Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 126 Best Business Mentoring Network 2023 MentorME is the UK’s first and largest vetted mentoring marketplace for entrepreneurs seeking support with their Side Hustle & Business. The platform enables clients to find the perfect mentor through its platform and exclusive connecting service. MentorME aims to become a leading authority in the industry by empowering clients to progress their businesses through mentorship. The only platform on the market to offer vetted mentors, MentorME provides support for individuals looking to start their side hustle or grow their existing business. In an oversaturated industry, it is not uncommon for clients to be defrauded with poor quality mentorship and services. MentorME is unique in its mission to match expert mentors with aspiring entrepreneurs. Its core values of transparency and integrity are fundamental pillars that summarise its ethos and build trust between the company and its valued clients. MentorME aims to ensure that entrepreneurs are equipped with the knowledge, guidance, and tools to succeed in their industry. The company provides a free pairing service to support those beginning their business journey and deliver positive mentorship experiences. The platform is initially free to sign up, with entrepreneurs able to compare potential mentors to find the perfect guide for their business needs. Its trusted mentors specialise in many sectors, including e-commerce, trading, property, business coaching, and more. MentorME collaborates with its network of mentors to identify the latest trends within their respective industries. The business continues to conduct diligent research to expand its pool of expert mentors. In an exclusive offer for users with a year’s subscription, MentorME also offers a one-to-one call with the company founder for a personalised pairing experience. A standout feature of MentorME is its thorough vetting process. The platform only accepts mentors with extensive experience and a proven track record of success. Users can rely on vetted mentors to provide valuable advice, career guidance, and specific skills training. One enthusiastic Trustpilot reviewer says, “I highly recommend MentorME to anyone looking for a trusted and effective mentoring platform. With its vetted mentors, user-friendly interface, and flexible pricing options, it is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to grow personally or professionally.” Since the COVID pandemic, many individuals are now seeking entrepreneurship and running independent businesses. The latest insights from Finder UK show that 44% of British people currently have a side hustle. Running an independent business allows entrepreneurs more flexibility when working and enables them to master new skillsets. The MentorME platform encourages small business owners to connect with others and expand their networks. The company empowers clients to grow through renowned opportunities for their brand. Collaborating with experienced developers and establishing open and honest communication has been key to MentorME’s exponential growth. Working closely with its expert developers has enabled the company to identify and quickly resolve technical issues to improve the user experience. Continuous onboarding of mentors ensures its customers have the choice of a wide array of proficient mentors for all their business requirements. Through its meticulous vetting system, MentorME is proud to boost the best selection of mentors in the industry. The platform is currently increasing its offerings with more free content for users, including webinars and giveaways to encourage individuals to begin their journey into entrepreneurship. Over the coming year, MentorME aims to stay up to date with innovative tools and templates for an optimal user experience. As the UK’s first and largest vetted mentoring marketplace, MentorME is an unrivalled player in its industry. With unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with expert mentors, entrepreneurs are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to expand their reach and ultimately grow a successful business. We are excited to see what the future has in store for MentorME as it continues to source trusted mentors and offer its exclusive services to a growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs. Contact Details Contact: Jack Mangles Company: MentorME Web Address: