Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

To begin, please tell us more about Personal Care Regulatory. “Founded in 2011 in Cambridge, UK, Personal Care Regulatory Ltd is dedicated to providing high-quality compliance services tailored to SMEs in the beauty and cosmetic industry. With our headquarters in Cambridge, we have earned accreditation from UKAS for delivering regulatory compliance services for cosmetic and food supplement products on a global scale. Additionally, we maintain offices in the EU to provide up-to-date regulatory advice and serve as the responsible person for EU compliance. “Our presence in Florida, USA positions us to assist clients in navigating the recent MOCRA (NEW FDA Modernization Act for launching cosmetic products in the USA). We are proud members of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association in the UK (CTPA), and active contributors to Cosmetics Cluster UK and USA Personal Care Products council. “Through our unique in-house software, clients gain access to detailed safety assessment reports for their products. Over the past decade, we've been privileged to assist countless cosmetic brands and companies in completing this crucial process. This endeavor required years of development and numerous sacrifices. Yet, we were resolute that if we were to undertake this venture, it had to be not just good, but the best. And we succeeded, turning this vision into reality with the help of exceptional software engineers and a dedicated, cohesive team. Was it challenging? Undoubtedly. Were there moments we considered giving up or felt overwhelmed? Of course, those moments arose. However, we knew the cause was just, and our success would positively impact countless individuals. So, we persevered.” “When we embarked on our research journey, aiming for precision and comprehensive data on cosmetic ingredients, we found existing resources fell short of the standards we demanded. Furthermore, there was a noticeable gap in expertise in the market tailored for this domain. So, we revolutionized the system.” What kind of trends are you currently seeing in the industry, and what gives you an edge over your competitors? “Consumers are increasingly interested in products with natural, organic, and clean ingredients. This trend is driving companies to seek out safe and naturally-derived alternatives to synthetic chemicals. In our company we provide a proper assessment for percentage of naturalness for products based on ISO 16128. “There's a growing demand for transparency in ingredient lists and labeling. Consumers are looking for detailed information about the components of cosmetic products, including potential allergens or irritants. Our experts advise the brands on best claims and supports them for appropriate substantiation for each claims. Ensuring the claims have the right substantiation, can bring consumers' trusts for brands. “Advances in testing methods, such as in vitro (non-animal) testing and computational modeling, are becoming more prevalent. These methods offer alternatives to traditional animal testing and can provide accurate safety data. Our state of the art software can create toxicological assessment for finished products in cosmetic industry having a detailed assessment of ingredients toxicological end points. “In the dynamic landscape of regulatory compliance and safety assessment, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. The beauty and cosmetic industry in the UK demands precision, knowledge, and a keen understanding of evolving regulatory standards. To meet this demand, we proudly introduce our specialized training programs designed to empower professionals and businesses with the tools they need to excel in this crucial field.” Do you have plans for the future which you would like to share with our readers? “We have training programs which are meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive insights into the intricacies of regulatory compliance and safety assessment. Led by seasoned experts with a wealth of experience in the industry, participants will gain invaluable knowledge and practical skills that are essential for success. “We have recently opened up our USA based branch in California and we are hoping to provide support brands and manufactures for their exports to the USA. The new changes in the USA regulation for cosmetic products is a huge change within the last 75 years. We are hoping we can support UK brands and manufacturers to navigate the change – and support them as their agent in the USA.” Ultimately, Personal Care Regulatory is a compliance service provider that recognises the most imposing challenges. Every business should be given the chance for success, and it’s thanks to this collective that such an opportunity is even able to emerge. Personal Care Regulatory has its clients’ backs. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Personal Care Regulatory, and we hope that its future ventures are met with nothing but success. Contact: Mojgan Moddaresi Company: Personal Care Regulatory Web Address: In recent times, the cosmetics industry has arguably seen the biggest shift in regulation, compliance, and transparency in comparison to a variety of other sectors. The increasing demand for detailed labelling and deeper insight into cosmetic products has left most companies searching for comprehensive compliance services, and Personal Care Regulatory exists to fill this need. For over a decade, Personal Care Regulatory has adopted a versatile approach towards helping its clients meet compliance regulations, and we explore how its expertise has become an invaluable tool for cosmetics companies across the globe. Here we interview Managing Director Mojgan Moddaresi to learn more as the company is recognised in our Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. Best National Cosmetic Products Compliance Services Provider 2023