Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 70 Best Construction Chemical Distribution Company 2023 Resapol Ltd is the UK’s trusted, leading supplier of specialist construction products, dedicated to stocking and supplying a huge range of quality items. With branches nationwide, its teams provide unrivalled sales and technical support across all levels of the business, while ensuring the swift delivery of goods, anywhere in the UK. We catch up with Helen Kirby to learn more about what the business does and how it maintains its high standards. Resapol has always strived to be the best at what it does, which has required continued investment in people, marketing, and the nurturing of relationships with stakeholders. This has not changed despite the business continuing to grow, as an unwavering commitment to upholding these values and working closely with customers and suppliers forms the cornerstones of the Resapol growth strategy. The company has access to over 6,000 products, sourced from some of the world’s biggest and most reputable construction chemical manufacturers. Resapol works closely with them to ensure customers are afforded the best products across an array of sectors. This huge range of products always allows the team to be flexible and responsive to the demands of customers. Whether it be waterproofing, concrete repair, sealants, adhesives, grouts, flooring, or highway and landscape products, the team always have something to fulfil a customer’s requirements. Staff work hard to constantly review and evolve the products offered by the business, to suit shifting customer requirements, trends, and prepare for the arrival of new, emerging technologies. With thought given to the environment, this has extended to include sustainable product offerings, which are now starting to become more readily available for purchase, and favoured by many customers who are conscious about their carbon footprint. Resapol is incredibly proud of its heritage, having been built from the ground up by its two co-founders, Lloyd Phillips and Sean Ofsarnie. These two have worked incredibly hard over the years in order to craft the company into the national success story it is today. This is mainly accredited to three fundamentals that the business continues to hold dear, honesty, trust, and happiness. As a result, the culture that exists is one of mutual respect between employees and management, with the co-founders themselves not afraid to get stuck in sometimes! It is the expertise of staff that is a particular point of pride for the company, with its highly trained teams at the other end of the phone able to provide expert practical advice on products and their applications. In this past year, the team has expanded with the addition of a National Technical Support Manager, as well as Flooring and Waterproofing Specialists, who ensure the firm continues to provide sound advice and excellent support to its customers. Sustainability and concern for the environment has always been a key part of the business, and the company recognises the impact that it has on the natural world. Over the years, steps have been taken to work towards minimising the footprint left by Resapol, and in 2022, the Sustainability Project Team was formed to help formalise and document everything that the firm has already accomplished, along with outlining its plans and goals for the future. Resapol’s commitment to sustainability is not just part of its fundamental values, instead forming an integral part of its broader Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. In 2021, the founders set up the Resapol Foundation, which makes sure that the company is giving back to the communities around its offices and depots, aiming to make a positive and lasting change in people’s lives. The business is incredibly keen to support individuals, communities, organisations, and charities throughout the UK. When it comes to deciding exactly where money gets donated, Head Office, the Merchant Support team, and all the depots select a cause. In 2022, the Foundation donated more than £11,900, comprising of donations through company ambassadors, as well as support to several local children’s and sports teams, and 2023 has already seen £8,000 donated. As for the remainder of 2023, Resapol will continue to focus on the maintenance of its excellent standards, in addition to the promoting of sustainable products, along with it bringing innovative and exciting products to the marketplace. Technical training is also set to continue for staff and customers, with the latter encouraged to provide feedback on the sessions and request specific future training. Ultimately, Resapol has been built on a structure of strong values and good people. Offering customers fantastic products at a great price, they are sure to continue to experience success well into the future. Email: Company: Resapol Ltd Web Address: