Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 104 Best Financial Management Services Provider 2023 - Southampton WEJ Financial Management Limited was founded amid the Covid-19 pandemic in May 2020, by Catherine McLellan. Having previously worked in finance for more than two decades, starting at the bottom and working up to the Finance Director position, Catherine had an array of professional knowledge to share, and a hunger to support more than just the one business where she was employed. It is this invaluable experience that makes WEJ the premier choice to provide guidance and advice on managing company finances, with an array of solid processes and professional expertise on hand. Boasting offices at the beautiful location of Botley Mills in Hampshire, it is the aim of WEJ Financial Management to provide its clients with a Financial Management and Bookkeeping service for one manageable, monthly fee. The company is driven to provide an experience that is focussed and affordable, regardless of industry, with an upfront and transparent approach. It is the collective goal of the team to ensure finances are ran smoothly and operate as efficiently and accurately as possible, all while ensuring that information is available to clients on how to continue to grow their business and maintain profit margins. Instead of hiring one person with just one set of skills, WEJ offers a team of several diverse members, who possess more than 50 years of financial experience combined. The team is proud to offer just one point of contact for its customers, in order to ensure everybody receives the level of attention and support they need. Most of the team have experience in several different industries, and all the members have worked incredibly hard to build a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled reputation. Services are inclusive of everything that can be expected from an inhouse Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Administration Assistant, and Bookkeeper combined, but with only one manageable cost, which is worked out based on the business’ needs and affordability. WEJ can also grow concurrently with a business, eradicating the need to have to hire or train more staff, and can adapt its areas of support based on current business requirements, remaining flexible as these needs are updated and changed. Success and satisfaction are ensured through WEJ’s working with a firm’s in-house staff members, which allows the team to get to know the business personally. Moreover, the company assures its clients that they will never be without their finance person due to sickness or holiday, as the whole team will be made familiar with a client and their business so that any one of them can step in to help when it is necessary. The business also aims to respond to all emails within a 24-hour window, but often achieves this within two or three, meaning somebody is always available to offer support. WEJ has a passion for working closely with SMEs, and owners of such companies know it is not unusual to suffer both financial and cashflow issues. It is the knowledge and experience of Catherine and the team that has helped numerous businesses to survive the hardships of financial storms and emerge the other side stronger. WEJ can help keep a good reputation intact, ensuring suppliers and clients are happy, and in most cases, these services result in a swift return to previous levels of profit, if these targets are not altogether exceeded. Since operations commenced in 2020, the business has grown considerably, working with organisations across several key sectors. Just a few of the industries WEJ has experience serving clients in is PR, hospitality, retail, as well as the industry that nurtured Catherine’s level of expertise, construction. The team is now comprised of five members and supports its clients with a full range of financial services, including bookkeeping, VAT returns, CIS returns, supplier payments and creditor management, as well as payroll and pensions. In addition to this, Catherine is determined to get to personally know each of the company’s clients and is often called upon to support or advise ad-hoc projects, as clients can see the true passion for the business and its success which she possesses. These results speak for themselves, and client testimonials show the success of the solutions and methods implemented by WEJ. One such testimonial is from a business in the construction industry, who was able to reduce its annual software costs by 80% in just two months. It is fantastic results like this which causes WEJ Financial Management to stand head and shoulders above other financial management companies in the industry and will ensure continued success for a long while. Contact Details Contact: Catherine McLellan Company: WEJ Financial Management Limited Web Address: