Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 58 Best Person-Centric Housing Support Company 2023 The Housing Network is a specialist housing expert that has been in operation since 2014 but possesses a wealth of experience that spans an extensive timeframe. It is the belief of the company that when vulnerable people have a good home and a helping hand, they are free to become more independent and less reliant on local councils. Through a proactive approach, not only are residents looked after but care is taken for the wider community and its citizens. With a head office in Bedfordshire, and additional hubs across the UK, The Housing Network operates nationally, continually expanding to be wherever its partners need it. As the immediate and credible solution to housing needs, The Housing Network provides instant access to an array of quality homes across a council’s boroughs, all of which are regularly monitored by an experienced and professional team. All homes are taken care of, and support services provided by the company give residents the best possible chance of becoming independent. The Housing Network boasts considerable experience, and currently works with over 65 councils, 1200 self-contained properties, and more than 300 supported shared accommodation units. In 2020, the team provided homes for more than 7,500 households across the UK, and currently partners with NHS England, The Ministry of Justice, and a plethora of local councils to provide as much support as possible for people to live and thrive. The team understands that everybody’s needs are different, and every situation and resident is unique. This is why tireless work is carried out to provide the right homes and ensure all individuals are well looked after. Whether the need is for temporary, support shared, or even more specialist accommodation, all properties are sourced and checked to meet the same high-quality standards, are kept in good condition, and operate a 24/7 maintenance service which is available to fix any problems that may arise. Equally as important to the staff at The Housing Network as providing accommodation is helping residents carry out the everyday basic tasks necessary to function effectively in society. This includes providing bedding and laundry services, pointing individuals to the right support service or charity for them, and offering reminders about attending any upcoming appointments. All this practical support is provided by an expert team, and residents are regularly visited to ensure any disputes or tensions are settled as not to pose an inconvenience to anybody. Every member of The Housing Network team is utterly committed to helping the company’s partners achieve their objectives. By listening first to understand the root causes of the problem, staff then work in collaboration to provide the perfect solution. With vast experience and knowledge of the areas and people the team frequently work with, they can ensure that any needs are addressed timely and effectively. One of the services offered by The Housing Network is nightly, self-contained, and temporary property, which comprises of safe, comfortable, and furnished accommodation. Complete flexibility is available, and there is the option to take return accommodation at short notice. This offers a significantly better option and overall value compared to a hotel or B&B, and all the properties are maintained to the highest standards by regular property inspectors and the company’s own maintenance professionals to make sure they are well taken care of. Self-contained properties can also be taken on a long-term basis, reducing overall costs and providing a supply of quality homes at a cost that will only rise within agreed parameters. These properties can be used as Emergency Temporary Accommodation, Housing First, or Discharge of Duty, and a range of specialist accommodation is available for specific needs such as wheelchair access or cold weather accommodation. Support shared accommodation provided by the company offers fully licensed, quality homes that comprise the right configuration, monitoring, and resident support. Residents are never housed if there are more than four people to one bathroom and CCTV is fitted to all common areas. Each resident is also provided with basic necessities, such as cutlery, crockery, pillows, and towels when they move in, and each property is cleaned three times a week, with property and resident support managers visiting at least five times a week. With a variety of case studies on the company website detailing how The Housing Network has specifically helped residents within a range of local councils, the work the team has done in bettering the lives of struggling people is immeasurable, they do endlessly more than just provide a roof over people’s heads, demonstrably benefiting the wider community and its citizens. Contact: Lisa Goldsmith Company: The Housing Network Web Address: