Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 112 Best Health & Safety Consultancy Firm 2023 - South East We shine a spotlight on Kellsafe Ltd to discover how it blends professionalism, approachability, and a touch of humour to create safer, more sustainable work environments. Join us as we unravel the trends, insights, and future aspirations that set Kellsafe apart in the everevolving landscape of health and safety consulting. Founded in April 2016 by experienced Managing Director, Kelly-Anne Holifield, Kellsafe Ltd has garnered recognition for its outstanding contributions to safety, health, and environmental consulting across diverse industries. Kelly-Anne’s extensive background in senior management roles within various sectors has uniquely positioned Kellsafe to offer expert guidance and promote a pragmatic approach to health and safety. The company’s inception was marked by Kelly-Anne’s vision to establish a consultancy that embodies personability, approachability, and a pragmatic attitude. Armed with an MSc in health, safety, and environment and two NEBOSH diplomas, Kelly-Anne is passionate about educating and training individuals to foster safer, healthier, and more pleasant work environments. The mission of Kellsafe is to ensure that individuals return home to their loved ones safe and healthy at the end of the working day. The vision revolves around supporting clients to create sustainable, safe, healthy environments, with this achieved through jargon-free information, accessible and memorable training, and sensible consultancy proportional to risk levels. The company’s core values, including being caring, friendly, honest, diplomatic, discreet, professional, and engaging, underscore the essence of its operations. Notably, a sense of humour is vital, enhancing the work environment and fostering a positive culture. Kellsafe distinguishes itself in the market by offering bespoke consultancy packages tailored to each client’s needs, regardless of organisational size or complexity. It recognises that not all companies can justify a dedicated in-house health and safety advisor, so Kellsafe provides the necessary support. It focuses on empowering clients to improve competence within their workforce, emphasising sustainable solutions and informed decisionmaking rather than solely relying on consultancy. This approach allows clients to allocate resources effectively, whilst improving their health and safety arrangements. Current industry trends indicate a growing preference among small- to medium-sized enterprises for personalised services. Clients seek a more personal experience and value forming relationships with consultants, deviating from the larger consultancies. This trend holds significance in the south east, where businesses increasingly embrace a more localised and personalised approach to health and safety consultation. At the helm of Kellsafe, Kelly-Anne Holifield leads the team, enhancing consultants’ and trainers’ collective experience and offering. The internal culture fosters empowerment, where consultants and trainers are encouraged to provide practical advice and enliven seemingly dry subjects through their cheerful personalities. Kellsafe carefully selects team members based on their attributes and softer skills, ensuring alignment with the company ethos and client needs. Looking ahead, Kellsafe envisions strategic growth while maintaining a steadfast assurance to its existing client base. The company plans a gradual expansion, mindful of preserving the personalised service that sets it apart. Kellsafe aims to continue its exceptional contributions to health, safety, and environmental consultancy by nurturing its unique approach and fostering a team-driven culture. Overall, Kellsafe Ltd is the epitome of excellence in health and safety consultancy, embodying a commitment to safety, sustainability, and clientcentric service. Their recognition as the Best Health & Safety Consultancy Firm 2023 for the South East underscores its dedication to creating safer and healthier work environments for all. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the firm as it continues to grow, and we’re sure there will be unlimited success for the company. Company Name: Kellsafe Ltd Contact Name: Kelly Holifield Web Address: Contact Email: