Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 86 Best Privacy & Risk Consultancy Firm 2023 - Southwest The world is becoming more digital, swiftly so. Its momentum continues, regardless of greater struggles to keep apace. For many, it’s become best practice to look towards experts in this space for guidance, especially regarding the notoriously complex privacy and cybersecurity sectors. Boo Consulting Limited (Boo Consulting) has served organisations across Cornwall and the UK and cultivated an impressive reputation. We spoke with Founder Linn Boo to discuss the business in more detail. Ultimately, Boo Consulting works hard to help its clients achieve compliance across several key areas, such as ISO certification, cybersecurity, data protection, and marketing. It’s an area that is notoriously complex, requiring a constant drive towards improvement and diligence in regard to keeping absolutely up to date on the latest industry developments. Throughout all of this, the company prizes its approach that is defined by simplicity, accessibility and affordability, as Linn explains in more detail. “Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing they are working with a team of award-winning professionals with a proven track record in a wide range of sectors including charities, higher education, healthcare, and SMEs. From the outset, Linn Boo, MD and founder, passionately felt that compliance should be affordable and accessible, and cost should not be a prohibitive factor. To her credit she’s stuck to those beliefs and despite the outstanding level of service Boo Consulting provides, she’s worked hard to ensure the pricing structure is amongst the most competitive in the industry.” This ethical foundation has been a crucial distinguishing factor for Boo Consulting in a space that is becoming more competitive as peers recognise that there is a demand for expert guidance – especially in the areas of privacy and cybersecurity. Those sectors move extremely quickly, and yet also remain vital for all businesses operating today, regardless of market or industry. Clients have attained peace of mind under Boo Consulting, with no doubt in their minds on the quality of the service they receive from the team. This is the case throughout the immense changes that have impacted the digital landscape, not least of which was the GDPR and subsequent UKGDPR. “Working in compliance often means working within regulations or standards that encompass the UK or Europe as a whole, such as the General Data Protection Regulations, so developments are rarely specific to a county or town. However, with organisations all across the UK and the world increasingly relying on technology and cloud-based solutions, we are all seeing more examples in the media of organisations being affected by data breaches or cyber-attacks. Wherever your organisation is based, protecting your data and implementing good cybersecurity measures is key to moving forward in the digital age.” “One of our greatest strengths as an organisation is the quality of our experienced team, who are some of the most talented and sought after professionals in the industry.” With all this in mind, Boo Consulting’s future is defined by a greater commitment to building its brand. Recent developments include adding a Business Development Executive and Data Protection Analyst to help achieve this, as Linn continues. “Moving forward we’re looking to grow and develop the brand, following our vision to make compliance a force for good and helping more organisations to achieve compliance. We genuinely believe that getting compliance right is a competitive advantage as well as a requirement of meeting your business’ compliance obligations. We believe in open communication, relationships built on respect and honesty, and a strong work ethic. We pride ourselves on working with our clients and partners to create and achieve mutual goals, and to generate a genuine level of understanding of what can be a difficult subject.” In her closing comments, Linn concludes with some final thoughts on the nature of the compliance industry. “Legislation, regulations and ISO standards are subject to change, and as a business we also need to stay on top of emerging threats and trends. We closely monitor relevant authorities, regulators, threat intelligence feeds and other industry-specific media to ensure we are always as up-to date as possible and in the best possible position to advise our clients and partners.” Company: Boo Consulting Limited Name: Linn Boo, Founder Email: Web Address: Address: The Mount Wise Centre, 28 Mount Wise, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2BJ Telephone: 01637 838 155