Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Taking the leap from living at home to caring for yourself whilst studying at university can be a hugely intimidating part of any young adult’s life. As such, seeking out the perfect student accommodation can feel like a daunting task indeed. Is it really possible to find a home away from home that guarantees safety, engaging environments, and an unwavering dedication to the welfare of all of its students? For Casita Student Living, a Southampton based collection of student accommodation locations, demonstrating all of these qualities is simply second nature. Student Accommodation Operators of the Year 2023 - Hampshire Providing private accommodation for students of both Southampton Solent University and The University of Southampton, Casita Student Living has dedicated its time and resources to ensuring that every student feels comfortable as they make the switch from their regular home life. As one of the most lively and dynamic cities along the South Coast, Southampton has earned itself a reputation as a vibrant place to be in terms of nightlife, heritage, and sights. As such, Casita Student Living has successfully captured the very essence of Southampton across its three accommodation sites – Casita Park, Casita Central, and Casita Carlton. However, Casita Student Living is concerned with more than simply giving students a home away from home – it’s determined to see that they have the true student experience, all whilst keeping convenience in mind. Whether this manifests through its accommodation buildings’ central locations, or through its carefully selected amenities, Casita Student Living promises a university experience that’s bound to last a lifetime. Boasting communal spaces, rooftop terraces, and positioning in close proximity to each university’s respective campus, Casita Student Living encompasses anything that a student could need to get started on their university venture. To fully gain a grasp of the accommodation opportunities that Casita Student Living offers to students of all ages, we decided to take a closer look at its award-winning Casita Park location. Situated only a short walk away from Southampton Solent University, directly opposite Hoglands Park, Casita Park hosts a whole range of amenities that have been specifically designed with students in mind. Casita Park is comprised of 25, self-contained studios, each outfitted with an ensuite, kitchen, bedroom, and study area – all of which coalesce in the perfect blend of home and independence, all at an impressively affordable price. Each individual suite has been undeniably crafted to capture a sense of modernity, allowing students to flourish in an open, breezy atmosphere. Its quality furniture and spacious rooms encourage a sense of luxury that most other student accommodation properties simply can’t match, making it a standout within the area. As such, it comes as no surprise to learn that Casita Student Living is often a Southampton Solent University student’s first choice when electing to undertake their studies away from home. It’s safe, secure, and offers an ideal studying environment, regardless of a student’s nature. We’re incredibly excited to feature Casita Student Living within this awards supplement. Its avid attention to detail throughout each of its locations grants students the unique opportunity to truly indulge in the university experience, without once having to sacrifice comfort in order to do so. Casita Student Living isn’t one to simply follow the path laid out by other student accommodation operators, and has instead elected to take the initiative to create a special space that’s imbued with everything a student could need to succeed. Its quality is second to none, and its commitment to being the best of the best for Southampton-based students is what truly defines it as a collective. We’d like to extend our congratulations, and thanks, to Casita Student Living. As former university students, we look at Casita Park and see the student accommodation that we wish we could’ve had, and we’re beyond pleased that the students of Southampton have access to such a thoughtfully designed, encouraging atmosphere. University serves to prepare individuals for the next big step in their lives, and Casita Student Living is on-hand to provide the perfect environment in which students can thrive as they bravely venture into their future. Contact : Malcolm Collisson Company: Casita Group Web Address: