Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 68 Best Pet Services & Dog Confidence Coaching Business 2023 - North East Bristol & Most Innovative Canine Confidence Coach 2023 (South West): Lynn Lloyd Lynn Lloyd is the owner of Waggs N Woofs, Bristol’s number one Training Trek Academy for dogs. The business specialises in Training Treks, where dogs can learn basic training, social skills, and grow in confidence. With private Canine Confidence Coaching, dog owners will gather the skills to handle potentially stressful situations that arise when dog walking. Waggs N Woofs aims to provide knowledge and training so that dogs and their owners can navigate the post-pandemic world with ease. In 2006, Lynn Lloyd began her mission to create a premium pet business that prioritised the safety and wellbeing of all dogs in its care. After years of rehabilitating rescue Dobermanns, Lynn gained the nickname of the Canine Queen. Created to work around clients’ busy schedules, Waggs N Woofs is dedicated to providing dogs with the time, love, and energy they deserve. As a dog owner herself, Lynn can empathise with her clients’ worries and concerns. The world has changed post-pandemic, with many owners feeling anxious about returning to the office and leaving their furry friends home alone. Waggs N Woofs is here to offer dogs and their owners the support they need to adjust to their new routine. With its unique Training Treks, dogs can develop new skills and learn how to walk beautifully in a group. All treks are done on-lead and allow dogs to develop a relaxed approach through exposure to the hectic world around them. Training Treks have been designed to develop dogs’ socialisation skills and encourage good behaviour. Training Treks take place from Waggs N Woofs Monday to Friday in varying locations to ensure dogs are both mentally and physically stimulated. Each trek lasts 75 minutes and is divided into 25-minute training segments. Basic training includes loose lead walking, scent work, games, and devised scenarios where dogs meet members of the public and fellow canines. Lynn understands that all dogs are unique, and activities can be tailored to suit clients and dogs’ individual needs. Dogs are always kept on leash to ensure their safety and security when out walking. All dogs are thoughtfully matched to their groups and led by at least two experienced Canine Carers, who follow the company’s signature system to ensure safety at all times. Waggs N Woofs has received many glowing testimonials. Owner Lisa shares her experience saying, “I highly recommend Waggs ‘n’ Woofs. We have been with Lynn and her team for over 4 years now. Bella is a timid dog and can be quite shy around people and other dogs, but she is always excited to go out with her Waggs buddies. The team is compassionate and considerate of Bella’s needs. Lynn is always at hand for advice, and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to the best interest of the dogs. As a client, I am kept up to date and fully informed of any changes. Thank you to Lynn and the rest of the team at Waggs N Woofs.” Separation anxiety and a lack of social skills are two of the biggest problems for dogs to come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Canine Confidence Coaching is a specialist one-to-one service dedicated to instilling confidence in dogs and owners when walking. Leading to great socialisation skills for calm and confident dogs, Canine Confidence Coaching fosters positive behaviour in problematic pooches. Owners will gain the ability to handle stressful situations and learn the art of redirection. Lynn Lloyd and the team at Waggs N Woofs are here to soothe anxiety and stress for dogs and their owners. Dogs will learn basic training, social skills, and develop a relaxed approach to navigate the post-pandemic world. With its compassionate and personalised service, Waggs N Woofs provides dogs with the necessary skills to encourage good behaviour and build clients’ confidence. For Lynn Lloyd’s dependable service and unrivalled quality of care, she has been named this year’s Most Innovative Canine Confidence Coach (South West). Waggs N Woofs has also been honoured with our award for this year’s Best Pet Services & Dog Confidence Coaching Business – North East Bristol. Contact: Lynn Lloyd Company: Waggs N Woofs Web Address: