Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 120 Best Financial Planning & Wealth Management Experts 2023 HFMC is a wealth planning, asset management, and wealth specialist organisation based in London and Surrey, which is staffed by more than 125 individuals across two offices. All employees are expertly trained to best understand the needs of clients, aware of their financial needs and aspirations and how to best achieve these goals over time. The firm provides advice to highnet-worth individuals and businesses and has a firm vision to be the UK’s number one home for chartered and entrepreneurial high net worth advisors. We speak to Founder Jeremy Hoyland to find out more about the business he has crafted over the last four decades. HFMC prides itself on an adherence to the “three T’s”, these being Trust, Transparency, and Tailored Advice. The team understands the importance of trust in effective communication, with its status as the founding principle which holds all relationships together. The firm is totally transparent from the way it charges customers, through to the planning process and how wealth is invested, so no hidden costs will arise after like with other firms. The business is aware that the need of each client is different, and thus tailored solutions are offered at every turn. The team constantly searches for new ways to innovate and enhance their integrated wealth planning and asset management services, with creativity providing the ultimate way to achieve this. The origins of HFMC date back to the mid-1980s, when Founder Jeremy Hoyland put his humble vision of providing comprehensive financial planning for individual families into motion. From these humble origins grew the comprehensive and holistic financial planning service that is celebrated by clientele today, inclusive of lifetime cash flows, careful responsible tax planning, and tailored asset management. HFMC is also an award-winning Chartered Financial Planning firm, with only 15% of UK planning firms being able to boast this coveted accreditation, and only 26 of those possessing more than 50 staff. It is the size of HMFC’s team of experts which contributes to the unparalleled level of advice specialisms across the asset management and wealth planning sectors. The business remains family and staff owned, as opposed to being run for the benefit of external shareholders, which enables long-term planning and client dedication to be at the forefront of the company’s aims. Presently, shifts within the industry have resulted in a significant increase in consolidation, this largely being due to considerable changes in regulation. This has made the running of a small business incredibly difficult, and the retirement of many advisors from the sector and the resulting loss of a personal touch has led to the replacement of services with more generic, mass affluent propositions. For clientele, this has made it harder to find high net worth advisors who are willing and able to provide a compelling proposition and deliver a high level of service, while still providing solutions that are traditionally only available from a private bank. HFMC has been able to solve these problems and is now benefiting from market consolidation as clients look to an alternative trusted advisor. The firm is proud to be a people-first organisation, relying heavily in the recruitment process to ensure the company receives the right candidates. HFMC is also committed to investing in its team, allowing team members to grow personally and professionally within the organisation. There is also a keen sense to improve diversity within the company and wider industry, with three young women earmarked for future advisor roles, and women also occupying half of roles across the senior management team. As for the rest of 2023 and beyond, HFMC is continuing to expand and improve its digital services, so not only will clients have access to their investments 24/7, but everything will be in one place and easy to view and manage, storing all paperwork including wills, property deeds, insurance contracts, and statements, to name a few. This is possible through HFMC Connect client portal, which keeps all important financial documents safe, secure, and accessible. Finally, the decision has been made to add “Community” as a fourth pillar among the current three of Clients, Staff, and Shareholders, and will focus on the business from a sustainable perspective. Further philanthropic efforts have resulted in the raising of £175,000 so far, and advisors provide local school children with interview skills and practice, frequently giving talks about basic financial matters so often ignored by schools. Recycling and electric car schemes are also available to staff, ensuring that HFMC keeps its keen edge as an innovator, setting the standard for other companies in the industry. Contact: Jeremy Hoyland Company: HFMC Wealth Ltd Web Address: