Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 88 with astounding customer service, and you’ve got a family-run business that truly recognises what it means to be an invaluable asset for a wealth of individuals. With four sites across Central London, namely situated in Bayswater, Islington, Pimlico, and Victoria, Metro Storage offers accessibility in abundance. Its varying sizes of storage units makes it a suitable candidate for businesses and individuals alike, all whilst maintaining a genuine affordability. Metro Storage cares for the needs of its clients above all else, and therefore promises a reasonable price that encompasses all of its services. As for its services, each one is carried out with the utmost care and consideration. As a result of its family run nature, Metro Storage presents customers with a more personal approach – one that isn’t often present within the storage industry. In addition to its storage services, Metro Storage also offers a packaging supplies service, and has its sights set on imminently launching an all new operating system. This system, if successful, will allow clients to take full advantage of a new and improved enquiry and booking system, therefore completely streamlining the process. Everything that Metro Storage does is in pursuit of the satisfaction of its clients – a quality that truly shines throughout even the smallest details of the business. After all, entrusting your valuables to a storage company is a big step, and Metro Storage is willing to be a reliable guide to investing in all-inclusive storage. Whether it’s providing storage for businesses, students, or families, Metro Storage guarantees a smooth experience that’s imbued with an awardwinning attitude. Renowned for its customer service, it exemplifies the meaning of treating clients with care, and is always ready to go above and beyond to help wherever possible. Creating ease of access is paramount, and it truly shines through the title that Metro Storage has earned for exactly this quality of its business. Its customer service is arguably its major draw – something that has been expressed by customers time and time again. Put simply, Metro Storage is an all-inclusive storage company that has a solution for any storage problem. Whether big or small, its units are secure, monitored, and accessible to almost any individual, all whilst upholding the promise of a fixed price and greater affordability. Additional storage should be something that everyone is entitled to, and Metro Storage is at the forefront of demonstrating that it really is possible. We’re pleased to present Metro Storage with its dual award title, and we can’t wait to see its exciting plans come to fruition in the near future. Contact: Heather Coates Company: Metro Storage Web Address: Best Self Storage Business 2023 - Central London & Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 For over 25 years, the management team at Metro Storage has been providing the people of London with all-inclusive solutions for any of their storage needs. Whether it’s working alongside larger businesses in need of a robust storage unit, or partnering with individuals who just want to free up a little extra room in the house, Metro Storage is committed to making storage easy, accessible, and affordable. Below, we take a look at how Metro Storage has utilised its assets to the fullest, all in the hopes of opening up storage opportunities for any manner of person. The year is 1998, and two ambitious brothers are about to make a decision that is set to redefine the way in which the people of London approach their storage needs. The result of that decision is what we see today – Metro Storage, an all-inclusive storage company that is fully focused on making storage as accessible as possible for the everyday person. Priding itself on its ability to deliver comprehensive storage solutions that will never defer from the initial price quote, Metro Storage has become synonymous with great value storage. Partner this