Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 48 Best HR & Diversity Consultant 2023 (London): Sanchia Alasia With over a decade of specialist human resource and diversity management experience, Sanchia Alasia is a forward-thinking strategist who helps businesses innovate and integrate inclusive values into their everyday culture. She is also a dynamic public speaker and works with businesses to motivate and influence diverse audiences. She has received national recognition for her innovative approaches to mentoring and coaching and strives to support businesses to embed diversity and inclusion within their organisations. A leader in her field, Sanchia excels at building collaborative relationships and implements her multi-disciplinary approach to develop first-class HR, diversity policies, and successful Industrial Relations strategies. Her guidance enables clients to develop effective training and talent development services. Training is designed for emerging managers and leaders of organisations. It focuses on expanding a workforce’s knowledge, skills, and confidence to ensure success in their careers. Training can be tailored to suit an organisation’s specific requirements. Sanchia understands that it is essential for organisations to value diversity in order to reach their full potential. Fostering an inclusive, positive culture ensures a workforce feels valued and respected as individuals. Consequently, a fulfilling work environment increases job satisfaction, employee retention, and employee wellbeing. Sanchia offers a variety of diversity training programs to empower staff to model inclusive behaviour within their companies. Training covers general diversity principles but also includes areas such as bullying and harassment, disability awareness, and anti-racism. Her mentoring assists businesses in developing and integrating their own diversity strategies as well as implementing diversity into existing policies. With several years of HR experience, Sanchia is confident in advising businesses on HR best practices and supporting their recruitment and retention strategies. She assists in forming solutions that can assist in legal matters, such as dismissals, disciplinary, and grievance procedures. Sanchia ensures policies are examined through a lens of diversity and offers her services as an independent investigator when situations arise. Using her industry expertise, Sanchia keeps clients informed on the latest legislation changes and employment practice developments. Alongside her human resource and diversity management experience, Sanchia was elected as a councillor for Barking and Dagenham Council and held the role until 2021. She was the first of three Black women to be elected and the first Caribbean female civic mayor in the region. Sanchia stood for the European Parliament elections twice, in 2014 and 2019. As a former deputy leader of the UK delegation to the European Committee of the Regions, Sanchia is able to provide comprehensive advice on a variety of EU affairs. She supports companies by highlighting how legislation can affect their area of business. Sanchia is also able to help clients set realistic strategic goals and lay plans to achieve them. For those interested in developing political strategies, Sanchia can liaison with legislators, civil servants, and members of the European Parliament and Committee of the Regions. A recipient of numerous awards, Sanchia has been highly commended as HR champion of the year in the 2023 British Diversity Awards. She was named one of the top 100 most influential and successful African business leaders by the African Chamber of Commerce in 2022. In 2019, Sanchia was also honoured as one of the 50 most inspirational Black women in the UK during Black History Month. Sanchia ensures that she keeps up with her continued professional development by participating as an active member of relevant professional organisations and attending conferences and networking events. Looking to the future, Sanchia is currently delivering a career development program for the National Church Institutions, part of the Church of England. In the coming year, she will be delivering the Diversifying Leadership program for Advance HE, designed to support BME professionals working in higher education. Sanchia Alasia looks forward to collaborating with more clients in the future to innovate and develop positive business values that translate into an inclusive, prosperous culture. For her Award winning work and innovative approaches, Sanchia Alasia has received this year’s award for Best HR & Diversity Consultant – London. Contact Details Contact: Sanchia Alasia Company: Sanchia Consulting Ltd Web Address: