Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

CN Engineering Services Ltd specialises in project management and providing turnkey solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the team are experts in the fields of process equipment integration, providing bespoke, purpose-built designs for factories and packhouses, as well as having a wealth of experience in the new build and refurbishment of facilities. It is the mission of the team to aid and supply the most robust, sustainable solutions for clients, offering a return on investment and suiting all customer needs, from saving on labour through to serving up new innovations. The organisation offers a plethora of services, with its consultancy solutions consisting of a team abundant with engineering expertise to assist in any requirement, from capital expenditure to maintenance management. CN’s celebrated project management services comprise of experts in the sector and can help from labour on an interim basis through to full line and facility design, as well as carrying out to turnkey installations through to completion. Through its design team, the company can provide the highest calibre of 2D and 3D design capability, inclusive of 3D camera surveying and video tours. Thanks to modern technology, virtual reality can also be used to articulate proposed factory layouts to clients. Other services offered by the company include processing and compliance solutions, where the team will happily integrate audit compliance processes and process controls in the areas of project management, engineering, facilities, and utilities. This is all in addition to CN providing useful management solutions, with interim engineering management available as well as facilities management on a more permanent basis. Change is necessary in the ever-evolving industry which CN inhabits, and the team always adopts innovative, outside-the-box thinking at every turn, asking questions and pushing boundaries to provide its clients with solutions that are tailored and effective, propelling the industry and the company forward. This is made abundantly clear through the company’s journey with the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA), striving to deliver cost-efficient projects for the entire food and pharmaceuticals markets. There too exists a keen awareness of trends and developments in the industry, and the team remains acutely aware of any changes to remain at the forefront of the sector. Recently, clients are seeking more laboursaving solutions, which has resulted in the introduction of solutions within automation, from fully automated packing to the use of robots and place unitising solutions. One project that has been undertaken lately involved assisting a client who could not fulfil their labour requirement through temp work to a level that would sustain production needs. CN’s solution meant the client did not have to hire nearly 100 extra temporary staff, as the process was completed entirely through automation. It is the ethos of the team to work closely and collaboratively with its customers to provide the best possible solutions they can. This is achieved through giving passionate project managers the freedom to always push the boundaries, establishing the business as a frontrunner and trailblazer across the wider industry. The team’s passion for innovation extends to matters involving the environment, with a keen sense of determination to adopt sustainable and environmental practises that act as not only the moral thing to do, but also the cost-efficient thing to do. Over the past five years, the team has reduced the kW/tonne and CO2/tonne of customers by 14%. Looking ahead to the future, 2024 will see the introduction of new solutions, which will be firmly backed by the dedicated consultant team. A handful of large automation projects are already in the pipeline, as well as a cutting edge, dry ice solution for one of the company’s pharmaceutical clients. This is all alongside constant growth in resources and an increase in customer base, with CN Engineering Services Ltd on track to continue to grow and thrive for years to come. Contact: Nathan Bennett Company: CN Engineering Services Ltd Web Address: CN Engineering Services Ltd is a passionate family-run business offering project engineering, project management, and consultancy services to food and pharmaceutical organisations in and around the West Sussex area. It is the aim of the firm to act not just as a consultant, but as a business partner. CN’s team boasts an impressive 85 years of combined engineering experience, and 70 years combined experience in the food industry, and thus pride themselves on delivering the right quality, on time, at the right price. We speak to Nathan Bennet, to find out more about the company and the fantastic services it provides clients. Project Management Consultancy of the Year 2023