Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

treating everybody with the same enthusiasm, attention, and care. Moreover, the CGT team are determined to innovate, adopting the approach to lead rather than follow. This approach feeds down into every level of the agency, powering its processes, systems, and technologies in order to guarantee that customers receive the best possible experience every time, as well as helping the company to evolve with the industry. There also exists a keen sense of passion that radiates from the company, determined not only to be the best, but also the most knowledgeable and understanding about business practices within the sector and the wider local area. As ARLA Propertymark members, with Nick even serving as the Vice President of the organisation, staff are provided the highest calibre of training in order to achieve any desired property qualifications. The company is fully aware of the importance of being confident with the oftentimes complex lettings legislation, to guarantee tenants, landlords, vendors, and buyers are all kept safe. CGT also pays for all its qualified staff members to partake in ARLA Propertymark membership and supports them across all stages of their personal and professional development. Moreover, with a proud Gloucestershire heritage, there is a sense of passion among the team advocating for buying local and staying local, again with a commitment to never losing this ‘local’ feeling from the organisation’s internal culture. These values have been built into the agency’s monthly one-to-one forms, in order to make sure they are being upheld by staff every month. Furthermore, these values consist of a sizeable part of the recruitment process, ensuring any new recruits who come aboard share these same values that will continue to administer success for the agency. Among the company’s senior employees, there is too a unanimous feeling that these values will continue to underpin every single decision that the company makes moving forward, no matter what successes or challenges come its way. In addition to this, CGT has set a proud mission statement for the company. As Nick explains, the team aims to provide, “The number one property solution to all in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.” This message is displayed across the company offices, website, and social media channels, with the reason being that the agency wants its clients to hold it accountable to upholding its values and this mission statement every single day. It is the perfect balance of technology and skill which gives CGT the technical proficiency to communicate across all levels of the business to assist customers through these constantly evolving processes, and the team works together across the vast CGT enterprise to always deliver an exceptional moving experience. Customer satisfaction levels are monitored thoroughly and comprehensively, and the business is always willing to learn, adapt, and train its teams to ensure they remain the best they can possibly be. Service is the agency’s secret weapon, and the team works tirelessly to listen hard and learn fast. Everybody who is looking to move properties possesses their own unique reasons for doing so, these are inclusive of price, location, or size, and these factors play a huge part in their search. It is the job of CGT’s employees to go above and beyond in solving these problems, all while providing exceptional service, extensive property knowledge, and basic yet desirable skills such as the ability to be tenacious. The team is led with a keen sense of encouragement and belief, Nick believes that everybody has the potential to be their best, and individuals and teams are celebrated when they achieve successes, and when things go wrong, the team learn and adapt swiftly, growing from their mistakes. Ultimately, teamwork is the secret to this success, and CGT supports everyone to reach for the best and maximise their value to the company and community. As for the rest of 2023 and beyond, the tried and tested approach which the company is continuing to take is more learning and listening, whether this be to customers, suppliers, teams, or individuals. CGT knows that this is where the key to success lies, and through nurturing relationships and remaining true to its core values, the agency will remain an employer of choice, a go to business where the very best can thrive. Contact: Nick Devonport Company: CGT Lettings Web Address: