Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Capturing the essence of perfect natural fragrances is an art in itself. Founded by chartered chemist, Enshirah Al-khamar, Hamdah London specialises in the creation of premium artisanal fragrances using the best natural ingredients. The company offers a unique vegan-friendly, cruelty-free range of perfumes, scented candles, and skincare. We find out more about Hamdah London and its enigmatic founder. Best Artisan Fragrance Company 2023 - Cambridgeshire Cambridge-based company Hamdah London blends tradition with modernity, offering products that smell and feel great and tick all the boxes in terms of ethics and sustainability. Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, Enshirah Al-khamar grew up surrounded by the heady aromas of the region such as sandalwood and jasmine. Moving to the UK, Enshirah began to notice the powerful links between scent, memory and emotion when she came across the scents of her early years. She soon became fascinated by the aromas of the English countryside and gardens too. Her idea, when founding her company, was to create a memorable union between past and present, and East and West. She tells us, “Our vision is to be at the forefront of artisanal craftsmanship. We’re blending craftsmanship with the spirit of modern luxury, offering ethical, crafted fragrances and skincare products that resonate with discerning customers.” Hamdah London names its core values as integrity, craftsmanship, sustainability, excellence and compassion. The company puts an emphasis on the importance of evolution over time and has recently joined the International Fragrance Association UK (IFRA UK). Enshirah tells us, “This membership attests to our unwavering dedication to the environment, sustainability, and health and safety standards. Our association with the Fragrance Foundation UK and the Royal Society of Chemistry UK serves to highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in our field. Whilst the heart of our mission and core values have remained consistent, our commitment to sustainability and compassion has deepened. Global awareness of animal rights and environmental concerns is growing all the time. We've intensified our efforts in these areas to ensure we are at the forefront of responsible luxury.” Each one of Hamdah London’s handcrafted products exudes a personal touch and unmatched quality. Expert formulation blends traditional methods with scientific processes to ensure products are both effective and unique. Every ingredient is ethically sourced and certified vegan and cruelty-free. Hamdah London invests in research into global trends and innovative ingredients as well as monitoring competitor and market movements. By engaging with clients and gathering feedback the company is able to refine its products to respond to evolving preferences. One trend which is gaining popularity is local ingredient sourcing. Enshirah explains, “Emphasising ‘local’ as a USP appeals to consumers who want to support local industries and reduce their carbon footprint. This is a perfect fit for Hamdah London. We’re based in the South of England. It’s an area famed for its traditional English gardens and it’s full of wonderful, diverse botanicals that we use to create beautiful fragrances.” As well as its off-the-shelf range of products, Hamdah London also creates bespoke fragrances by design. During a 2-hour appointment, clients select from a diverse range of perfume bases before adding new accords to produce a completely unique final product. These signature creations are popular with the hospitality industry, corporate events clients and brides and grooms for their special day. Enshirah says, “From initial consultations to feedback, our dedicated team ensures seamless integration and execution, making the entire process hassle-free for our clients. In the world of events, where every detail counts, Hamdah London has carved a niche, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our signature touch.” For the rest of 2023 and beyond, Hamdah London has big plans. The company has set its sights on expansion and is getting ready to unveil a new line of fragrances and skincare products. There are some ‘limited edition’ collaborations with renowned artists, perfumers and skincare experts on the horizon too. Contact Details Contact: Enshirah Al-khamar Company: Hamdah London Web Address: