Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to the ongoing development, manufacture and sourcing of cutting-edge laser & SFX products, ER Productions has the largest collection of laser solutions worldwide, and can offer highly competitive rates. With offices in the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Australia ER Productions is perfectly placed to deliver systems and show-stopping laser, Pyro & SFX displays around the world. Customers experience the same award-winning services consistently, regardless of location, the effects provided or the size of their project. It attracts, empowers, trains, and retains the best staff, and it is known as the ‘employer of choice’ in the industry. Staff are extremely proud to work for ER Productions, and it has five areas of focus to achieve this: people, products, processes, and geographical expansion, as well as clients and sectors. With regards to its people, Ryan Hagan tells us, “ER Productions is the best employer with the best people and company culture. We proudly support our local communities globally.” ER Productions is an industryrenowned employer for training, personal development and long-term career opportunities. It ensures Interns and Trainee Technicians line up to join ER Productions, and that they benefit from recognised and certified training programmes and on-site experience. “Our teams are alive with new talent fed by our internal training programmes.” ER Productions also actively supports its local communities, charities, and talented young people entering the industry, so that they, too, can be encouraged to follow their dreams. ER Productions produce the most spectacular shows using Laser, SFX and Pyro equipment that is best-in-class and maintained to the highest standards. Ryan adds, “Our shows and our products win major industry awards every year. Our Creative and Technical teams work together to design, prototype, test and launch multiple new laser, SFX and pyro products every year.” Maintaining its rental stock to the highest standards, ER Productions’ De-Prep and Quarantine backlogs are managed and minimised, which ensures it is fully operational and organised at all times. It also maintains strong relationships with suppliers and is first in line to receive new products. Then, ER Productions delivers said products on time to make sure its clients are happy with the end results. The customer experience is to the highest standard, every time, regardless of the service, size of project or location. Carrying out every process rom creative, through project management, operations, and supporting functions in an expert fashion, its staff have well-defined roles which allow them to work safely, decisively, efficiently, and without duplication of effort. Ryan shares, “We have leading Health & Safety practices; crew can operate shows with confidence and communicate H&S effectively with clients.” Allowing ER Productions to be working at its best for every project. And last but not least, “We use analysis and planning to maximise utilisation of all equipment and reduce the use of unnecessary freight. In this way, staff are encouraged to identify process bottlenecks and reduce wastage in their teams,” Ryan adds. This dedication to sustainability and organisation makes ER Productions a specialist with a positive impact on the future. If you’d like to find out more, please visit today. Contact: Ryan Hagan Company: ER Productions Web Address: ER Productions is an international, award-winning laser show & laser system design and special effects specialist, with credits spanning high profile events, advertising, television and worldwide concert tours. Here we take a closer look as it wins its title in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. Best International Laser Show & Laser System Design Specialists 2023