Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 90 Best Automotive Digital Marketing Company 2023 Based in East Sussex, Marketing Delivery is the UK’s leading automotive marketing software company. Through its portfolio of proprietary technology and solutions, the agency works to help automotive dealerships reduce their marketing spend, increase response, and generate incremental sales. Here, we delve deep into how it achieves this. Initially, Marketing Delivery was a marketing agency like any other, specialising in supporting automotive retailers in their marketing activities without any internal resources. However, over the years, the business has evolved significantly, now serving as a technology agency that builds its own software to meet the needs of its clients. Since the very beginning, Marketing Delivery has been committed to helping companies within the automotive industry deliver the excellent digital journey that customers receive from retailers in other industries. To accomplish this, the agency’s team of fulltime developers have created VoiceBox, a marketing automation platform with a range of features through which clients can engage with customers and prospects during the buying and ownership cycles. Marketing Delivery leverages data from dealers’ DMS, showroom, and aftersales systems to create and distribute personalised, automated, and mobileoptimised customer communications across multiple channels, including emails, SMS, and social media messages. These are designed to improve conversion, satisfaction, retention, and reputation, which are the keys to business success. Often, digital communication is the first form of contact that people have with dealerships, so it is essential that they receive a positive experience. Based on their specific requirements, Marketing Delivery provides clients with a bespoke digital journey for their customers, enabling them to engage with their audience at the right time and in the right way. Each message is personalised using customer data, contains eye-catching call-to-action buttons, and delivers easy-to-complete forms. By ensuring that all messages are sent from an email address that can be replied to, Marketing Delivery enables customers to engage directly with the dealership. Dedicated to the success of its clients, Marketing Delivery conducts quarterly review meetings with every business it serves, engaging in conversation with them about what is working and what can be improved. It also digs deeper to find out how their business objectives have changed since the last meeting. Through this, the agency ensures that it continues to fulfil its clients’ needs. As an agency specialising in the automotive sector, Marketing Delivery actively recruits from within the industry. This means that its team are equipped with the relevant skills and expertise to help clients succeed, having gained more than 230 years of combined experience working in the automotive industry. As well as this, the agency’s team have an impressive 189 years of combined marketing experience and 106 years of combined experience in technology development. Furthermore, in hiring, Marketing Delivery seeks individuals with a genuine passion for the automotive, marketing, and technology industries, striving to create an expert team who care about what they do and work well together to achieve their shared goals. This combination of passion and specialised knowledge sets its products and services apart from those of other digital marketing software providers. Each of Marketing Delivery’s clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible, from implementation to review. As a result of its successful delivery of a seamless customer experience, the agency has received a multitude of positive feedback. For example, in a review displayed on the Marketing Delivery website, Monique Limerick, Marketing Manager at Vines Group, explains, “The team at Marketing Delivery put a great deal of effort into tailoring their system to our needs, and the result is a demonstrable uplift in used car sales. The eCRM and Social tools that Marketing Delivery has put at our disposal have delivered a very strong return on investment and have proven instrumental in helping us achieve our business aims.” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that Marketing Delivery has been awarded Best Automotive Digital Marketing Company in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. In the years to come, the agency plans to continue to improve VoiceBox and its features; for example, in response to high demand from clients, it has recently introduced a two-way SMS functionality. As well as this, Marketing Delivery is always working to develop integrations with other industry suppliers and has most recently collaborated with Salesforce and Keyloop, the largest automotive technology company. Company: Marketing Delivery Web Address: