Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 54 Online Wellbeing Platform of the Year 2023 Launched in May 2021, the online wellbeing platform, Wellbeing For Us offers supportive mental health service packages to companies and organisations. The company’s friendly and personal service includes access to one-to-one sessions and group workshops. We chat with founder and director, Amanda Curtin to find out more. Offering access to mental health support services as part of employee packages is gaining in popularity with employers. As well as demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of the workforce, these services can aid productivity and improve organisational success. Work-related stress often takes a toll on mental health, and if left unchecked may lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and burn-out. Add to that personal challenges such as family issues or financial concerns and it soon becomes clear why it’s so important for employees to have access to support. Since the pandemic, many more of us have become accustomed to working from home. But that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. Many workers reported feelings of loneliness, isolation, or even being unable to cope. This in turn engendered a culture of increased empathy and employee engagement on the part of employers, many of whom are now investing in professional mental health service packages. Having worked for many years as a qualified therapist, Amanda was quick to notice a growing demand for easy-to-access mental health services. Wanting to support organisations with their mental health and wellbeing, she launched Wellbeing For Us. This unique platform offers UK organisations a way to address issues, overcome problems, and improve outcomes. Amanda tells us, “Our mission is to support organisations to deliver effective mental health support for their staff and service users by accessing our friendly personal and unique platform that offers workshops, advice, and one-to-one support. Our values are a personal and unique mental health service that is accessible to all.” In little over two years, by offering professional, cost-effective support, Wellbeing For Us has quickly gained in popularity. Offering a combination of phone contact, video calls, and online chat, the company supports clients including The Princes Trust, Rethink Mental illness, Lloyds Bank, the NHS, Adecco Group, and Royal Bank of Scotland. Always staying true to its ideals, Wellbeing For Us values and buys into the future of each individual, and takes a person centred approach to everything it does. Caring for the unique needs of each person, Wellbeing For Us helps them to find their place within themselves and their community – ensuring a happier and healthier future for all. Amanda explains, “We offer a unique service by remaining centred on each individual with a heartfelt personal approach to their mental health. We’re a remote team based throughout England and Northern Ireland. All our advisors are registered with an affiliated body and trained in the unique Wellbeing For Us way to make each user experience is personal and unique. We’ve designed a simple sign-up procedure to enable users to access our online platform with ease.” Wellbeing For Us is currently seeing an increased demand for services such as ADHD and autism assessments and offers inclusive ways for all participants to benefit from its services. It is currently working on a joint community project with Mental Health UK and the NHS. Designed to support older men who are at risk of suicide, the project helps to enhance digital skills whilst offering a safe place for participants to chat and meet new people. To find out more about Wellbeing For Us and the services it offers, please visit the company website. Contact: Amanda Curtin Company: Wellbeing For Us Web Address: