Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 116 Best Construction Management Consultant 2023 - North West London As proven business management and development specialists within the construction space, Spaya Ltd holds a crucial role in the greater industry, acting as a pacesetter and guide for all those who need it. This is no small feat, considering the nature of construction and the need for constant innovation and development in turn. We spoke to construction manager, Martin Haldys for more information and insight following the company’s recognition in the awards programme. Spaya has swiftly become strongly associated with comprehensive construction management services that are results-driven and qualityfocused – with an eye on always delivering ‘better’ than alternatives on the market. This has become the company’s legacy, and looks set to be its future too, with all the pieces firmly in place to form a robust foundation for enduring growth. This is Spaya’s reputation, and it is well-earned, as Martin explains in his opening comments. “Spaya has a proven track record with refurbishment and new fit out projects managing all aspects of the client requirements across private landlords, domestic clients, developers, and social housing sector. We are resultsorientated and quality-focused, with excellent relationship management skills, experience of detailed requirements analysis, budget control, team building, health and safety, and all other elements of a project’s considerations.” Let’s go back to that word, ‘comprehensive’. Because it’s one thing to say a company provides comprehensive services and another thing entirely to action that idea. There can be no doubt that Spaya embodies a truly comprehensive approach to create a one-stop shop for its clients. After all, construction involves many, many moving parts and complexities. Of course, that in itself acts as testament to the honed expertise of the team, as capable as they are with handling and managing a variety of different services and variables, as Martin continues. “Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, Spaya provides the following comprehensive construction project management services: comprehensive project and programme planning; supply chain management; project controls and risk management; and bespoke reporting, among others.” He elaborates, “As management consultants, we help single clients and small companies to solve issues, create value, maximise growth, and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking. We are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management, and operations of a company aiming to identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions. We make sure your new build or refurbishment project goes to plan – and stays on budget – by using our expert construction project management service.” Ultimately, Spaya’s mission is to assist small businesses and private clients to project completion, taking on the lion’s share of the hard work so that the team’s clients can see success, in all definitions of the word – on budget, on time, safe, and risk-free. “Our specialist construction managers have years of experience and are all RICS and CIOB qualified. We will take full responsibility for ensuring your project is delivered on time and meets all necessary building regulations and quality standards. We will also help you select and manage contractors, including architects, engineers, and construction companies, ensure health and safety requirements are followed, and provide you with the management information and reporting you need throughout.” The construction industry does like to be changeable though, so it’s important for the Spaya team to be adaptive and flexible to the bespoke nature of each project. Martin reinforces that the team’s goals are always towards creating a partnership with each client, and ensuring that every step of the process is agreed across all parties. This also manifests in Spaya carefully choosing each client it takes on, to ensure that it can best serve the needs of that particular client. “We make sure to choose the right customers, to guarantee the right level of service. We look towards repeat business, rather than continuously onboarding new clientele.” These are the building blocks for Spaya’s success as it looks towards the final couple of months of 2023 and beyond. Organic growth through client-centric services, as Martin concludes in his closing comments. “Those are the pillars of our business – steady business growth and expansion, quality of service over quantity, a peerless reputation, and high customer satisfaction.” Company Name: Spaya Ltd Contact Name: Martin Haldys Address: 2 Glebe Lane, Barnet EN5 3JY Web Address: Contact Email Telephone Number: 07770646084