Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

At VIP Hearing Solutions, the team are determined to ensure that their clients are afforded only the best professional care. Possessing a wealth of knowledge, patience, and understanding, it is the mission of the company to enhance the quality of life of every patient through dramatically improving their hearing. Recent years have yielded considerable advances within the audiology industry, and the business keeps atop of these developments through the close relationships it develops with hearing aid manufacturers. Through this approach, patients can be assured that they are always offered the best possible hearing aids. In addition to providing the latest in hearing aid technology, the company also offers diagnostic hearing checks, hearing protection, and earwax removal, making it the ultimate all-in-one solution to tend to any hearing needs. VIP Hearing Solutions is built on its core values of providing independent, ethical, and unbiased advice to its clients, supporting the local community through the clinic’s objective of highlighting the importance of good hearing care in its surrounding areas. VIP Hearing Solutions’ expert team are all active members in the hearing health world Each year the staff attend a variety of conferences, product launches, and research presentations in order to stay ahead of advancements in the industry, especially in the fields of hearing aid technology and advancements in audiological medicine. It is this embracing of modern research and an aim to adopt this into daily operations that continually benefits patients and positions the company at the forefront of the audiology sector. One key incentive the company provides to ensure continued success and satisfied customers is a free 30-day hearing aid trial complete with a no obligation guarantee, allowing customers to try out these award-winning solutions for themselves and find the best option for their unique needs. It is dedication such as this that provides peace of mind for clients who may be worried about their hearing, or the hearing of a loved one, and reinforces the company’s commitment to its customers. The wider industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid change, with an increasing number of patients choosing to visit independent audiology clinics, like those offered by VIP Hearing Solutions, over traditional high street shops. With a wider emphasis on health and wellbeing in today’s culture, people are now beginning to realise the high calibre of care, guidance, and expertise that can be found in independent clinics. New research also emphasises the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive health, with links made between hearing loss and conditions such as dementia, as well as outlining the importance of wearing hearing aids in order to decrease the risks of cognitive decline, further cementing the importance of getting one’s hearing checked effectively and regularly. With the company’s leading presence in such a delicate and important field, it is no surprise that the upmost care is taken when it comes to recruiting. VIP Hearing Solutions rigorously searches for employees who meet the company’s high standards and embody its core value of prioritising patient care above all. In return, an internal culture is crafted around teamwork, and activities are scheduled outside of working hours that prioritise teambuilding while providing a fun and rewarding experience for the fantastic team. As for the future of the business, things look bright. The company’s humble origins beginning at its Eastcote branch have quickly grown and flourished with the two additional branches, and plans are now in place to expand the services that the business provides into the two new markets of Essex and Buckinghamshire. By continuing to replicate its already proven business model in these new territories, VIP Hearing Solutions is certain to remain successful well into the future, with its unique blend of expertise and a customer-centric approach setting it apart from competitors and solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the industry. Contact: Nick Clive & Mo Khan Company: VIP Hearing Solutions Web Address: Email: Telephone: 020 3075 3190 VIP Hearing Solutions is an award-winning hearing solutions clinic with branches in Eastcote, Pinner, and London, the latter of which is firmly located in Marylebone, Central London’s prestigious medical district. Across the three branches, the company cares for more than 10,000 patients. Each patient is provided a premium, high level of service with the upmost care taken to ensure they receive independent, ethical, and expert advice regarding their hearing needs. We speak with Directors Nick Clive and Mo Khan, who tell us more about their business and how it helps clients to live better and fuller lives as a result of its leading solutions. Best Ear & Hearing Clinic 2023 – North West London