Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 52 Best Animal Behavioural Services Provider 2023 - South West The award-winning Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour’s mission is to bridge the gap in animal communication, utilising modern scientific, humane techniques to enrich relationships between animals and their owners. With commitment to continuous growth and collaboration, the company envisions a future where empathy and understanding redefine how we care for our animal companions. Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour stands at the forefront of animal behaviour consultancy and training. The brainchild of qualified, certified and experienced animal behaviourist and trainer, Liz Marden, its mission is anchored in providing compassionate care and utilising reward-based methods. Over the past five years, this one-person venture has grown exponentially, gathering accolades, including the prestigious Prestige Awards for Animal Behavioural Services and Service Excellence. Essentially, the heart of Nature’s Therapies lies in comprehending and addressing the nuanced communication of animals. It fosters stronger bonds between pets and their owners through consults, one-on-one training, classes, workshops, and Sekhem Reiki therapy. This exceptional practice is not confined geographically, extending its reach through online services. By collaborating with a network of professionals, including vets, groomers, and kennels, it ensures a holistic support system for clients. It also provides valuable learning experiences for aspiring animal behaviourists and trainers. Interestingly, the central mission of Nature’s Therapies revolves around illuminating the language of animals and empowering owners to foster harmonious relationships. This dedication to kind, reward-based techniques has been a constant driving force in its operations. Liz’s dedication to continuous improvement is evidenced by her faith in CPD, amassing at least 40 hours annually to stay ahead in her field – This commitment to ongoing learning guarantees Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour remains at the forefront of modern, humane animal behaviour practices. Moreover, the unique selling point of Nature’s Therapies is rooted in its approach towards animals as sentient beings. By employing modern scientific, reward-based techniques, it bridges the communication gap between animals and their owners. The focus is not merely on training but on creating a symbiotic relationship where both parties understand and accommodate each other. By forming a collaborative team with veterinarians, groomers, and others, it ensures a comprehensive approach to animal wellbeing. In the current landscape, the animal behaviour and training industry faces a growing challenge with the proliferation of unqualified advice via social media platforms. Nature’s Therapies counters this by engaging with various platforms to provide sound, science-based guidance. Its presence on multiple platforms is aimed at ensuring the dissemination of safe and kind educational content to a broader audience. To foster a cohesive internal culture focused on empathy and kindness in animal behaviour and training, Nature’s Therapies is proactive in forming alliances with like-minded professionals. By cultivating connections with individuals who share a profound passion for compassionate animal care, it creates a network of support that extends beyond the confines of their organisation. This collaborative approach ensures that every member of their extended team, from behaviourists and trainers to veterinarians, groomers, and kennels, is united in their dedication to promoting the wellbeing of animals. It’s a strategic alignment that enriches the working environment and ensures a collective desire to provide the best possible care and guidance to the animals and their human companions. Moving forward, the future holds exciting prospects for Nature’s Therapies, with its focus on continuous professional development and a desire to expand its reach driving its vision. The intention to employ more staff demonstrates its dedication to enhancing its capacity to support more people and animals. Partnering with an ever-growing network of professionals, the company aspires to provide a higher standard of care and guidance, ensuring a brighter future for animals and their human companions. Overall, Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour’s devotion to compassionate animal care and continuous growth highlights it as a leading force in the animal behaviour and training industry. With a vision firmly rooted in kindness and an eye on the future, it stands ready to shape a world where animals and their human counterparts thrive in harmonious coexistence. Company Name: Nature's Therapies Animal Behaviour Contact Name: Liz Marden Web Address: Contact Email: