Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

The telecoms industry has had a bad reputation over the years and has ended up being treated as a utility in many businesses. Litenet aims to bring extensive technical know-how and years of experience to customers, giving them the benefit of rich expertise and making sure the solutions it provides are relevant to the issues they face. Chris tells us, “We often find many customers don't know the full extent of the features or technologies that are available to them, so we help them understand and educate them on what they can do.” Litenet has state of the art technology solutions at its fingertips which helps its customers to identify and implement within their businesses, from ecologically sustainable smart locking and access control systems, mobile signal boosting technology that can flood a building with useable mobile signal, to satellite internet connectivity in the most remote of locations. With a small number of very close customers that work in partnership with Litenet, such as with global automotive brands, Formula One teams, Royal Societies, Embassies, car dealerships, and more, the business spans across many sectors. Chris says, “We aim to be an integral part of our customer's organisation, trusted to supply the right solutions, on time and on budget. We started Litenet with the intention of building trust with our customers. We aren't into volume sales, we are a solution provider and that's what we will continue to be. “We have nearly 30 years of experience in the IT and communications industry that we happily share with our customers. We also offer all parts of a solution, from cabling and installation to maintenance and support. We spend a lot of time researching, becoming accredited and learning all of the products we offer so that our customers can feel comfortable with what they are buying. Customer service and relationship building is at the heart of what we do.” “We are building a culture of trust. The key to our business success is building relationships with our customers. That's how we've been able to work with some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry for so long. Our customers know that our cabling engineers are going to work in their car showrooms with care.” As internet usage is increasing at a phenomenal rate, the move to cloud services is driving demands in bandwidth. This means that Litenet is seeing more customers migrate to leased line internet connections. These not only offer much more capacity, but they are faster and much more reliable. Chris explains, “BT's shutdown of the traditional telephone network is also driving a change in the way businesses communicate, with many going for a "mobile first" philosophy. For these customers ensuring they have the right software and sturdy connectivity is key, so our VoIP system offers a mobile app free for every user and our mobile signal boosters deliver full coverage throughout their office buildings.” The rollout of 4G, 5G and Satellite technologies such as Starlink is also enabling offices to get connectivity in rural areas and at home-worker locations. Litenet works with several companies installing mobile broadband and Starlink internet into places such as construction sites, rural business parks and home offices. With mobile devices becoming ever more powerful, the trend towards smart buildings, and fitting in with its mobile signal boosting product (Cel-Fi), Litenet has seen growth in the smart access control solutions (iLOQ). There are door locks and padlocks that require no infrastructure or batteries, and can be opened with a wave of your phone, with centralised cloud management and a full log of movement. The manufacturer is a Finnish company which has been incredibly successful in Europe, and now, Litenet is delivering it to the UK. Currently, Litenet is working on a project to rollout internet connectivity to several hundred churches and village halls around the UK. Making full use of the technologies available, such as 4G/5G and Satellite, to make their buildings more useable and future proof, to help them generate more revenue from event and hire bookings, to increase their presence in the community, and to help them become more of an asset to their local population. Lastly, with regards to the future, Chris shares, “We will continue to roll out our mobile signal boosting product (Cel-Fi) to several car dealership franchises around the country, enabling their staff to make and receive mobile calls without running to the window or outside in the rain, and giving their customers a solid and reliable mobile signal to keep them working while they wait.” Contact: Chris Thomas Company: Litenet Ltd Web Address: Litenet is an innovative telecoms company that specialises in bringing interesting solutions to real world business communication problems alongside its core portfolio of internet connectivity and VoIP solutions. Here we learn more from its Director, Chris Thomas, as the company secures its title. Most Innovative Telecommunications Company 2023 – South East