Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Established in 2019, Romac Wheels has quickly become one of the principal leaders of the ever-changing automotive aftermarket scene. Utilising superior raw materials and state-of-the-art testing procedures, Romac Wheels is dedicated to ensuring its products are of the highest possible quality and comply with various international testing and safety standards. Originally designed in the UK, Romac Wheels is now one of the industry’s most popular brands, available in over 20 countries worldwide. Alloy Wheel Brand of the Year 2023 Alloy wheels are typically categorised as either original equipment (factory-fitted design) or aftermarket with a variety of production techniques used. The initial concept for Romac Wheels was a fusion of aftermarket designs with OE production. The company’s design portfolio now offers twelve different designs in sixteen different sizes, variants, and colours. Managing Director Craig Austin explains more about the brand’s design and production saying, “All products in our portfolio are made using either Low Pressure Casting or Flow Forming Technology which reduces product weight but also increases strength and performance. On average, a Romac Wheels product weighs between 8-15% less than a standard cast design. We have incorporated several OE elements into our collection including dedicated vehicle applications and fitments. All designs are tested to internationally recognised certifications through every stage of production.” Romac Wheels uses over ten types of testing protocols, including an initial x-ray analysis of the raw materials, an impact test, and cornering fatigue, which focuses directly on the structural performance of the wheel. The tests are designed to replicate real-world conditions with various weight loads and road conditions to ensure the wheels are tested to conditions exceeding normal road use. “The automotive industry is always evolving. A great example of this is the increasing number of electric vehicles now on our roads. Some of the EVs that are available now are heavier than their predecessors, so we must constantly review and factor in additional weight and torque requirements for all new products and even some existing designs.” In addition to building its product line, the Romac Wheels team moved to a new headquarters and distribution facility in October 2022. The move has dramatically increased the company’s storage capacity and provided the facilities to host its previously outsourced services, such as photography and media. Romac Wheels is particularly proud of its marketing and promotional content, which successfully bridges the gap for its worldwide audience by incorporating local languages and terminology. For the company’s international distributors, the team at Romac Wheels has been developing a bespoke B2B platform. The platform has over 10,000 pieces in stock and offers next-day delivery to anywhere in the UK and 48-hour service into Europe. It has been specially designed to provide the brand’s registered partners with an efficient, streamlined experience. Craig Austin further explains the service’s features saying, “The B2B platform is for our registered partners who can access our live stock levels, place orders, and manage their accounts. The platform is linked directly to our dispatch team, and within 90 seconds of an order being placed, it is in our warehouse for shipping. Partners can search stock using multiple industry parameter search fields such as size, application, and colour.” Driven by continuous innovation, Romac Wheels refuses to slow down and has many more projects planned for the coming year. The business is currently in the process of launching Romac Wheels in a further four countries and will soon unveil another three new designs in the UK/EU market. In an industry of primarily long-standing brands, Romac Wheels has established itself as a leading force. The company’s dedication to premium quality standards and rigorous testing has resulted in Romac Wheels receiving our award for Alloy Wheel Brand of the Year. Contact Details Contact: Craig Austin Company: Romac Wheels Web Address: