Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Featuring: SME News- Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 eCommerce Accountants of the Year 2023 – Hampshire AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd began almost eleven years ago, originally starting out as an international e-commerce accounting firm, and became the first tax provider to receive a five-star rating on Amazon SPN. To date, the team have assisted more than 10,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs globally, and combined, speak over 23 of the world’s most popular languages. Teams are located worldwide but are all united under the AVASK founding principle, ‘to offer simple and uncomplicated solutions to enable e-commerce sellers to grow and adapt to the myriad of compliance changes in the e-commerce eco-system.’ We speak with Tax Director and Partner Melanie Shabangu, to learn more about how the company operates so effectively on a global scale, aiding tens of thousands of happy customers from Southampton to Shanghai, and beyond.

SME News is proud to announce the Southern Enterprise Awards are returning for its sixth year! Since 2018, the Southern Enterprise Awards have been highlighting the best businesses in the region. Ranging from start-ups to family-run firms to larger companies, the Southern Enterprise Awards displays the businesses that excel in their field. The diverse nature of this awards programme enables SME News to promote a multitude of businesses from a selection of backgrounds. So, from accountancy firms to WealthTech startups and everything in between, the Southern Enterprise Awards is the perfect platform to demonstrate your successes. We encourage all businesses in this region to take part in the Award, thereby establishing themselves as an awardwinning company. Award-winning companies stand out amongst their competitors, boost employee morale, and have a quantifiable means of demonstrating their success. Who doesn’t want to be recognised as a successful business? The South of England is beginning to experience economic growth, with experts forecasting the economies to match the predicted national average over the next few years. This is all exemplified by many businesses now choosing the South of the UK as an ideal location. The Tech Industry, for instance, is establishing itself in the South West with 1 in 11 of all UK Tech start-ups now based in this region. Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Sofi Parry Senior Editor

Contents 6. AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd: eCommerce Accountants of the Year 2023 – Hampshire 10. ClearTrace Infection Control: Best UK Infection Control Management Provider 2023 12. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd: Plumbing & Heating Business of the Year 2023 - Gloucestershire 14. First for Support Limited: Best Social Care Recruitment Agency 2023 16. CGT Lettings: Best Regional Letting Agency & Property Management Company 2023 18. De La Tierra Ltd: Most Sustainable Agrifood Consultancy 2023 20. Apex Accountancy: Most Trusted Accountancy Practice 2023 - London 22. CoCreate Tattoo: Best Tattoo Studio 2023 - Essex 24. The Hand Consulting Ltd: Best Creative Agency Development Consultancy Firm 2023 - London 26. INDIGO IT: Best Nationwide SME IT & Telecoms Services Provider 2023 28. Pure Drop Water Systems Management: Best Small Water Hygiene Contractor 2023 30. Anglo Doorstep Collections: Best Clothes Recycling Enterprise 2023 32. Tree Artisan Cafe: Best Local Café 2023 - Oxford 34. Prim Fleet Standards Ltd: Best Fleet Accreditation Specialists 2023 – South West 36. Duchy Group: Groundworks & Civil Engineering Company of the Year 2023 - Cornwall 38. Fire Immunity Ltd: Best Fire Protection Installation Firm 2023 - South West 40. JCS Transport Consultancy: Best Transport Compliance & DCPC Training Provider 2023 42. Laughters Yoga:Laughter Yoga Experience Facilitator of the Year 2023: Clive & Jackie StJames 44. Luxudor: Best Tax & Auditing Services Provider 2023 - UK 45. CREATE Business Hub: Best Fully Serviced Private Office Space 2023 - Essex 46. The Cornish scone company: Homemade Cornish Cream Tea Company of the Year 2023 - South West 47. Exec Hunter Limited: Best Headhunting Service Provider 2023 - South East 48. Sanchia Consulting Ltd: Best HR & Diversity Consultant 2023 (London): Sanchia Alasia 49. Mime Consultancy Limited: Best Quantity Surveying & Project Management Firm 2023 - London 50. Fox Motorsport: Best Motorsport Racing Enterprise 2023 51. The Llewellyn School: Most Inclusive & Empowering Learning Environment 2023: The Llewellyn School & Nursery 52. Nature's Therapies Animal Behaviour: Best Animal Behavioural Services Provider 2023 - South West 53. SUDwell The Resin Bonded Slab Company: Most Innovative Sustainable Paving Solutions Provider 2023 – South East 54. Wellbeing For Us: Online Wellbeing Platform of the Year 2023 55. IPR Close Protection and Security Services Limited: Most Trusted Security Services Provider 2023 - Peterborough 56. Adam Church Ltd: Best Leasehold & Block Management Business 2023 - South West 57. Cacao Catering & Event: Best Luxury Catering Services 2023 – Hertfordshire 58. The Housing Network:Best Person-Centric Housing Support Company 2023 59. Design Box Media: Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2023 – South East & SME Excellence Award for eCommerce Web Design Services 2023 60. Hillier Funeral Service: Most Compassionate Family-Run Funeral Services Provider 2023 61. Little Petra: Best Traditional Middle Eastern Restaurant 2023 - East of England 62. Growth By Design: Most Impactful SME Marketing Agency 2023 – South East

Contents 63. Bright Thinking Marketing: Construction Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 - South East 64. Flourish CSR Limited: Best ESG Consultancy 2023 65. Untamed Advice: Best Online Holistic Mental Health Service 2023 66. Westminster Insurance Ltd: Best Business Insurance Providers 2023 - Weymouth 67. 1st Class Covers: Best Vehicle & Boat Interior Upholstering Company 2023 68. Waggs N Woofs: Best Pet Services & Dog Confidence Coaching Business 2023 - North East Bristol & Most Innovative Canine Confidence Coach 2023 (South West): Lynn Lloyd 69. Romac Wheels: Alloy Wheel Brand of the Year 2023 70 Resapol Ltd: Best Construction Chemical Distribution Company 2023 71. Town Planning Expert: Property Education & Training Specialists of the Year 2023 72. The Beauty Room: Best Village Beauty Salon 2023 - Sussex 73. Robocleaning Services Ltd: Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company 2023 - Berkshire 74. The Naked Pharmacy: Best Online Natural Health Pharmacy 2023 – South East 75. Personal Care Regulatory: Best National Cosmetic Products Compliance Services Provider 2023 76. The English Mineral Makeup Company: Best Cruelty-Free & Natural Make-Up Company 2023 77. Hamdah London: Best Artisan Fragrance Company 2023 - Cambridgeshire 78. Urbis Schréder Ltd: Best Full-Service Lighting Design & Installation Company 2023 79. Wildheart Animal Sanctuary: Wildlife Animal Sanctuary of the Year 2023 - Isle of Wight 80. Robur (UK) Ltd: Best Bespoke Material Handling Equipment Provider 2023 81. Apex Employment Solicitors Ltd: Employment Law Experts of the Year 2023 82. Final Touch Blinds & Shutters: Blinds & Shutters Supplier of the Year 2023 - Hampshire 83. Litenet Ltd: Most Innovative Telecommunications Company 2023 – South East 84. Browsthetics: Best Semi- Permanent Makeup Company 2023 - Hampshire 85. Casita Group: Student Accommodation Operators of the Year 2023 - Hampshire 86. Boo Consulting Limited: Best Privacy & Risk Consultancy Firm 2023 - Southwest 87. ER Productions: Best International Laser Show & Laser System Design Specialists 2023 88. Metro Storage: Best Self Storage Business 2023 - Central London & Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 89. The Three Swallows Cley-next-the-sea Ltd: Best Rural Pub 2023 - North Norfolk 90. Marketing Delivery: Best Automotive Digital Marketing Company 2023 91. VIP Hearing Solutions: Best Ear & Hearing Clinic 2023 – North West London 92. Morgan Clark: Nationwide Loss Assessor of the Year 2023 93. The Hill Hub: Co-Working Space of the Year 2023 - Kent 94. It's All About The Golf Ltd: Most Innovative Golfing Network 2023 95. White & Guard: Best Residential Real Estate Agency 2023 – Hampshire 96. Bicester Maids: Family-Run Cleaning Small Business of the Year 2023 - Oxfordshire

Contents 97. Ailsa’s Aim: Most Dedicated Cancer Treatment Care Support NPO 2023 - South East 98. WebDynamix: Best Web Design & Development Agency 2023 - South East 99. Screen Rescue: Best Windscreen & Glass Repair Company 2023 - Suffolk 100. Content Chef: Best Emerging Digital Marketing Agency 2023 - South West 101. Beauxhaus: Most Client-Focused SEO Consultancy 2023 - London 102. SecretANGELS Personal Assistant Services: Best Community Social Services Provider 2023 - Home Counties 103. Eclipse Golf: Best Custom Golf Club Fitting Service 2023 – South East 104. WEJ Financial Management Limited:Best Financial Management Services Provider 2023 - Southampton 105. Arcadia Cigars: Best Luxury Cigar Retailer 2023 - South East & SME Excellence Award for Customer Experience 2023 106. Diamond Skin Care: Best Dermatology Clinic 2023 - Norwich 107. JTA Safety Limited: Most Trusted Health & Safety Consultancy 2023 - Essex 108. Michael Connock Ltd: Best Lifestyle & Entertainment TV Producer 2023: Michael Connock 109. ProTalent Limited: Recruitment Consultancy of the Year 2023 - South East 110. Nationwide Fleet Services Ltd: Best Nationwide Fleet Support Services Company 2023 111. LullaBellz Ltd: Best Luxury Human Hair Extensions eTailer 2023 112. Kellsafe Ltd: Best Health & Safety Consultancy Firm 2023 - South East 113. Koocha Mezze Bar: Best Vegan Restaurant 2023 - South West 114. Cobham Marquees: Best Marquee Hire Company 2023 - London & South East 115. Supreno Cars: Best Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle Retailer 2023 - London 116. Spaya Ltd:Best Construction Management Consultant 2023 - North West London 117. Body Wrap ltd: Most Innovative Health & Wellbeing Product Supplier 2023 118. JP Fire Security: Best Security System Installation Company 2023 - South East 119. Smart Marketing Management Ltd: Best SME Marketing & Communications Agency 2023 120. HFMC Wealth Ltd: Best Financial Planning & Wealth Management Experts 2023 121. Vanmark Group Ltd: Property Development Firm of the Year 2023 – Oxfordshire 122. Fresh Motors: Best Car & Van Dealership 2023 - Norfolk 123. Your Property Solution Partner Ltd: Best Property Solutions Provider 2023 - Hertfordshire 124. Career Consulting Solutions Ltd: Best Career Coaching Enterprise 2023 - Buckinghamshire 125. allmanhall Ltd: Best Food Procurement Specialists 2023 126. MentorME: Best Business Mentoring Network 2023 127. CN Engineering Services Ltd: Project Management Consultancy of the Year 2023 128. Spectra Packaging: Best Responsible Plastic Packaging Manufacturer 2023 - East Anglia 129. Tumi Music and Tumi Productions: Feature Film of the Year 2023: Mambo Man 130. Foy Certification Ltd: Best Contractor Certification Company 2023 131. ChalknDuster Ltd: Best Primary-GCSE Tutoring Business 2023 - Greater London

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 6 eCommerce Accountants of the Year 2023 – Hampshire AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd began almost eleven years ago, originally starting out as an international e-commerce accounting firm, and became the first tax provider to receive a five-star rating on Amazon SPN. To date, the team have assisted more than 10,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs globally, and combined, speak over 23 of the world’s most popular languages. Teams are located worldwide but are all united under the AVASK founding principle, ‘to offer simple and uncomplicated solutions to enable e-commerce sellers to grow and adapt to the myriad of compliance changes in the e-commerce eco-system.’ We speak with Tax Director and Partner Melanie Shabangu, to learn more about how the company operates so effectively on a global scale, aiding tens of thousands of happy customers from Southampton to Shanghai, and beyond. Relatively early into the AVASK journey, the company recognised that it could offer so much more to its clients than just manage their accounts and taxes, pivoting to include an array of additional services. Every service that the team has developed has been designed to provide uncomplicated solutions for e-commerce sellers, in turn allowing them to grow and expand cross-borders much in the same way as AVASK itself has done. The company’s global headquarters is situated in the heart of Southampton, but as a result of expansion, additional offices are now located in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Prague, New York, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Such expansion has also bared witness to the natural evolution of the company’s services, which are currently classified across a number of key sectors, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Indirect Taxes (VAT and US Sales Tax, for example), Customs & International Trade, Shipping and Logistics, Online Marketplace Indirect Taxes (a special sub-division which focuses on the needs of clients filing taxes via their online marketplaces), Eco-transition Services (new government schemes and taxes designed to reduce carbon emissions), alongside the e-commerce consulting, strategy, and growth services which are all on offer. 2014 saw AVASK begin its long-time partnership with Amazon, officially joining Amazon SPN. It was this which spurred on the expansion of the business, branching out from the UK headquarters to include LA, Paris, and Frankfurt. This partnership also led to the company attending Amazon run events, and in 2016, one such event the team were invited to in China resulted in the establishing of AVASK offices in Xiamen. Two years later in 2018, the firm joined

the Amazon PAN-EU programme, which was unveiled at a time when European countries had altered their tax legislation to make online platforms, like Amazon, jointly liable for the taxes of the e-sellers using their platforms. Almost immediately after, AVASK began assisting thousands of new clients as Amazon mandated a requirement to register for VAT in the European marketplace. Following this requirement, there was an overhaul in distance selling across the remaining 27 countries in this block, excluding the UK, and new legislation was later introduced that detailed once a seller had completed €10,000 in distance sales, they were required to register for the European One-Stop-Shop, or OSS. AVASK again provided essential, ensuring this legislation was covered in its core suite of services. Similar problems would arise on the back of Brexit, and many of the company’s clients found themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable trade with EU marketplaces as they had done previously. Again, providing a remedy for the issue, AVASK began to offer both direct and indirect representation, as well as a customs brokerage services, to its clientele. In the aftermath of Brexit, AVASK freely began to offer Customs & International Trade Services to Amazon clients without restriction and have since worked on a variety of customs promotions with Amazon and similar online marketplaces and partners in attempt to re-stimulate growth in the UK and EU crossborder trading sector. When further legislation was introduced in both France and Germany to incentivise sellers to bring more ecofriendly and sustainable products into the market, AVASK once again joined forces with Amazon, offering EPR compliance solutions to entrepreneurs as a brand-new service. Recently, the future of AVASK has again been diversified, this as a result of the launch of a sister company, KATA Global Logistics, which offers clients an end-to-end logistics service. This all-in-one solution will allow e-commerce sellers to make huge savings in the cost of the services required to sell goods across the world on global marketplaces. All of this represents the upmost commitment by AVASK to offer clients the most innovative solutions to the issues that arise within the industry as a result of outside influences. Through the offering of quick and effective workarounds, the business can stay ahead of the game, and a longtenured partnership with an organisation on the level of Amazon only solidifies this fact. From day one, AVASK’s ethos has ultimately been to establish long-term relationships, with a commitment by the dedicated team to offer transparent, concise, and professional advice. The core values of the business have been cemented since day one, and they revolve around insisting on the highest standards, constantly learning about shifts and updates in the e-commerce world, and thoroughly investigating all new avenues as they present themselves. At AVASK, the team prides itself on customer obsession, and they work tirelessly to always think outside of the box, while delivering outstanding results and earning the trust of the clients they serve. It is this commitment to clients that positions AVASK at the cutting-edge of the industry, by providing unlimited consultancy to clients, a key insight is gained into their disposition and pain points. Over the course of the last three years, the team has designed and implemented a host of new services in order to meet client needs, many of which are frequently cross-border trading in multiple markets. Unlike many of its competitors, AVASK’s one-stop shop solution offers a host of services in addition to advisory, shipping, and freight forwarding, being proud to offer international accounting and tax compliance, import/export, as well as account strategy and management, among others, providing a complete compliance solution for e-commerce businesses of any size. Currently, the ever-changing industry is facing a host of trends that AVASK in the process of adapting into its always-evolving strategy. The first of these is pricing performance, as in a world where anybody can take out their smartphone and compare the price of a product across multiple marketplaces, entrepreneurs must either enter bidding wars with competitors or otherwise create a differentiator. The question Melanie asks is: “How are you going to make your product stand out in a crowd?” is a question the team constantly poses to its sellers, understanding its vitality in the modern marketplace. Just like in so many other industries, the monumental rise of artificial intelligence into the mainstream has flooded day-to-day lives of sellers and consumers alike. In the specific e-commerce world, the team has seen impressive in-roads in articles, photos, and product listings become the norm. With automation taking over, the industry is bound to become more efficient, and those who are not on the A.I. bandwagon will likely miss out entirely as it continues to develop and expand over the coming years. Another recent trend has been an increase in the concern given to the environmental impact

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 8 Founding Partners of products that are being bought/sold on the e-commerce market. Entrepreneurs in the field can no longer ignore the issues around ethical and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging, as in a few high-value countries, such as Germany, France, and Spain, they are now liable for carbon offsetting costs, with the rest of the EU and UK soon to follow. While traditional online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay still hold majority shares in the e-commerce consumer market, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and particularly now TikTok, have integrated shop features directly into their platforms which are especially popular among youth markets. With consumers not having to leave the site in question to make direct purchases, social commerce is sure to experience continued growth well into the future. With such a crowded marketplace in the EU, UK, and US, the reality is that sellers can no longer succeed if they only limit their activities to one marketplace. Throughout 2022, AVASK witnessed first-hand the integrating of the e-commerce industry with traditional establishments, as retailers are now increasingly focused on delivering a streamlined, seamless experience across both its physical and online channels, with a rise in popularity of such features as the click and collect scheme, which now operates in abundance across some of the UK’s leading retailers. Other similar developments impacting the marketplace include the increase in offerings of a personalised shopping experience, with companies offering such incentives as a gift with purchase, or a discount upon the placing of a subsequent order, as e-sellers attempt to stimulate brand loyalty in order to maintain their client bases. Voice commerce has also recently seen a dramatic increase, with global voice activated purchasing expected to exceed a 72% increase from 2023 compared to the year before. Keeping this in mind, entrepreneurs should consider adopting a long list of keywords in product listings, as voice shoppers tend to give more detailed descriptions than their manually searching counterparts. AVASK is clearly knowledgeable on current global trends across the industry, and this ultimately has something to do with the more than 450 personnel who are based in one of the many offices the company possesses around the world. As a result of such a sizeable global footprint, the team is incredibly diverse, and this is key to the organisation’s success, with every team member integral in crafting the value that the business thrives upon. The culture at AVASK is one of acceptance, tolerance, and collaboration. Melanie explains, “We operate an open-door policy with all managers and directors being available throughout the working day to support any team member, regardless of the position that they hold.” Since 2019, and the expansion of the Amazon PAN-EU programme, the company has continued to recruit for new roles and has

experienced unprecedented growth across all elements of the business. The AVASK recruitment team have worked tirelessly to guarantee that any new recruits live up to the high standards that the company holds itself to, and by using the firm’s recruitment website, LinkedIn, and other scouting tools, talent are headhunted to fill key roles and continue to provide the high-quality service the business is famed for and has built its reptation upon. The company’s effective recruitment programme and outstanding company culture were formally recognised earlier this year, with AVASK being awarded the Great Place to Work certification in August 2023. Looking ahead to the future, AVASK plans continued growth and expansion across the world, with its new Polish office recently coming to fruition in Warsaw, and the completion of another new office in Prague, Czech Republic recently occurred. These new offices will help deliver new and localised services to the e-commerce marketplace and will support online sellers as they grow into exciting businesses and communities. By continuing to work with close commercial partners and business development teams around the world, the company will carry on growing its client base. In the same vein, AVASK developed software solutions will also continue to evolve and expand, adding even more features to an already feature-rich client portal. The inhouse software development team will also be on hand to continue to lay the groundwork for the future of the company, and new compliance services will be launched in fresh markets, helping the truly global client base seek out new opportunities in e-commerce eco-systems. It is the AVASK company motto, “What matters to you, matters to us,” which serves to underpin the truly remarkable success that the brand has had over the years. With demonstrably fantastic customer-service skills, a passion for innovation, and a truly unique insight and understanding of the industry, AVASK has established itself as the ultimate solution for sellers looking to thrive in the e-commerce market, and the team are sure to continue to experience well-deserved success for years to come. Contact: Melanie Shabangu Company: AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd. Web Address:

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 10 Heralded as the UK’s leading infection prevention control provider, ClearTrace Infection Control has revolutionised the ways in which individuals and companies alike approach cleanliness. Between offering comprehensive infection prevention services and providing continued education for those looking to address emerging patient safety requirements, ClearTrace Infection Control consistently upholds a level of attention to detail that is fully centered around saving lives and improving health. Below, we explore how it has adapted its services in its pursuit of a healthier world. Specialising in infection prevention control, ClearTrace Infection Control provides both the healthcare and wider healthcare industries with the means to drastically minimise the risk of infections. Its evidence-based solutions have become a staple throughout the UK, be it within a hospital and ambulance setting, or among care homes, educational establishments, and hospitality premises. Regardless of the client, ClearTrace Infection Control is dedicated to deploying its Total Hygiene Solution approach – one that encompasses education and resources to address emerging needs, the facilitation of evidence-based cleaning and disinfection practises, and products that are designed to enhance patient safety. Combined, these components allow ClearTrace Infection Control to drive continuous improvement within the healthcare industry. However, by operating in tandem with a multitude of varying industries, ClearTrace Infection Control has managed to have a positive impact, not only on the healthcare sector, but on the world as a whole. Keeping individuals safe from harmful pathogens and dangerous bacteria is where ClearTrace Infection Control thrives, and it’s this quality that has spearheaded its journey towards spreading awareness. ClearTrace Infection Control has an intrinsic understanding of the precautions that must be taken in order to guarantee a healthy environment, and strictly adheres to its bespoke cleaning processes to ensure that these needs are met. However, the largest industry in which ClearTrace Infection Control finds itself operating is the ambulance sector. Providing Deep Cleaning, Decontamination, and Make Ready Systems services, ClearTrace Infection Control combines its years of experience to gather a range of specialist products that have been specifically altered with ambulances in mind. As such, it’s equipped with a plethora of branded cleaning products and industry leading systems that are able to easily and efficiently cover the process of sanitising and cleaning ambulances, scanners, and healthcare environments. ClearTrace Infection Control’s commitment to its craft hasn’t just assisted it in complying with IPC standards, but grants it the opportunity to exceed them altogether. With a client base spanning from the NHS to five star restaurants and hotels, ClearTrace Infection Control has accumulated a wealth of experience in infection prevention control. As such, it manages to consistently adopt an evidencebased approach that guides work environments towards a healthier state. ClearTrace Infection Control is wholly concerned with the wellbeing of its clients and, as such, goes above and beyond to formulate all new strategies for eliminating avoidable infections altogether. The COVID-19 pandemic was a harsh reminder that many industries needed to step up their game when it came to sanitisation, and ClearTrace Infection Control is eager to be a partner in making this a reality. As proven by the recent pandemic, healthcare workers aren’t the only ones who run the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens. In response to this realisation, ClearTrace Infection Control devised comprehensive solutions that are specifically designed to prevent the possibility of another outbreak of a similar nature in the future. Through utilising its assistance, clients can rely on ClearTrace Infection Control to provide them with all of the right processes and systems to keep their surrounding environments as healthy as possible. Effective infection prevention control requires a devoted attitude and an avid eye for the details – qualities that ClearTrace Infection Control has in abundance. ClearTrace Infection Control can only be described as a specialist in its field. It’s mastered the art of both infection prevention control, cleaning, and CQC auditing. As the largest supplier of IPC cleaning services to private MRI, CT, and PET providers, in addition to ambulance providers, ClearTrace Infection Control has demonstrated an impeccable understanding of what it takes to promote health, wellbeing, and unconditional cleanliness above all else. Infection control is at the top of its agenda, and it’s more than equipped to lend its services to the sectors that need them the most. In addition, ClearTrace Infection Control is the only company within the UK to have been awarded the ISIO 9001 for the Provision of Specialist Cleaning and Infection Control. This alone puts it on a pedestal for other companies of similar natures to aim for. Partnering this is its unique ability to combine training, cleaning, chemicals, auditing, and many more elements – one that most suppliers simply can’t offer. ClearTrace Infection Control contains all of these elements into one solution – the aforementioned ClearTrace Hygiene Solution. This solution places a focus on systems, training, support, signage, and documentation, allowing clients to take what they learn and apply it throughout the future of their establishment. At its heart, ClearTrace Infection Control is an infection prevention control company that truly cares about the impact that it’s having on the world around it. Keeping people safe, be it clients or their patients and guests, is paramount, and it’s this determination that has fuelled ClearTrace Infection Control’s journey thus far. Now, it’s renowned through the UK for its comprehensive services and evidence-based approaches, setting it apart as one of the NHS’s go-to companies for infection prevention. Now, more than ever, keeping ourselves protected is crucial, and ClearTrace Infection Control is on-hand to make that task far easier than it has ever been. We’re very excited to share the excellence that is ClearTrace Infection Control with our readers. It’s not often that such a committed infection prevention company arises, and yet ClearTrace Infection Control is, by far, the best that we’ve come across. Its invaluable services have already assisted a host of clients across the UK, with glowing testimonials supporting its ingenious processes. ClearTrace Infection Control has an admirable goal that it’s determined to see through to the end which, hopefully, will continue to manifest as it progresses towards its future. Contact: James Staniland Company: ClearTrace Infection Control Web Address: Best UK Infection Control Management Provider 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 12 Comprised of four individuals and two sub contract engineers, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd is a company that is willing to go the extra mile to do a fantastic job, no matter the scale. Specialising in a wide range of mechanical works, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd is, by far, the most versatile company for any job. Regardless of whether a project consists of a simple collection of small jobs, such as fixing a leaky sink, to plant room installations, its skilled, highly qualified engineers are able to apply their extensive knowledge to get the job done. Everything that Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd accomplishes is underpinned by its commitment to quality and client satisfaction. It prides itself on its ability, not just to complete the task ahead of it, but to do so whilst completely defying expectations. No job is detached from this ethos - Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd is determined to see every project through to the end, all whilst maintaining a level of quality that’s second to none. As such, it’s managed to find itself in an award-winning position – one that truly demonstrates its unapologetic passion for being the best that it can be for its clients. From the moment a client contacts Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd, they’ll be exposed to its incredible love for its field. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd will survey, design, install, and provide project management for any project, all whilst adhering to any provided specifications and plans. It firmly believes that reassuring the client that their needs are in great hands is essential within its field, and goes above and beyond to seek new opportunities with new clients who may have previously been too nervous to enlist help with their requirements. Trust is the backbone of Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd.’s services, granting it a unique edge that isn’t often seen within the industry. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd offers a flexibility that has served both itself and its clients incredibly well throughout the years since its inception. As a result of its motivated nature, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd demonstrates a consistent eagerness to continually expand its expertise, and is therefore always overjoyed to work Based in Cheltenham, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd specialises in delivering plumbing, heating, and gas work services to a multitude of clients across the UK. Whether it’s lending a hand to individuals who are in need of a few minor repairs within their homes, or establishing comprehensive plumbing and heating solutions for commercial clients, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd is a small company with big ambitions. Join us as we venture into how it has successfully made a name for itself throughout the country. Plumbing & Heating Business of the Year 2023 - Gloucestershire to a client’s every request. No matter how unique the job may be, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd is determined to see it through with a smile, and takes great pride in its ability to adapt and adjust, depending on the client’s ideas, space, and requirements. All of this culminates in a company that has truly earned its position among the greats within its industry.

Having accumulated a range of domestic clients, there isn’t anything that Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd hasn’t seen before. From small plumbing jobs, such as changing taps, radiators, and fitting outdoor faucets, to assisting in bathroom and shower installations, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd has a consistent track record of excellence that persists through each and every job it undertakes. In addition, it’s also capable of fitting new boilers and Unvented Hot Water Cylinders if required, complete with steadfast warranty packages. Of course, every aspect of the process is signed off and tested, and Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd even ensures that all appliances are notified as safe to the Gas Safe Register. In terms of commercial clients, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd merely expands its scope, all whilst maintaining the same level of attention to detail. When working alongside these clients, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd offers its services in installing boiler plant rooms and hot water systems. Each of its services also encompass any additional features, such as pump sets and mechanical essentials needed to regulate heating and all hot water systems. As such, clients can expect a comprehensive approach towards a project that truly takes the time to formulate the best possible products and services for the job. Its experts are equipped with a wealth of knowledge – a factor that truly elevates this small company to the next level. Over the last three months, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd has been busy travelling through the UK, delivering the services of its Science Laboratory Lab Installations arm to outfit a variety of schools and colleges with all new features. Having already installed mechanical services for 27 educational science labs, 8 prep rooms, and 5 food rooms, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd has finally completed its summer schedule, managing to turn in each project on time, without fail. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd expresses that none of this would have been possible without the incredible staff and sub-contractors that were on-hand to help bring this dream to life, and we couldn’t agree more. This year has been an exciting one for Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd as it partnered up with the Ipswich Town Post 16 Educational teams. Supporting the Ipswich Town Foundation, and over 70 students, with shirts and training tops, Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd’s community spirit is the beating heart of the company. The business is proud to be part of the Ipswich Town Foundation as every member of the team is a firm believer of having a positive impact on our treasured communities. However, to Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd, clients truly are the glue that holds it together. It shares such an unwavering love for the people that it works alongside, and values each client as an individual who’s played a part in its continued excellence. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd has only managed to reach the heights that it finds itself at today through the brilliant minds of its team, and the trust of its clients. Only then is it able to complete a project without a hitch, all whilst preserving an unrivalled level of quality within the UK’s plumbing and heating industry. Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd has every right to celebrate its accomplishments – they have been hard-earned, and are well-deserved. We’re incredibly proud of Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd for earning itself this award title. Its overarching passion for its craft has manifested time and time again throughout the myriad of projects that it’s successfully completed, and it continues to demonstrate an eagerness to continue down its current path. As such, we’re certain that Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd will only flourish as it steps into its bright future. Contact Details Contact: Garry Dabbs Company: Cotswold Gas Solutions Ltd Web Address:

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 14 Best Social Care Recruitment Agency 2023 Recruitment is a challenging environment, regardless of the industry you specialise in. It demands an ability to achieve results and achieve them consistently in the face of often variable circumstances. Adaptability and industry expertise is a must. And that is so much more essential within the social care sphere. As this year’s Best Social Care Recruitment Agency, First for Support Limited (First for Support) has cultivated an impressive reputation in the industry – We spoke with director, Beata Cudzik to find out more. Supporting the care sector across Hampshire and Dorset, First for Support provides both permanent employees and temporary agency staff to private care providers and housing associations. Framing itself as a ‘specialist recruitment agency’, the company has firmly positioned itself as an expert and partner for care centres across the region, fulfilling their recruitment needs to ensure a consistency in service to their patients. The niche nature of the sector means these crucial agencies often get overlooked in the larger recruitment landscape, but their importance cannot be overestimated. Unlike other recruitment firms, there’s a greater emphasis on some of the more innate qualities of an applicant. Naturally, you can have all the accolades in the world but if you lack compassion and empathy, you won’t experience an enduring career in this space. Recruitment, then, is more complex than simply being impressed by a CV. It’s more person-centred – which is saying something when you consider the nature of recruitment as a whole being so person-centric in its approach and operations. First for Support ensures this ethos remains front and centre of the team’s approach through its foundational pillars: people-focused, responsive, empowering. Here, Beata explains more in her opening comments. “We don't just say we care. We really do. We are passionate about caring for our staff and for our clients. Our three core values - people focused, responsive, and empowering – are always front of mind and they impact everything we do. I started this business because I feel that the work that care workers do is incredibly underrated and unappreciated. “I just love to show people that it shouldn’t be that way and you can treat support workers well and make them feel valued and appreciated. We treat our workers like family. And we only recruit workers who we know are going to treat our clients compassionately and do the best job they can. I am incredibly proud to nurture a fantastic environment for people to work in, and to provide an excellent service in our local community.” It must be reiterated that agencies such as First for Support can be considered the foundational support for those that provide care for others. Companies like First for Support are reinforcing and equipping that crucial industry to deliver the best possible care for those that need it most. It’s a vital tool for its continuation, while also acting as a driver of development – connecting those that aim for the best quality of care with those able to deliver it. “By providing reliable and efficient workers, we are helping private care providers and housing associations to run their businesses successfully,” Beata adds in agreement. But First for Support endeavours to go further still, with ongoing community outreach and a mission to contribute more than its share to the local business economy. Through the team’s success, the agency has moved to larger business premises, and will continue to support local events to showcase its commitment to ‘raising the tide’ through the company’s success. “We are supporting local events like the upcoming Southampton Jobs Fair and have supported other job fairs in the past.” In Beata’s mind, First for Support’s award-winning characteristic relies on its values, goals, and primary mission. Primarily, as she concludes in her closing comments, enduring success hinges on the team’s persistence to always go the extra mile for both applicants and clients. “It’s how, every day, we show our workers how much we appreciate and value them, whilst providing top quality, reliable service to our clients.” That’s the secret to First for Support’s continuing success. It’s not something that can be taught, necessarily. It’s an ethos that pulses through the company – from the very top, to the very bottom. It’s also a truly essential tool within the team’s skillset, distinguishing the agency from an ever-crowded national market. Recruitment is all about people, about understanding what makes a person the perfect fit. But that’s so much more important when you operate within social care, with the smallest of details and considerations often making the largest of differences in the way you approach fulfilling a vacancy. Understanding that has spearheaded Beata’s success in the space and will Beata Cudzik

continue to drive First for Support’s success moving forward. Here’s to another year of growth and in exceeding every expectation. A client testimonial: “Working with Bea and First for Support has been a breath of fresh air in comparison to working with other agencies. Bea takes real time to understand the needs of our business and, as a result of this, the level of candidate she provides are unmatched in all the years I have worked in the industry. “First for Support provides us with well trained, motivated and highly skilled candidates who we can trust to work with our most vulnerable young people. Even at short notice, Bea and her candidates always come through for us and we are really grateful for all the support we have had over the last year and we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.” - Gemma Putman, Sakura Care Company: First for Support Limited Contact: Beata Cudzik, Director Website: Pictured Left to Right: Beata Cudzik, Natalie Boland, Ellie Weeks, Rhiarna Smith.

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 16 CGT Lettings is often referred to by its moniker, “The Best Letting Agency in Gloucestershire”, and since 1987, has provided clients with specialist advice concerning lettings, property management, and the investment market. Across five offices and a team in excess of 40, the company’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff really help set it apart from the local competition. Furthermore, CGT’s member status in organisations such as ARLA Propertymark, The Property Ombudsman, and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, further solidify the company’s claims of being the best, and the team take pride in the fact that customers will not be able to find more astute property knowledge in a 90-mile radius. We speak with Managing Director Nick Devonport, who tells us more about the company’s journey and subsequent successes. CGT Lettings boasts the much-deserved title of “Gloucestershire’s leading independent letting agency”, having grown drastically in size since its establishment in 1987, but never straying far from its family values and celebrating the importance of its hardworking team of experts. CGT searches for the best that the industry has to offer, and the team train hard and play harder. The organisation takes immense pride in enjoying what it has earned and what it stands for, having the upmost faith in its ability to be the best that it can be, and provide this same level of quality to its clientele. The company possesses a storied history, beginning with its origins as Cornerstone/David Baldwin in 1987, with five agencies opened across Gloucestershire. Three years later in 1990, the business began letting properties under the name David Baldwin, with the company’s founder noticing that this was a rapidly increasing industry. In 1996, the agency would acquire Cheltenham Residential Lettings, and re-branded to reflect this new and exciting name. Two years later, the freshly named organisation would acquire Horsleys, and begin its extensive expansion plan. As the new millennium dawned, the company opened a branch in Gloucester, naming it Gloucester Residential Lettings, followed by a Tewksbury branch four years later, which too was named after its location. 2006 brought with it the formation of a Ltd company, with the company adopting the name CGT as a reflection of its existing branches and rebranding the three offices. A Quedgeley branch would follow suit in 2007, followed by a fifth and final branch which opened in Stroud in 2015. In 2017, CGT opened the Gloucester Property Management Hub, with the purpose of providing the managing of all company properties from one centralised location. 2019 saw the agency acquire All About Property, as well as launching CGT Sales Ltd, a separate company which sells properties, further strengthening the company’s claim to the title of “largest independent agent in Gloucestershire.” For landlords, the company backs up the claim that it is the best at what it does, managing every stage of a tenancy from the start through to the very end. With more than 35 years’ experience in the Gloucestershire area, a higher proportion of the CGT team have chosen to undertake property qualifications than staff in any other local agencies. Only the best candidates are employed, because the agency is aware that the best staff provide the highest calibre of service and customer experience. For its tenants, the company is committed to sourcing the highest quality, most affordable, and well-situated home that a client could hope for. This is in addition to offering personalised assistance aiding customers across every step of moving into a new property, before subsequently providing outstanding customer service throughout the entire duration of the tenancy. With more than 1500 properties let under CGT’s management across its five Gloucestershire branches, clients can be rest assured that a strong portfolio and wealth of experience are behind every decision that the firm makes. CGT is an organisation that is immensely passionate about its values, with these acting as the guiding principles as the company continues to thrive within the marketplace. Its status as a family owned and run company from the beginning through to the present day represents a commitment to the individual and the personal, and there are many members of different families all working successfully within the company. The business ultimately sees itself as one big family, as well as holding the belief that its tenants, landlords, vendors, buyers, and suppliers are all welcome extensions of this family. Despite continued growth, the agency is determined to never lose this family approach, Best Regional Letting Agency & Property Management Company 2023

treating everybody with the same enthusiasm, attention, and care. Moreover, the CGT team are determined to innovate, adopting the approach to lead rather than follow. This approach feeds down into every level of the agency, powering its processes, systems, and technologies in order to guarantee that customers receive the best possible experience every time, as well as helping the company to evolve with the industry. There also exists a keen sense of passion that radiates from the company, determined not only to be the best, but also the most knowledgeable and understanding about business practices within the sector and the wider local area. As ARLA Propertymark members, with Nick even serving as the Vice President of the organisation, staff are provided the highest calibre of training in order to achieve any desired property qualifications. The company is fully aware of the importance of being confident with the oftentimes complex lettings legislation, to guarantee tenants, landlords, vendors, and buyers are all kept safe. CGT also pays for all its qualified staff members to partake in ARLA Propertymark membership and supports them across all stages of their personal and professional development. Moreover, with a proud Gloucestershire heritage, there is a sense of passion among the team advocating for buying local and staying local, again with a commitment to never losing this ‘local’ feeling from the organisation’s internal culture. These values have been built into the agency’s monthly one-to-one forms, in order to make sure they are being upheld by staff every month. Furthermore, these values consist of a sizeable part of the recruitment process, ensuring any new recruits who come aboard share these same values that will continue to administer success for the agency. Among the company’s senior employees, there is too a unanimous feeling that these values will continue to underpin every single decision that the company makes moving forward, no matter what successes or challenges come its way. In addition to this, CGT has set a proud mission statement for the company. As Nick explains, the team aims to provide, “The number one property solution to all in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.” This message is displayed across the company offices, website, and social media channels, with the reason being that the agency wants its clients to hold it accountable to upholding its values and this mission statement every single day. It is the perfect balance of technology and skill which gives CGT the technical proficiency to communicate across all levels of the business to assist customers through these constantly evolving processes, and the team works together across the vast CGT enterprise to always deliver an exceptional moving experience. Customer satisfaction levels are monitored thoroughly and comprehensively, and the business is always willing to learn, adapt, and train its teams to ensure they remain the best they can possibly be. Service is the agency’s secret weapon, and the team works tirelessly to listen hard and learn fast. Everybody who is looking to move properties possesses their own unique reasons for doing so, these are inclusive of price, location, or size, and these factors play a huge part in their search. It is the job of CGT’s employees to go above and beyond in solving these problems, all while providing exceptional service, extensive property knowledge, and basic yet desirable skills such as the ability to be tenacious. The team is led with a keen sense of encouragement and belief, Nick believes that everybody has the potential to be their best, and individuals and teams are celebrated when they achieve successes, and when things go wrong, the team learn and adapt swiftly, growing from their mistakes. Ultimately, teamwork is the secret to this success, and CGT supports everyone to reach for the best and maximise their value to the company and community. As for the rest of 2023 and beyond, the tried and tested approach which the company is continuing to take is more learning and listening, whether this be to customers, suppliers, teams, or individuals. CGT knows that this is where the key to success lies, and through nurturing relationships and remaining true to its core values, the agency will remain an employer of choice, a go to business where the very best can thrive. Contact: Nick Devonport Company: CGT Lettings Web Address: