Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 92 Nationwide Loss Assessor of the Year 2023 As the UK’s leading firm of loss assessors, Morgan Clark strives to exceed clients’ expectations with exceptional service from start to finish. Renowned industry-wide for placing people before profit, the company is dedicated to guiding clients through the process and keeping them in control. Morgan Clark aims to quickly resolve claims and ensure clients receive the best possible outcome. Since its launch in 1999, Morgan Clark has grown exponentially, expanding its dedicated teams and offices across England and Wales. Its founders, Phil Morgan and Tony Clark, have remained steadfast in their original vision to cultivate the most respected and professional firm of loss assessors within the industry. The company has helped over 5,000 clients with their insurance claims and thousands more home and business owners with its free helpline. This year, the company was honoured by the Best Business Awards for Best Customer Focus. Morgan Clark specialises in handling all aspects of insurance claims to minimise stress for policyholders. Its service allows clients to focus on other important matters after a disaster in their home, business, or rental property. Managing Director and Founder Tony Clark says, “Often new clients are in a very heightened state of distress in the initial days. It is our job to offer them the reassurance, time, and support they need to come to terms with the situation they find themselves in. From day one, the Morgan Clark team has worked tirelessly to make sure their client receives the very best outcome from their insurance claim. To see the difference our efforts make to the client is incredibly rewarding.” The company’s founders have worked hard to foster a positive internal culture. Phil and Tony were quick to recognise that the quality of their staff directly impacted the success of their business. To this day, both play an active role in recruitment and training to ensure staff reflect Morgan Clark’s core values. Clients can be assured that their claims are being handled by experienced loss assessors who are committed to securing the best possible outcome. Priding itself on its non-confrontational approach, Morgan Clark has earned its reputation as the most professional loss assessors in the UK, resulting in recommendations from brokers, fire fighters, charities, and even other loss assessors. The founders’ forward-thinking business approach and their collaboration with other market leaders ensures that the company retains its position as an industry leader. This year, Morgan Clark launched Loss Guard, a unique membership scheme exclusive to insurance brokers. The claims management system has been designed around brokers and their clients’ needs. With access to an expert Morgan Clark loss assessor, clients are guided through the insurance claims process. Loss Guard ensures clients receive professional advice while allowing brokers to concentrate on their business. Through its years of experience, Morgan Clark has seen that many policyholders require fast answers at the beginning of the insurance claims process. The company has been building a portfolio of videos designed to educate and answer questions about making a claim. The aim of the project is to offer individuals reassurance during difficult times and help clients access necessary support. Morgan Clark is a proud supporter of several charities both in the UK and overseas. The company has been the main sponsor of the England Fire and Rescue Service Rugby Team for the last five years. Its team has witnessed the fire service’s lifesaving work first-hand and are proud to support the UK emergency services. In 2011, Phil Morgan set up the Morgan Clark Foundation, a project that resulted in the building of a new school in Gambia. The company continues to support and fundraise to develop the school, sponsor teachers, and provide education to children in the surrounding areas. Nearing 25 years of service, Morgan Clark is the UK’s leading firm of loss assessors and continues to deliver an efficient service for its clients. The company has achieved its mission to cultivate the most respected and professional firm of loss assessors in the insurance industry. Nevertheless, Morgan Clark refuses to slow down and continues to strive for excellence. For its commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations with its first-class service, Morgan Clark has received our award for Nationwide Loss Assessor of the Year. Contact: Lindsey Knuckey Company: Morgan Clark Web Address: Morgan Clark sponsoring the England Fire and Rescue Service Rugby team since 2018