Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Mime Consultancy Ltd., a multi-disciplinary practice of chartered surveyors, was formed to assist SME developers to grow and streamline efficiency in their businesses. The company provides quantity surveying and project management services while prioritising responsible practices in the recording of activities and safety on its work sites. Mime Consultancy offers impartial advice and practical assistance, enabling businesses to boost their productivity and seize every opportunity. Best Quantity Surveying & Project Management Firm 2023 - London As a regulated RICS business, Mime Consultancy employs a skilled team of experienced surveyors and project managers. The company utilises its industry knowledge and years of experience to deliver comprehensive consulting to businesses. The firm has collaborated with a variety of clients including large investment firms, small and large contractors, and a substantial number of SME developers. Its quantity surveying services include home buyer reports, contract advice and checking services, dispute resolution advice, legal services, and valuations. Mime Consultancy assists smaller companies that, due to their size or turnover, may not have the capacity and infrastructure to carry out work themselves. Over the last year, Mime Consultancy has additionally carried out the reverse role for funders, certifying works and finishing developments for funders when situations have gone awry. This new dynamic has enabled the business to explore both sides of development and fostered a deeper understanding of their clients’ requirements. Mime Consultancy is now better equipped to provide more effective solutions. The company is eager to expand to assist more clients and provide high-quantity services to third party funders. Its mission is to help businesses streamline their operations, provide protection during development, and enable them to grow from their successful projects. The company offers protection through education, ensuring that clients are aware of their responsibilities and any liabilities. Mime Consultancy outlines governance that needs to be followed to enable clients to remain compliant with good practices. The team actively participates in a number of marketplaces and collaborates with third parties to remain informed about market conditions. This allows Mime Consultancy to adapt its business strategy, make their clients aware of changes, and protect their activities. The business is committed to exceeding clients’ expectations and obtaining their repeat business through effective project management and adaptable services. Mime Consultancy prides itself on flexibility, providing clients with tailored services to suit their specific needs. Amid fluctuating market trends, the company understands the necessity of adapting to clients’ individual circumstances. Over the last 18 months, the industry has witnessed increasing building costs, which has resulted in many subcontractors and suppliers being unable to keep trading. The main concern for Mime Consultancy is affordable providers which, due to increasing costs and a softening in the market, have decreased their accessible offerings. This has led to providers not offering affordable projects, leaving developers with properties under planning. Mime Consultancy has averted these circumstances by finishing development for funders when projects have been halted. After 35 years in the industry, the consultancy has built up an array of skilled, reliable contacts who are able to assist in work as required. The business continues to expand its expert services to fully support clients and retain complete control over projects. Mime Consultancy has previously been approached for all kinds of services, such as Architecture and Structural Engineering, which the company has been able to provide for clients through its extensive network. Mime Consultancy remains confident in its ability to adapt to changing market conditions. The business aims to continue expanding with new clients, hoping to better understand other parties’ individual requirements. It is Mime Consultancy’s mission to assist firms, contractors, and developers with quantity surveying and efficient project management. In the future, the company aims to expand its offerings to the funding market with the hope of leading more funders to offer business to SMEs. For its streamlined services and responsible practices, Mime Consultancy has received this year’s award for Best Quantity Surveying & Project Management Firm – London. Contact: Mark Curle Company: Mime Consultancy Limited Web Address: