Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SUDwell The Resin Bonded Slab Company is a supplier and installer of resin bond surfacing products based in Sussex. The team are proud to offer top quality solutions for resin-bound driveways, patios, and more, and with over 15-years’ experience to draw from, SUDwell’s specialists possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure its clients receive the best products for their needs, all of which are the highest quality that the UK has to offer. Work has been carried out nationwide on larger projects, and for smaller driveways, the company’s DIY kit is available to provide a more cost-effective solution. We speak to Roy Potter, who shares more on the company’s innovative paving solutions. Most Innovative Sustainable Paving Solutions Provider 2023 – South East SUDwell boasts a dedicated team of specialists who are on hand to help its clients succeed in the crafting of the ultimate driveway, patio, paving, or floor. The perfect solution will always be provided to customers, and whether they use the company’s trade, DIY kits, or have the experts install the paving themselves, the results are guaranteed to delight. The team is comprised of industry pioneers, who have developed an array of product patents, including the revolutionary “Resin Bound Paving Slabs” and “Rubber Bound Safety Tiles.” These slabs have the added benefit of being able to be installed by anybody and provide a decorative and permeable paving solution without the need for professional, specialist installers. The rubber tiles too provide an easy installation process and can be installed indoors or outdoors to provide low impact surface, making them perfect for either home gyms or play areas. In addition, the business supplies “Resin Bound Kits” to the DIY market, affording homeowners the opportunity to carry out their own installations by following the attached instructions. These kits are inclusive of everything a customer needs to achieve an attractive, permeable, and durable finish within just a matter of hours. For smaller areas, it really is the most cost-effective method, and the results will last for years. This product aligns with the company’s mission, which is to change the way resin bound and rubber services are installed, making the process accessible to all, regardless of experience. The patented paving slabs the company provides are also representative of this mission, as well as being incredibly easy to install, they come in a wide range of colours, making them perfect for any surrounding and can be cut to size and made to fit in any area. The material is fully permeable, allowing water to pass freely through the surface, and certifying the tiles as durable and weather resistant. Furthermore, the base layer is made using recycled materials, so care is taken regarding the environment and providing sustainable materials for the manufacturing process. Similarly, the rubber tiles possess an array of benefits to a consumer, they too are available in an extensive range of colours, are easy to install with no tools required, can be cut to size and shaped to fit any desired area, and are also durable with a base layer comprising of recycled materials. As well as these similarities, the tiles include some extra features, and those with a creative flair can lay them in a variety of different patterns, showcasing the uniqueness and personality of the individual. The tiles are also non-slip and impact resistant, making them an exceptional choice for either gyms or playgrounds. Teamwork is essential for the business due to the nature of the company, with the production of products leading to a necessary adherence to strict time constraints. The firm is always on the lookout for individuals who can work together, are observant of what others are doing and what needs to be done and assist each other in meeting the time restrictions. As well as being skilled manufacturers and pavers, the team are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to provide advice, and a free quote, over the phone. As for trends in the industry, there has been a recent surge in customers seeking a resin bound surface due to their popularity, and clients are increasingly looking to achieve this without the use of expensive specialist contractors. This is where the firm’s DIY kits provide the perfect solution, and it is this awareness of industry shifts that drives SUDwell to continue to innovate and experiment with new product ideas and methods, while concurrently improving its existing products and developing more groundbreaking ways to make installation processes simpler. Contact Details Contact: Roy Potter Company: SUDwell The Resin Bonded Slab Company Web Address: https://www.