealth Planners & Investment Management 2022 14. Ashfield Products Ltd T/A Ash Safety: Leading Confined Space & Height Safety Business 2022 - South West 16. If City Ltd: Best Dry Lining Contractor 2022 - South East 18. WebDynamix Ltd: Best Website Design & Development Agency - South East 20. Grace Care Services Ltd/ Burford Nursing Home: Best Nursing Care Enterprise – Oxfordshire 22. Chef Sula Grill LTD: Cocktail Bar of the Year 2022 – Northamptonshire 24. Habber Tec UK Ltd: Most Innovative Technological Solutions Company - London 26. UK Smart Homes Solutions Ltd: Best Installation Experts Searching Platform 2022 28. Plan2Scan: Most Innovative Nationwide Document Scanning Company 2022 30. Dynamon: Best Sustainable Tech Company 2022 32. Woodblock Ltd: Best Business Merchandise Company 2022 34. FT Chronic Pain Solicitors: Best CRPS & Fibromyalgia Specialists Law Firm 2022 35. Charles Linton Carpentry and Construction Ltd: Best Property Improvements Trade Business - West Sussex 36. Boo Consulting Limited: Best GDPR & Risk Consultancy Firm 2022 37. Tender Assist Ltd: Best Public Sector Tender Consultant (Hertfordshire): David Hatmil 38. JTA Safety Limited: Most Trusted Consultancy Services Experts – Essex 39. Nationwide Fleet Services Ltd: Best Independent Fleet Support Provider 2022 40. Circus Studio: Interior Design Firm of the Year 2022 – Sussex & Design Innovation Award 2022 41. Mediashare Ltd (trading as ER Productions): Best International Laser Show & Laser System Design Specialists 2022 42. PPE Security: Most Trusted Event Security Provider 2022 43. Moretons Investments Limited: Property Investment Company of the Year - South East 44. Legislate: Best Contract Management Platform - South East 45. Jamo Solutions LTD: Best Packaging & Container Manufacturer 2022 46. ActiveMe 360: Best Health & Wellbeing Social Enterprise 2022 – Hampshire & SME Community Excellence Award 2022 47. Nologo-Chic: Most Inclusive Global Clothing Brand 2022 & Ethical Designer of the Year 2022: Tina Malhamé 48. Cask Whisky Ltd: Whisky Market Experts of the Year 2022 49. allmanhall: Best Food Procurement Specialists 2022 50. Emma Read VA & Associates: Most Outstanding Virtual Assistant Company 2022 51. Accar Food Commit Technical Consultancy: Most Dedicated Food Industry Development Enterprise 2022 52. Moon Watcher Media: Best Promotional Film Production Company – South East & Filmmaker of the Year 2022 (South East): Colin Skevington 53. Acante Solutions: Kiosk Design / Build Company of the Year 2022 54. Guaranteed Motors Ltd: Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership 2022 – Suffolk & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 55. Go Privilege: Best Luxury Events & Travel Concierge Services Company 2022 56. My Beautiful Wigs: Emerging Wig Business of the Year – London & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 57. Flourish Retail Limited: Best Retail Merchandising Specialists 2022 58. Garden Waste Away: Best Waste Collection Service 2022 - South Devon 59. First Glimpse Limited: Best Emerging Ultrasound Scanning Clinic 2022 60. Solent Cloud Systems Ltd: Most Innovative Web & Mobile Development Company – South Coast 61. Dental Training Ltd: Best Dental Training Provider 2022 62. Cabin Crew International: Best Aviation Recruitment Partner 2022 63. The People Project HR Consulting: Most Innovative Independent HR Consultancy 2022

4 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 64. Beautique Medispa: Best Non-Surgical Skincare & Beauty Salon – Surrey 65. The Family Chemist: Online Pharmacy of the Year 2022 – East Midlands 66. Antac Support Services: Best Nationwide SME Facility Management Company 2022 67. McGin-Lee HR Ltd: Best Nationwide HR Consultancy 2022 68. Swoopos: Most Innovative EPOS System 2022 69. Platinum Occupational Health Ltd: Occupational Health Practice of the Year 2022 - South West 70. Homes2Homes: Best Unique Property Agency - Bedfordshire 71. David James Sales, Letting & Property: Best Estate & Letting Agency 2022 - Greater London 72. The Cornish Scone Company: Best Homemade Cornish Cream Tea Company – South west 73. Auralite23 HR Consultancy: Best HR Consultancy Services Provider - South East 74. Ecclesiastical Planning Services: Funeral Plan Experts of the Year 2022 - Southwest 75. Pier1 Bathrooms: Best Luxury Bathroom Design Company – Sussex 76. Paua Trading Limited: Best Sustainable Packaging Protection Company 2022 77. Chalk ‘n’ Duster Tutors: Best Primary-GCSE Tutoring Business - West London 78. Fashion Brand: Lingaury Dare To Be Different: Most Innovative Fashion Brand 2022 79. Metro Storage: Best Home & Business Storage Facility - Central London 80. Stelling Properties Limited: Best Modular Manufacturing Services Company – South East 81. PawsAgnes: Dog Trainer of the Year (South London) 82. Star-Tastic Gymnastic: Best Independent Gymnastics Association Club - Southeast 83. Final Touch Blinds & Shutters: Best Blinds & Shutters Supplier – Hampshire 84. ByConstant: Digital Agency: Best eCommerce Web Design Agency - Kent 85. The Partnership: Conveyancers of the Year 2022 – Surrey 86. Design Box Media: Most Client-Focused Digital Marketing Agency 2022 - South East 87. Experience Cornwall Tours: Best Luxury Day Tours Operator – Cornwall 88. Marketing Delivery Ltd: Best eCRM & Social Media Agency 2022 89. Pure Bio Ltd: Best Nationwide Hypoallergenic Nutritional Supplements Distributor 2022 90. JCS Transport Consultancy Ltd: Best Transport Compliance & Business Consultancy 2022 91. Enable Accessibility CIC: Best Accessibility Inclusive Design Company 2022 92. Sittingbourne Community Radio Ltd: Best Local Community Radio Station – Kent

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 5 93. Castledown FM: Best Local Radio Station – Wiltshire 94. Commercial Foundation CIC: Social Value Enterprise of the Year – South West 95. Page and Wells: Best Independent Residential Sales & Lettings Agency – Kent 96. Brighton Taxi 4U Ltd: Best Local Taxi Company – Sussex & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 97. Not Just Travel Sarah Watts: Personal Travel Expert of the Year (South West): Sarah Watts 98. CSN Autos: Best Auto Repair Centre 2022 - Norfolk 99. Aventus Clinic: Best Regional Surgical Centre – Hertfordshire 100. Smart Marketing Management Ltd: Most Customer-Centric Sales & Marketing Agency 2022 101. Debello Law: Retailer Law Firm of the Year 2022 102. Robust IT Ltd: Best Bespoke AWS Cloud Training Courses Company – South East 103. DL Accounts Ltd: Accountancy Firm of the Year 2022 – Cornwall 104. StorMagic: Best Video Surveillance & Data Solutions – South West 105. Berkshire LEP: Best Business Support Enterprise – South East 106. Marsh Maze: Best Cost-Efficient Family Attraction – South East 107. Clarus Motor Park: Best Independent Automotive Business - South West 108. AAA Taxis: Most Outstanding Transportation Services Provider - Hertfordshire 109. Pros Assist: Best Nationwide Business Start-Up’s Consultancy 2022 110. L&S Accounting Firm: Best Accounting & Tax Firm 2022 - Bedfordshire 111. Real English Drinks Distillery: Best Bespoke Premium Spirits Company 2022 112. Duchess HR Ltd: HR Consultancy of the Year 2022 – South West 113. Volt PPE: Best Safety Equipment Supplier - South West 114. Sinalda UK Limited: Best AC Voltage Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioning Specialists 2022 115. Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon: Best Women’s Hair Salon - West Sussex 116. ISHI Projects Ltd: Fresh Produce Engineering Consultancy of the Year 2022 117. I-Select Consultancy Ltd: Best Transport & Engineering Training Provider 2022 118. Resapol: Best Construction Chemicals Supplier Company 2022 119. Venus Health Beauty Limited: Best Bespoke Health & Beauty Treatment Services Salon 2022 120. Patrick Internet: Best Nationwide Business Workflow Automation Specialists 2022

6 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22325 Best Property Education & Training Consultancy 2022 Having made itself a go-to consultancy and planning educator for new and experienced developers, Town Planning Experts has made itself a well-developed and resourceful partner for its clients. Emboldened by its experts, its roadmap sets out the relevant steps that allow a client to achieve their goal, ensuring that each path it carves for its client is impeccably imagined and bespoke, shirking off the idea that anything about property education and planning consultation can be one-size-fits-all. As an education provider and planning consultancy, Town Planning Experts serves experienced or startup property developers, investors, or individual who hold stakes in the industry. Critically, its range goes from national developers with over 100 properties, to small time developers or investors with only a singular or a couple of properties that occupy all their time. Town Planning Experts hopes to promote the complete rejection of the ‘one size fits all’ mentality in its industry in this way, showing its peers and partners alike what a huge difference it makes to a client when they have access to a roadmap paved by tailor made milestones. Town Planning Experts, therefore, has become the go-to consultancy and educator for the enterprising industry participant in property development. Fundamentally, by aiding them in achieving this goal, its team have the chance to fully sink their teeth into a challenge that will invigorate them, as each professional looks forward to helping clients overcome even the most profound hurdles. Thus, Town Planning Experts’ reputation has been made possible through the hard work and tenacity of its impeccable team, each of whom believes in a staunch motto that it is only as strong as its weakest player. Its USP at Town Planning Experts is the power of the staff who make up its ranks, with the dynamic within being one of strength, ambition, education, and diversity, celebrating the variety of different people and backgrounds within its ranks that allow it to present an empathic front to all clients. Indeed, it works hard to get to know each client just as much as it gets to know each of its team members, with each of its professionals being able to offer fresh new perspectives that a client may before not have thought of, using the impeccable customer service atmosphere this creates in order to use the Wealth Dynamic Psychometric Testing System to understand the strengths and weaknesses within the team. In this manner, it can provide the best advice to its clients, using its internal talent for sensitive interpersonal connection to ensure it is all as relevant as possible. Indeed, it wishes to understand the strengths and weakness within its own team by using its Psychometric Testing System, too, using the data gleaned from this company to give the best advice to its clients at every turn. This allows it to schedule in the relevant training and education that will allow each of its clients to keep growing as professionals. Moreover, being in the South has allowed Town Planning Experts to find its place in the lucrative industry that this region has fostered over the years, attracting top talent simply by operating in its usual exemplary manner in order to draw likeminded people into its ranks and its client base, expanding sustainably as a result. Indeed, another advantage of the South is it is near London. With this being such a powerhouse of business services in the UK, Town Planning Experts finds itself often in easy travel distance from networking events and industry gatherings, allowing it to continue integrating itself with its wider sector; similarly, it is closely linked to Portsmouth both in terms of travel and business links, as well as in terms of members of the team having friends, family, and peers there. The diverse team of professionals within its ranks all strive to deliver the right development on the right site at the right time, all encouraged to flourish as independent professionals at the same time. Critically, its culture is to treat each other with respect and dignity, encouraging an atmosphere of positivity and mutual support. Respecting the diversity and differences that make the team such an incredible collection of different professional minds, all its staff are invited to let it help them with their wider professional journey, too, fostering a dedication to excellent communication that forms a throughline in the business’s wider structure. Therefore, when it comes to looking for new recruits, it is always honest and respectful, as it wishes for that to be the foundation of any working relationship going forward. The treatment of its employees is something it takes great pride in, and the care and diligence it displays as a company is second-tonone, especially regarding the connection that it fosters between each of its people, with aspiration at its core and forward momentum always on its mind. Crucially, this remaining the case is allowing it to grow and develop as England’s go-to planning consultancy and property educator. Working hard to provide as much advice as possible through networking, education, consultation, multi-media channels, and social media, its recent developments have been hugely beneficial in creating its recent growth spurts, resulting in it being able to take on huge new development projects such as Raglan Gate House, Plymouth. This Grade 2 listed building represents new heights of trust afforded to Town Planning Experts by its industry, as this beautiful building is now being converted into 4 new properties with the full backing of English Heritage. Moreover, it has also launched its VICTORY Plan in its educational branch. This uses its knowledge and experience to put together an easy framework that will allow developers to use the English Planning System to get the permissions they need; the first event of this course is scheduled to run in London, on September the 24th, with a follow up event running in Reading on December the 3rd. With all of this on the horizon and further growth in the pipeline, it is exciting to see what the future has in store for TPX and its industry in the macro scale. Company: Town Planning Experts Contact: Jamie Copeland Email: Website:

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Best Property Education & Training Consultancy 2022

8 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22568 Best Bespoke Conservatory Roof Installation Company - Sussex With conservatories having a reputation for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, Solicon Conservatory Roofs recognises the frustration of homeowners at having a room in the house that is only of use in specific climes. Nominally, its roof replacements promise to add more space to the home by transforming a conservatory into another completely serviceable area, one that remains a comfortable temperature all year round, preventing noise pollution, harmful UV rays, and immense heating loss all through the incorporation of its watertight Insulation. Offering a free quote to its clients, encouraging them to get in touch to find out how Solicon can help them, its reviews reflect its excellence. Critically, its insulated and tiled conservatory roof replacements take the place of the traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs that are the norm for such external extensions to the home, offering theses at incredibly competitive prices. The price point, effectiveness, reliability, and quality of customer service that go hand in hand with everything it does sets it head and shoulders above its peers. Indeed, having been rated a 5-star company by Trustpilot, it lets its work speak for itself, having very little need for stringent advertising and instead wishing to prove itself by working hard for its clients, going above and beyond to meet their expectations. Moreover, this naturalistic growth has allowed it to expand its client base at a sustainable yet exemplary rate. Having extended its services to span clients all over the South of England, it now serves the regions of East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, and Kent, bringing its reliable roofing solutions to a wider customer base that appreciates the consistently skilled installations and the 10-year warranty they goes alongside its results. Ostensibly, the trust its clients have in it is reflected in the trust Solicon has in its suppliers. From Tapcoslate to Superquilt and Celotex – with Tapcoslate coming with a 40-year warranty – its BBA certified products have all been rigorously tested and verified by Solicon, with the business being incredibly strict about the standards of the companies it works with in order to maintain the integrity it has worked so hard to cultivate. Promising that using its services, a client will be able to improve their conservatory without breaking the bank, the energy-saving nature of good Insulation ensures the space will pay for itself over time. Thus, Solicon is happy to be able to say its work has proven benefits to a client’s life and livelihood, as well as proven benefits when it comes to adding to the value of the home in the macro scale, as a well-insulated conservatory is a major selling point that will allow a house to stand out. Moreover, Solicon doesn’t just wish for a client to take its word for it. As well as the client testimonials – and the word-of-mouth referrals it enjoys as a kind of naturalistic marketing – its website contains before-and-after photos and images that clearly show just how well its tiled and insulated roofing both looks and functions. Indeed, it can also apply its extraordinary efforts to small and large conservatories both, never daunted by the challenge of re-roofing a building of an odd shape or with additional quirks that may deter another professional. Ostensibly, its skilled in-house installers apply their years of experience to give accurate estimates as to quote and timeframe, working hard to meet these; after all, it knows that having work done on one’s home can be invasive and cause interruption, so it strives to minimise this, completing the project on time and within budget. With clients saying they ‘cannot fault this company’ for its respectful, diligent, and effective roofing installations, it has developed a flawless reputation for excellence without hidden fees, surprise costs, or bloated work timeframes. As the founder of Solicon, Andy Mitchell takes great pride in this. Having cultivated a depth and breadth of experience in regional sales and retail, he is skilled in negotiation, marketing, advertisement, sales, and sales management, having brought with him the education he received at St. George’s College, and uses each of these skills to great effect. Indeed, Over the years it has been in operation, Solicon Conservatory Roofs has been making a name for itself with its conservatory roof replacements. Critically, it has been working one client at a time to show them just how much of a difference insulated roofing can make, allowing clients to turn their conservatory from a room that is only useful at select times of year – and deeply uncomfortable all others – into a space that can be used year-round. Creating a more hospitable space through ingenuity and innovation, its promises proper insultation will pay for itself in the long run in many ways. Having extended its services to span clients all over the South of England, it nowserves the regions of East Sussex,West Sussex, Essex, and Kent, bringing its reliable roofing solutions toawider customer base that appreciates the consistently skilled installations and the 10-year warranty they goes alongside its results.

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 it is his passion and drive that has allowed Solicon to become the frontrunner it is today, achieving over 500 satisfied customers over its 35 years of experience, bringing to the market a quality product that continues to evolve and improve as time goes on. Solicon has been able to thrive in a busy market segment, keeping itself at the very forefront of trends and innovations in order to provide the highest levels of workmanship with quality finishes and the utmost transparency. Using the best brands, the best tools, and the best professional diligence, it only incorporates the solutions it can verify are in line with its wider dedication to quality and excellence, ensuring the results will reliably be a cosy, habitable conservatory that provides a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the home year-round. Company: Solicon Conservatory Roofs Contact: Andy Mitchell Website:

10 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22460 Sports Videographer of the Year 2022 Being a videography services company that covers sporting events primarily but can also ply its trade for several other high-octane activities, Ashman Media has made a name for itself with high quality images and interviews. Its efforts have become synonymous with quality and innovation, with each piece of equipment it uses being top-of-theline and thoroughly fit to purpose so that a client’s filmed media can come out looking its best. Supplying high-quality video recording services for release on YouTube channels, social media networks, and other broadcasting platforms, Ashman Media has gained renown for its high-quality imaging solutions. Nominally, each of the pieces of equipment it uses work together in perfect synergy to capture the best interviews, images, and footage of athletes and competitors at work in their sporting environments, catching those clutch moments that remain in the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts for years. The imagination, ingenuity, and impeccable dedication to quality that forms the basis of the company allows it to provide its services for several different physical activity competitions and events. From road running to trail running and triathlons, owner Steve Ashman has ensured that the company is infused with his own dedication to sports, something that has been a huge part of his life ever since he was young; it is this that he is excited to share with others, allowing them to relive the moments exactly as the athletes performed them. Moreover, with Ashman himself having been an active competitor for over a decade, he understands how invaluable it is to be able to see high quality performance footage and pictures of how one did in a certain area in order to allow for improvement and the celebration of what they did well. This boosts morale, improves training, and is an indispensable resource for everyone from professional athletes to complete beginners. The events it serves, some taking place all in one location – and some spread across hundreds of miles of terrain – rely on it to be in the right place at the right time, and this is something that Ashman Media has made into a cornerstone of its business, developing a reputation for filming all the most relevant and important moments. This includes the candid moments, biopics of those taking part, and more, providing an effective cross section that gives a holistic picture of the event itself. Thus, despite the industry being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ashman Media was able to pull through with flying colours by trusting in the industry that has long had time to build trust in it, made possible by the staunchly clientfocused efforts, outstanding results, and glittering customer service. Of course, there were trials and tribulations in the form of re-establishing lost connections, helping clients to entice their prepandemic audiences back into the fold now that certain sports that were put on hiatus are back in full swing once more, ensuring that events put their best foot forward by presenting them through excellent videography. Therefore, Ashman Media has been working hard to give its clients actionable and helpful advice to rekindle their market segment and relevant online interest, aiding the growth of their online reputation and remote footprint so that they can continue to flourish in the prevailing digital epoch. With its help, they can grow their own ‘digital army’, enticing an audience through exemplary creative work. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn and retain an audience is by having the best media to back up one’s claims of excellence, and with the efforts of Ashman Media, a client can show the true prowess of their athletes and attendees in all their glory. After all, Ashman Media is a company specifically focused on the filming of high-motion media. This means that for its clients, there will be no awkward adjustment, no misunderstanding of what is needed; the founder’s career as a sports enthusiast and the company’s specific direction has meant that it has been built on understanding the exact challenges that its clients face in filming their sporting events. Able to empathise, operating with the utmost understanding and sensitivity, its bespoke and adaptable filming options focus the challenge, the excellence, and the impressive technique involved in sports competitiveness, resulting in media that not only enthrals current enthusiasts but brings more people on board to try certain activities. Inspiration above all is key, something that Ashman Media has in spades with its successful social media campaigns. Across Instagram and Facebook both, its reels have enjoyed massive amounts of watch time, with customers now requesting longer event clips and testimonials

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 11 Sports Videographer of the Year 2022 alongside several short clips to cover all angles of promotion. Nominally, this has been a challenge it is excited to rise to, and it promised customers old and new alike that they will be able to benefit from such solutions going forward. Serving the Lake District, over the Peaks, Wales, and the South coast where it is based, it has enjoyed a vast amount of interest from clients all over the country. Critically, this is because it considers the whole UK its anchorage, instead of pigeonholing itself to one region, and it is happy to travel to meet a client at far flung event venues that present the opportunity to film people facing and overcoming incredible challenge. After all, challenge is what enthuses it the most. Being a small outfit of two people, with huge amounts of new technology at its disposal, its van is equipped to handle editing on site whilst everything it still fresh, working flexibly and with the utmost diligence to provide the best videography work on the market. With all of this in mind, and so many incredible events coming up, I think it is only right to finish this article with a hearty ‘watch this space’ so that you, discerning reader, don’t miss out on what’s to come. Company: Ashman Media Contact: Steven Ashman Website:

12 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22325 Best High Net Worth Wealth Planners & Investment Management 2022 As a boutique wealth planner, co-ordinating and organising the financial affairs of a multitude of high net worth individuals, HMFC Wealth has made itself the go-to solution for people across this small yet prestigious market segment. Based out of London, its staff make themselves available on a constant and reliable basis in order to deliver the best tailored and personable services, taking on cases with a vim and vigour that allows them to rise to the occasion of any challenge. HFMC Wealth – powered by its staff of 110 exemplary individuals across two offices – uses the training, education, and tenacity of its staff to serve clients with the best boutique asset planning, wealth management, and wealth specialist services available on the market. Nominally, it has aided a variety of different high net work individuals when it comes to achieving the financial needs and goals that drive them to seek out consultancy and actionable advice, and it is keen to deliver this at every turn by understanding the fiscal ambitions that a client holds. For these clients, its efforts focus on the achievement of the following objectives. Firstly, it wishes to co-ordinate and direct the financial status of its clients in order to help them better reach the goals they wish to. This could mean anything from preserving one’s wealth for future generations to setting aside money in the form of various assets such as housing, and all of this is something that HFMC Wealth has made itself a front-runner in, putting a client at ease through expertise alone. It also wishes to offer the legitimate optimisation of taxation. Thus, it is important that it can work together with as well as for a client, taking into consideration their lifestyle and legislative bounds in order to help them figure out what kind of taxation payment options are right for them. Moreover, it offers the management of cash and borrowings, taking the stress off the client’s shoulders, as they can rest assured that the utmost professional minds have their money well in hand. In this manner, its professionalism, dedication, and secure processes have been specifically built to further ensure this peace of mind, forging a truly effective dedication to protect its clients and their families against financial risk from all manner of different sources. HFMC Wealth can also aid a client in managing business and corporate considerations, from managing the enterprise to planning an effective exist from industry. Being transparent, experienced, and comprehensive, its holistic solutions have been available since the mid-80s, starting with founder Jeremy Hoyland. Having been born from this man’s desire to build ‘the highest quality financial management business in the country’, his focus has always been on client care, and this is something that survives to this day, centring objectivity and independence above all, as well as continual monitoring of various assets. Indeed, being such an award-winning company, it is proud to say that it is one of the 15% of UK financial planning firms to hold the coveted accreditation of ‘Chartered Financial Planning Firm’. Its size also sets it apart even within this small number of chartered businesses, allowing it to provide the most comprehensive solutions quickly, efficiently, and with all bigger picture and small detail variables being accounted for. Indeed, its full suite of fully integrated asset management and comprehensive asset planning, and the way it keeps the families and individuals it serves as the beating heart of the business, are what allow it to consistently be lauded as the head of the pack by its clients and stakeholders alike. Its impeccable internal organisation also allows it to handle all asset management in-house – something many of its peers have to outsource in order to accomplish – and is something it takes great pride in. This pride also extends out to its ability to provide its overall advice and investment expense ratios low for its clients, as its in-house asset management also has an impact on these factors, and the planning and resources culture that it fosters within its ranks has ensured that its staff will always be able to extend a warm and empathic welcome. After all, by taking care of one’s staff, one can take care of the client. This resource planning-based infrastructure, cultural excellence, and holistic attitude has made it so much more than just a lending, banking, and asset management product provider. It has also become a partner and friend to its clients over time, allowing them to achieve greater heights of success in life through simply letting the professionals so what they do best, and arrange their financial lives to best mirror their livelihoods. This, in short, is creating a new value/ cost frontier in its industry, and whilst it continues to see significant consolidation in the financial advice sector following considerable changes in regulation, it has become the alternative trusted adviser for clients finding that small business wealth firms are no longer delivering the kind of personal service they expect. Indeed, being based in the South of the UK has only helped it in this way, as London is and always has been a bustling hive of activity. Regularly meeting other likeminded professionals, it has achieved several great collaborations in the region, as well as being able to benefit from the high number of entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the region who are constantly looking for the next best financial management solution. Critically, by making an

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 13 Best Property Education & Training Consultancy 2022 active effort to collaborate with people, to listen to client needs, and to adapt with its market segment – and with an average staff tenure exceeding ten years – it has made itself an invaluable relationship-based business that can make any goal achievable for its customers. Continuing to grow, develop, and change, it is working alongside tax advisors at present to address the latest Trust registration regulations that mean that the beneficial owners of a Trust need to be declared and registered. Of course, the growth of its digital offerings will also be proceeding apace, with its HFMC Connect clint portal keeping client documents safe and accessible, updating its educational offerings as and when this is relevant as a result. As a founder and lead sponsor of motor sport charity Veloce, it combined philanthropy with its company profile, and is the exclusive wealth management club of the Porsche Club GB, with access to key events and profiles that allow it to constantly keep abreast of the needs of its market segment. Company: HFMC Wealth Contact: Stephanie Whiting Website:

14 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22325 Leading Confined Space & Height Safety Business 2022 - South West Ash Safety was formed because its director, André Beard felt that PPE and safety equipment was often being sold based on criteria of the supplier, with this usually being target- and margin-driven, rather than focusing on the safety of the end user. This drove Ash Safety to become a fully authorised centre offering effective safety equipment to as many brands as possible. Ash Safety is a fully authorised supplier and service agent for many of the largest confined space, height safety, and PPE manufacturers – and it is quite possibly the largest independent service house in the UK. It is also Ash Safety’s desire to ensure worker safety within the construction, pharmaceutical, shipping, telecoms, and water industries by providing equipment that is genuinely fit for purpose. This has been a difficult task for the company as safety can be viewed in many ways, but a task-specific risk assessment should always deliver the correct choices, and clients are these days understanding the value of this. As a result, the manufacturing side of the company was created to develop products that it believes are required but not currently being made, including the Gridlock® manhole protection system (BSIF Product Innovation Finalist 2019); the APL Load Arrestor, a back up to a primary load lifting system; and the APL Tripod (BSIF Product Innovation 2022 Commended), a six-person certified man entry tripod with unique benefits for rescue teams. The sourcing of Ash Safety’s materials and machining is kept inhouse or with suppliers in England, the majority being from Devon or Cornwall – a decision which was reinforced due to Brexit and the pandemic. This definitely made its supply chain easier than that of many other businesses. Additionally, the fact that the company is independently owned along with running its own delivery fleet has proven to be very beneficial and meant that it could keep working when others couldn’t during the pandemic. Initially, Ash Safety was concerned that the pandemic would decimate the business and it furloughed 70% of its staff, but these were brought back within months as the workload increased and it realised its own power to make it through and succeed. Ash Safety remains unique in the way it operates in that it does not have sales targets; it hires, sells, and services equipment according to clients’ needs. This doesn’t give it unrealistic spikes of business based on a campaigns, usually generating orders by word of mouth and personal recommendations, which provides long-term stability for the entire workforce. The company also has its own bespoke registration system for all items that are hired, sold, and serviced so it can call the client in when a service is due as well as contact clients if manufacturers make a recall of a product for safety reasons. This system is fully compliant with the latest PPE regulations to ensure safety to the user. Alongside providing safety equipment, Ash Safety has realised the importance of clients having understanding and training of the major role that equipment choices play in worker safety. Therefore, the company became a South West Water satellite training centre, helping people develop their training package. Things have moved on since then and Ash Safety is now a City & Guilds approved training centre for confined spaces at both its Honiton and Swindon locations. Its training policies are constantly developed as it has always believed training should go beyond what the syllabus actually entails. The more knowledge and understanding the candidate has, the better equipped they will be to ensure safety to themselves, their team, and the public around them. Ash Safety offers its own internal training, too, for gas detection, breathing apparatus, height safety, goods lifting, and PPE, with technicians then attending training courses that manufacturers deliver. Its workshops utilise the latest equipment and protocols to ensure that any item once serviced would perform exactly as the manufacturer intended it to. It proudly displays all of its technicians’ certificates on the walls at both of its locations, so clients can see exactly what the team are authorised to do. Not only is Ash Safety highly enthusiastic about ensuring the safety of workforces, but it is also very passionate about the environment and already has three electric vehicles, with its own charging facilities at its premises. Also useful is having its own drop testing tower which means that it can qualify new products before sending them for testing so there aren’t any nasty surprises. Now, Ash Safety is actively looking to increase the number of products that it manufactures inhouse. Also, it is seeking a new premises where it can combine all of its business under the same roof, as its current manufacturing workshop is a few miles away from its main Honiton depot. Whilst the company sees the next few years as being challenging for many, it believes that its focus on its specialism as well as product development will lead to continued growth within the sector. And we couldn’t agree more as we celebrate its well-deserved awards success, with no doubt that this company will continue to set the bar high for the way safety should be done in the workplace. Company: Ashfield Products Ltd T/A Ash Safety Contact: André Beard Email: Website:

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 15 Leading Confined Space & Height Safety Business 2022 - South West

16 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Best Dry Lining Contractor 2022 - South East Providing comprehensive solutions to London’s dry lining and interior fit-out needs, If City Ltd. utilises a decade of experience to instil quality in builds across the nation, with a particular emphasis on the UK’s capital city. Join us as we learn more about If City Ltd. and its quality array of offerings. At the heart of London’s dry lining and interior fit-out industry is If City Ltd. The company, which boasts over 10 years of experience, has completed projects across the UK and has become known for its top-quality services. The company understands the ins and outs of London’s – and subsequently the nation’s – building requirements, leading it to work on a wide range of projects, including hotels, golf courses, holiday parks, and large supermarkets. Indeed, with clients including Lidl and Stratford Armouries, it is safe to say that If City Ltd. embraces diversity and creativity in terms of its work. If City Ltd. offers a complete range of dry lining and interior fit-out solutions for residential and commercial services, and no matter what the project entails, it is enthusiastic about providing stylish and practical results. Specialising in dry lining, suspended ceilings, plastering, SFS, and rendering, If City Ltd. guarantees the highest degree of craftsmanship and efficiency, with results consistently exceeding its clients’ expectations. No project is too big for the company; it is able to bring even the most creative of visions to life, ultimately delivering beautiful results that last. Quite simply, this is the company’s mission: it hopes to provide its customers with valued construction solutions using its expertise in the design and installation of dry lining and its other services. The client is always at the epicentre of If City Ltd.’s focus – it wants to exceed their expectations. As such, it does this by creating beautiful spaces that are polished and have been infused with attention down to the finest detail, resulting in a project that is delivered on time, completed within budget, and meets the customer’s wants, needs, and expectations. If City Ltd.’s mission is aligned with its core values, which are comprised of four key points: provide high quality services, focus on the customer’s needs, maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and work collectively as a team. These core values inform how If City Ltd. works with its clients, and it is clear that its approach to business works, as the company maintains solid five-star ratings on both Google Reviews and Yell and is also a Constructionline Gold Member. Moreover, the company has received several positive reviews, including the following from Eugene O’Gara: ‘We have worked with IF CITY on various commercial projects, in which they have gained my total trust with their professional approach. Skilled project teams delivered high quality work, often on challenging projects with the need to work out of sequence and around other trades they have always managed to deliver on time.’ Professionalism is injected into the company’s culture, which If City Ltd. describes as ‘very engaging and exciting.’ It ensures that all of its team members are properly equipped with the latest software and tools to provide a platinum service to its clients, as it believes that client-centricity plays a fundamental role in the success of a business. However, it also believes that by treating its staff with respect, it will propel itself to a greater level of prestige, becoming one of the bestknown dry lining and interior fit-out businesses in the country. The team carry out the company’s services with enthusiasm, passion, and ingenuity, and they are prepared to always give 100% to help If City Ltd. grow and succeed. There is plenty of choice for contractors throughout London and its boroughs; however, not every team is created equally. If City Ltd. takes immense pride in the standards it sets for its staff, and it places each member through a rigorous training process to transform them into excellent workers that understand their clients. The team’s hard work can be seen throughout the company’s portfolio, from recent projects with Trecco Bay Holiday Park and The Springs Golf Club, to contemporary projects, such as Rainham Leisure Centre and its work on a couple of Lidl stores in Gillingham & South Oxhey. Meticulous, innovative, and devoted: these are all words that can be used to describe If City Ltd. The company, which works with both residential and commercial clients, always provides the very best bespoke solutions, which are then implemented with the finest materials and an abundance of knowledge. Simply, If City Ltd. has established itself as a leader within its field. Unlike many businesses, If City Ltd. places the client above profit, and by doing so, it has secured itself a stable future and the award for Best Dry Lining Contractor 2022 - South East. Contact: Amran Cadosh Company: If City Ltd Web Address: Sep22494

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 17 Best Dry Lining Contractor 2022 - South East

18 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22324 Best Website Design & Development Agency - South East WebDynamix was established in late 2018 with the aim of providing high quality websites to all businesses and charities, from start-ups to corporates. It works with all business sectors and aims to understand each business by researching their market, goals, and who their competitors are. Its team’s knowledge and experience are very broad and they can cater for any business sector, such as hospitality, accountancy, events, finance, construction, and more. WebDynamix’s mission is to create and provide innovative and effective platform integrated brand marketing solutions that help its clients grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals in order to turn audiences into customers. Tying in with this is its vision of delivering results-oriented brand marketing that enhances its clients’ awareness, improves their sales, and encourages their growth. Striving towards achieving this mission and vision, the company’s team takes the time to learn all about the client’s business, including details such as what makes them stand out, their brand colours, their products and services, and their audience. Then they will develop a website that enables the client to attract the attention of potential customers who can associate with it. Supporting this is the team’s ability to build and maintain good collaborations with customers and other agencies through excellent communication with impact and clarity. They are highly customer-focused and with great attention to detail, understand customers’ businesses and objectives. Not only this, but the team are also devoted to their own development so they are always improving, driving for results, and providing only the best service and products. Underlying all this is taking accountability, keeping things simple, acting with integrity, and having a real passion for what they do. Also crucial towards producing top-notch web design projects is using the best tools – Tools that will not overcomplicate the ability to apply changes or updates to the website. The company also provides training to its staff make sure they make the most of these tools in order to be efficient and clean in the development process. Indeed, the WebDynamix team’s focus is exclusively on their clients and producing only the best results. This process begins by having an initial meeting with them to establish how their business operates, the services and products that need to be promoted on their website, a review of their brand, and if necessary, creating new brand details that are current with the times, as well as research into who the competitors are. The moment a client gets in touch, the team does the utmost to guide them through the website creating process, to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible, to explain each stage of the process jargon-free, and to be involved in every stage. Above all, they take a big emphasis on quality testing to ensure the website aesthetic looks good and gets the message and brand across to visitors, without any errors. Importantly, the team prides themselves on keeping up with modern trends and technology, which can be of real benefit to customers. This includes observing how businesses came out of COVID with a fresh approach to marketing, taking stock and re-evaluating their presence online and making changes to their prime marketing tool: their website. Companies felt restricted during this time and are looking to gain brand exposure and recognition. As a result, audiences are paying attention to these companies. Also, during COVID times, WebDynamix helped a number of clients who previously had an online presence, but relied on their customer looking at their website in order to purchase products or services via their shop. This was not possible during COVID, so WebDynamix transformed the way these businesses operated by providing an ecommerce facility to take orders and be able to distribute them, fulfilling the needs of loyal customers and also increasing the reach. These businesses still continue with a physical high street presence, but also have the online facility to reach customers away from the high street catchment. Meanwhile, the WebDynamix team are foreseeing upcoming industry trends, too, including expecting the industry to this year see websites that involve interaction from the audience or storytelling in the form of narrative visualisation. This is where you have a series of visual elements sequenced together and organised chronologically to convey a specific message to visitors, involving embedding videos to engage homepages and scroll-triggered animations. The company also believes that we are heading towards the cookie-less web, especially as Google has announced that Chrome will phase out third-party cookies to create a more secure online experience for users. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how WebDynamix has achieved such success within the Southern Enterprise Awards 2022, with it truly offering great website design that brings out the best in what a client company offers. It is also a great collaborator within the industry, with its location in the Southeast of England being helpful due to brilliant access to a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, hospitals, finance, real estate, construction, food, and leisure. This is in addition to technology businesses in industries such as IT services, cybersecurity, and digital agencies to work with in order to develop the best possible solutions for clients. Now, the company looks towards the future where it will be recruiting new team members, in whom it seeks a mixture of qualities: as well as a creative mindset, staff need to pay special attention to detail and make sure every website they build is fully functional – not just on how the detail looks to the eye, but also making sure that when buttons are pressed, they action the expected outcome. This is expected internally and with any business it collaborates with. Going hand in hand with employing new staff, WebDynamix wants to keep expanding as a business throughout the rest of the year and into 2023 – and we are truly rooting for its success as it continues to leave its mark on the web design industry. Company: WebDynamix Ltd Contact: Dennis Gumuskaya Email: Website: