Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Design Box Media has adopted a unique and personal approach with its clients which allows for the gaining of a full understanding of their business, inclusive of its audience, competitors, and goals, digging deep in the fields of analysis and research so services can be provided which match their specific needs. Through true passion and hard work, the team strives to build strong relationships with their customers, with the business having a history of forging long-term partnerships which continue to provide mutual success and satisfaction across the board. One of the company’s key mottos is “big enough to cope, small enough to care”, and this serves to govern the approach taken by the team to ensure not only a personalised and tailored experience for every client, but also that the skills and expertise are there to get the job done right. Contributing to the strong, trusting relationships the business successfully forms is a 100% honest pricing structure and subsequent follow-up work reports, so all customers can be confident they are receiving the best possible return on their investment. Clients are the heart and soul of the business, and all requirements are listened to, understood, and implemented in order to provide customers with a service that is both coordinating and proactive, with a keen focus on improving not only the online results of a company, but also providing clients with an exemplary experience that is on par with their vision. A commitment to every project is a precedent, and the Design Box team make it their upmost priority to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis and always be available to answer any questions or queries that may arise throughout the process. Another principle the company holds dear is “innovation, not imitation”, which is always followed where applicable. In order to stimulate a competitive nature, any improvements made should set the standard to innovate and help unleash the full potential of a business. At Design Box, the team are always striving to offer what no other company in the industry can, and it is this innovation that has led them to the forefront of sector. With competition ever-expanding as a result of online globalisation, it is vital to have a rigorous and structured digital marketing strategy like that of Design Box. Whether clients need SEO services, Google or Facebook Ads, e-mail marketing, or a combination of marketing services, the specialist marketing team are constantly on hand to increase exposure of a client’s website and boost the overall feel and performance of their brand. Through its commitment to honesty, Design Box will provide advice on where it believes improvements can be made. This will ensure that a client’s website and their marketing campaigns will perform consistently well and fully maximise their potential. Flexibility too is key, and comprehensive plans exist to accommodate such factors as growth or seasonal change. An ability to upgrade and downgrade at any time guarantees clients will receive exactly what it is they need. Recently, Design Box has been busy going green, pledging to help the planet with three important steps. The first of these is tree-planting, with every new client that comes aboard resulting in the company orchestrating the planting of 50 trees. So far, more than 1000 trees have been planted in honour of this cause. Secondly, the entire team is part of a climate positive workforce, with each staff member working towards reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the global environment. Finally, CO2 reduction projects boasting gold standard certification are being supported by the business, further benefiting the cause. It is this commitment to a sustainable approach, coupled with Design Box Media’s extensive knowledge, dedication to providing the highest calibre of service, and demonstrable success through an array of testimonials, that make the business the perfect partner to build something amazing together with. Contact: Thomas Amos Company: Design Box Media Web Address: Design Box Media is a creative digital marketing agency based in Southend, Essex, that works with businesses in order to maximise their online potential. An experienced design agency, the Design Box team ensures the websites it designs for clients are created with their target audience in mind, offering an experience that is guaranteed to grab an audience’s attention. By working closely with clientele from day one, a close partnership is formed that will maximise online marketing success and ensure objectives and a creative vision is more than fulfilled. Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2023 – South East & SME Excellence Award for eCommerce Web Design Services 2023 Design Box Media