Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 38 Best Fire Protection Installation Firm 2023 - South West The prospect of a fire breaking out is distressing for anyone, for businesses, big and small, it can be particularly unnerving if there is any doubt as to whether your building is appropriately protected. Endeavouring to minimise this doubt is Fire Immunity, a collective of Passive Fire Protection Specialists with many years’ experience in the industry who have come together to deliver a comprehensive Passive Fire Protection Service. Now heralded as a go-to within the market, Fire Immunity finds itself offering support to a wide range of clients across the South West and Wales. Join us as we explore how. Providing Passive Fire Protection Services that range from Fire Risk Assessments to all-inclusive prevention projects, for the protection of client’s structures and fundamentally their employees/residents. Fire Immunity has earned quite the name for itself throughout the South West and fully intends to live up to the fantastic reputation that it has accumulated and continues to accomplish through its ‘first-time-right’ ethos. This, partnered with its desire to deliver services of the utmost quality, has allowed Fire Immunity to consistently excel in both status and services. At present, it’s easily the most considerate, consistent, and careful passive fire prevention installation firm that the South West has to offer. Fire Immunity is comprised of individuals who are experienced, qualified, and highly passionate about the work that they do. Delivering protection for its clients is the team’s objective, leading to an incredibly high level of quality, regardless of the size of a build environment. Fire Immunity has gone above and beyond to provide specialist training to its staff, and the result is a collective that upholds a consistent level of superiority. Regardless of the project, Fire Immunity will approach it with tools forged from its extensive knowledge of the sector – a quality that truly embodies the passion that it holds for being the best version of itself for its clients. Built Passive Fire Protection has many aspects Cavity Barriers, Fire Doors, Fire Rated walls, Linear Gap Seals and Penetrations and Acoustic Sealing. Acoustic sealing acts to prevent sound from travelling throughout a building, therefore reduces the spread of both smoke and flames alike, this is a significant element with smoke being a silent killer. Keeping its clients and their employees safe is the penultimate goal, and it's one that Fire Immunity has accomplished time and time again. Fire Immunity offers a range of services, including custom Fire Compartmentation Surveys and Reports to suit each client’s unique situation and priority. Fire Compartmentation is a vital element of the overall fire strategy therefore it is essential that both fire-resisting walls and fire doors are installed correctly, by expert teams who appreciate the importance of effective product installation. Fire Immunity presents clients with the option to install Fire Barriers throughout their premises. As one of the most popular methods of passive fire prevention, Fire Barriers serve an essential purpose – they’re specifically designed to restrict the movement of fire and smoke within a building, thereby enormously reducing the risk of an uncontrollable blaze emerging. Fire Immunity has long since mastered the art of erecting Fire Barriers and has established a keen eye for detail that some other providers may overlook. As such, it’s able to promise an on-hand inspection service of both a client’s building and fire prevention tools, together with installing Fire Barriers in the areas that need them the most. It’s this ability to multitask that truly captures the brilliance and dedication behind Fire Immunity. At its heart, Fire Immunity is a firestopping specialist that exemplifies everything that a Passive Fire Prevention installation firm should be. Its adeptness in the field is undeniable, resulting in a consistent success rate throughout each and every project. Every individual client is