Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

With more than 35 years of experience in its field, Vanmark Group is a property development firm which creates high-quality properties and dream homes. It operates with the utmost trust and integrity, delivering a comprehensive range of services that encompass the whole development process. Property Development Firm of the Year 2023 – Oxfordshire To deliver the highest possible standards and results on a property development project, it is essential for a company to possess a broad range of skills and services. Vanmark Group has always understood the value of providing a holistic service. For this reason, Vanmark has worked to ensure that it is equipped with everything required for bespoke development, including excellent architectural design to unparalleled financial packages and a reliable team of contractors for construction. While incorporating these key elements within one business group has taken time, care, and dedication, the rewards of being able to provide themselves and their clients with a comprehensive service cannot be underestimated. Today, Vanmark Group is able to support and guide its clients through every stage of the new build process, including land acquisition, delivering services that encompass enhanced planning, design, finance, construction, sales, and management. As a small developer, Vanmark Group treat every project as its priority from beginning to end. They are flexible, skilled, and experienced in delivering on every aspect of property development. With the ability to control all areads of quality and delivery in-house, Vanmark Group offers an unrivalled standard of service. Its extensive experience in the field has enabled it to develop an in-depth understanding of the important factors and common challenges involved in delivering a successful project whether you are a land owner, a client or the buyer of a Vanmark property. Trust and integrity are at the core of the Vanmark Group, they strive to create personal relationships with their clients, working closely from idea inception to project completion and ensure that the final product meets or exceeds expectations. This is essential because every client has different priorities for their project. For example, with sustainability gaining attention in the construction industry, Vanmark believe it is vital to incorporate energy-efficient technologies, green building materials, and sustainable design practices into their projects. Utilising its trusted list of premium contractors. Vanmark Group will always endeavour to deliver an exceptional property. Behind Vanmark Group’s excellent services are an experienced team of professionals. With personal connections at the centre of all parts of its operations, it is no surprise that the firm also strives to foster close relationships amongst its team. Whilst each company leader takes responsibility for their own area of expertise, the whole team meets regularly as a group to analyse strategy and plan, sometimes formally but often in a social setting. As a result of their outstanding work, Vanmark Group have obtained an abundance of repeat business and generally gain new clients through word of mouth. This unique relationship with the buyers of properties they have built, and homes they have created on behalf of clients have led to Vanmark Group Ltd being awarded Property Development Firm of the Year, Oxfordshire, in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. With exciting projects lined up, the firm has a bright future, and we wish Vanmark Group the best of luck in the years to come. For further information please visit Contact: Jennifer Casey Company: Vanmark Group Ltd. Web Address: Bideford, North Devon Development