Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 78 Best Full-Service Lighting Design & Installation Company 2023 Urbis Schréder has over 100 years’ experience of lighting city centres, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, buildings and more. The company is connecting global expertise with local communities to build a legacy that benefits everyone. Offering smart, integrated lighting and control solutions, Urbis Schréder is reimagining the way we use light to maximise efficiency and sustainability. We take a look at the company and its products in more detail with Marketing Communications Manager, Kate Pickard. Over the past two decades, the UK has experienced a notable transformation in its lighting landscape. The emergence of smart lighting solutions has redefined how we illuminate both private and public spaces. This evolution began with the adoption of energy-efficient LED technology, which revolutionised the way roads, city centres, and other public areas are lit. As environmental concerns gained traction, the demand for intelligent lighting systems surged. Soon we began to see integrated solutions that combined LED technology with sensors and wireless connectivity. Remote control and automation of lighting in city streets enable brightness levels and other adjustments that enhance safety, reduce energy consumption, and improve aesthetics. The integration of smart lighting in public spaces has not only elevated urban aesthetics but also made a significant contribution to the UK's sustainability efforts – a glimpse of the interconnected, ecoconscious city living of the future. Leading the way in the development and deployment of these solutions is the Basingstoke-based company, Urbis Schréder. Since it began, Urbis Schréder has evolved from a simple lighting company to a full-service provider. The company works with its clients from the beginning of the planning process, helping to design and create holistic spaces from the ground up. By developing technology that controls lighting and saves energy, Urbis Schréder has carved its place as the partner of choice for all public lighting needs. The company also provides maintenance contracts and operational training. Kate says, “Our mission is to help our customers achieve net zero by partnering with them in their decarbonisation journey. We do this by working with each customer to identify their individual needs. We create spaces that are vibrant, safe and functional for all, and that includes local wildlife.” Leveraging its design and technology expertise, Urbis Schréder has created its most advanced remote control management system yet. Urbis Schréder’s EXEDRA is paving the way for more smart city applications. Kate explains, “Schréder EXEDRA is a connected control solution that allows outdoor lighting networks to be planned, monitored and controlled with ease. The solution provides real-time data and helps our clients lower their carbon footprint and achieve energy savings of up to 85%. We want our clients to be able to deliver spaces where people love to live, work and play.” As well as saving energy, Schréder EXEDRA also saves time. Automatic monitoring of outputs allows localised issues to be easily pinpointed and resolved in a fraction of the time. Urbis Schréder has four development teams across the world – one of which is in Basingstoke. The teams’ task is to innovate and update products by improving design, quality and of course, sustainability. Kate tells us, “We have a great group of people in all our teams, both commercial and operational. We excel at working together as one team. We use our internal systems to keep track of what’s happening in the business and keep everyone up-to-date. Making sure we have regular touchpoints with our staff is of paramount importance.” But at Urbis Schréder, keeping an eye on what’s important doesn’t mean there’s no time for fun. Recently the company came together to celebrate 50 years of Urbis Schréder in the UK and Ireland with food, games and music. Whatever the future holds, Urbis Schréder will be there to light the way. To find out more about Urbis Schréder and its innovative products, please visit the company website. Contact: Kate Pickard Company: Urbis Schréder Ltd Web Address: Email: Urbis Schréder Experts In Lightability™