Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

The technology industry is in a permanent state of evolution, and never more so than in this era of digital transformation and automation. As businesses in all sectors are now understanding the need to move with the times, the demand for systems integration solutions is skyrocketing. Artificial intelligence is reshaping the digital landscape at a pace that is often difficult to comprehend. And of course, there are the ever-present threats to cyber-security and critical digital infrastructure. Addressing these trends from a technological perspective are an increasing number of tech firms and start-ups. But no tech company is complete without a sales force that is able to articulate the value of its endeavours to potential clients with clarity. Sales executives working in the arena of systems integration must have a solid understanding of technical principles as well as an insatiable appetite for technological advancement. Based in Camberley, Surrey, Exec Hunter has its sights set on being the recruitment partner for companies in the systems integration arena. The company facilitates beneficial relationships that foster innovation, drive revenue and propel the industry forward. Working with a range of clients from across the UK, Ireland and the EMEA region, Exec Hunter offers talent sourcing, recruitment and placement services in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics. Nick tells us, “Our mission is to provide superior talent acquisition services that contribute to the growth and success of our clients and candidates alike. We're dedicated to ensuring that the right sales executives find the right opportunities to drive growth and revenue for our clients.” The company, which cites its values as integrity, excellence, partnership, innovation, customer-centricity, diversity and inclusion, has a specific USP. Nick explains, “Our unique selling point lies in our deep expertise and exclusive focus on the system integration sector. We understand the intricacies and nuances of this industry. This allows us to identify, engage, and connect sales executives who have the skills and knowledge essential for success.” To stay ahead of the curve, Exec Hunter invests in market research, technology, and talent development. The company maintains a vast network of industry professionals as well as attending conferences and leveraging advanced data analytics to anticipate trends and emerging skill requirements. Exec Hunter fosters an internal culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability. Nick’s leadership style emphasises open communication, mentorship, and empowerment. He says, “We lead by example and encourage continuous learning. Adding to our team involves a rigorous selection process that aligns with our values. Diversity is a crucial aspect of our hiring strategy to ensure a wellrounded team.” Looking to the future, Exec Hunter has its eye set on further expansion into the EMEA sector as well as entering into a partnership with a specialised training company to offer upskill training to candidates. Nick adds, “We’ll also be strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion through targeted initiatives. The future holds exciting opportunities for Exec Hunter as we continue to be at the forefront of system integration recruitment.” Contact: Nick Wallen Company: Exec Hunter Limited Web Address: Leading recruitment agency, Exec Hunter Ltd, specialises in the placement of sales executives within the fast-paced systems integration industry. Founded in 2017, the company’s vision is to connect top-tier sales talent with cutting-edge technology firms to ensure the optimal success of both client and candidate. Managing Director, Nick Wallen, and his team are driving positive change within the recruitment industry. We talk with Nick, to find out more. Best Headhunting Service Provider 2023 - South East