Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

You can’t say that the health and wellness industry is resting on its laurels. Not in any way, shape, or form. Innovation thrives in the industry, driven by a constant need to match pace with new research and new technology. Being named as the Most Innovative Health and Wellbeing Production Supplier is no small feat, but it is certainly well-deserved when it comes to Body Wrap Ltd. We spoke with the company’s director, Amandeep Walia to find out more about the team’s work and offerings. Most Innovative Health & Wellbeing Product Supplier 2023 Body Wrap has positioned itself as the exclusive distributor of commercial grade ‘Far Infrared’ (FIR) body wraps and wellness products. Catering to both B2B clients in the form of wellness clinics, gyms, aesthetic clinics, and salons, alongside B2C clients onlocation, Body Wrap has become the de facto leader in this space. But, what’s the secret? For Amandeep, the quality of the company’s products speaks for itself, with results that almost have to be seen to be believed. “Our commercial grade FIR body wrap systems can burn up to 1,200-1,400 calories in one hour whilst lying down and additional health benefits. Through our research, we aim to research innovative health and wellness technologies that can empower individuals to improve their overall health and wellbeing. We believe that a combination of internal health wellness and a background knowledge in health sciences enables us to explore the potential of technology to not only help individuals reach their weight loss or fitness goals, but also to provide deeper health benefits.” This approach is bolstered through over two decades of experience on Amandeep’s side, especially when it comes to encountering individuals who struggle from common ailments such as chronic fatigue, stress, and depression that hamper physical activity. As you can imagine, the idea of being able to burn calories with little movement is appealing, and immediately solves an all-too common problem, as Amandeep continues. “I have been researching ways to offer patients something where they don't have to work out physically but can do whilst lying down and burning calories. The unique selling point of our system is that it targets the whole body, instead of focusing on specific areas. It also reduces stress levels, increases circulation and metabolism, as well as balancing hormones such as cortisol – a person's overall wellbeing.” Body Wrap, having been established a little over a year ago, has entered the market when a number of alternative options – with varying credibility – have gained prominence. Of those alternatives, many are invasive by nature, involving various injectables to achieve fat loss in specific areas. Amandeep can easily see where the company’s solutions outmatch those alternatives. “We believe in achieving results by targeting their wellbeing. Many studies have stated that non-invasive FIR technology rays can improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Additionally, it is thought to be able to modulate miRNAs, which are small molecules that regulate gene expression reference .” All that is also to say that this is still the early days of this technology, with new applications and uses being discovered. Body Wrap, then, as become an early adopter of this technology as it looks to gain further prominence in the greater industry. The sky is the limit for Body Wrap, as Amandeep concludes. “Having been established about a year, we believe we are progressing well with 15 current clinics in our client base, with some clinics holding more than two systems. We strongly believe that the remainder of 2023 will bring more awareness of our brand and positive effects on our clients. We would also like to say thank you to the salon owners who have believed and shown trust in us to have the system for their clients.” Company: Body Wrap ltd Email: Web Address: Address: F48 innovation centre, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9FD Telephone: 08000016304