Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Untamed Advice offers a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being that is streamlined for everybody that might need it. The company supports clients facing any number of challenges, including stress, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Through the holistic approach offered to counselling, coaching, and therapy, clients are afforded the head space to be able to move forward with their lives. We speak with Jamie Goodwin, Certified Counsellor, Wellness Coach, Holistic Therapist, and Author of Untamed Advice, to learn more about the vital work the business does in supporting people. Best Online Holistic Mental Health Service 2023 Untamed Advice has a key vision, to support as many people as possible and help them to achieve mental and emotional stability, regardless of the challenges they are facing. In modern society, there are so many people struggling already, and things are only getting worse. The company is there for all those people, regardless of the amount of need or support they are seeking. In addition to therapy services covering a host of mental health conditions, online courses, e-books, audiobooks, and merchandise are offered to support people along their wellness journey. For Jamie, the mission is simple, to support those who are struggling with the same ability and resiliency that it took Jamie to overcome his own personal challenges, some of which nearly cost him his life. Living in the wilderness, Jamie today feels calmer and more at peace than ever, with an ability to face anything that comes his way. It is this state of self-empowerment and personal sovereignty that Jamie seeks to pass on to his clients, which is more important now than ever, with violence unfortunately increasing as a result of the increasingly stressful, negative, and painful society that many people face every day. It is the purpose of Untamed Advice to provide a platform for people to thrive once again, with everyone being given the ability to solve their own problems. This is key as society revolves a lot around co-dependency, which can result in false achievement and doesn’t provide happiness. Jamie genuinely cares about people, and thus adopts a totally authentic message, that remains unaltered by capital, popular mainstream outlets, or government pressure. Through the bridging of the gap between ancient philosophy and modern, evidence-based psychological science, combined with the testing of results in a wilderness setting, phenomenal results can be achieved. There are many key trends across mental health at present, but Untamed Advice chooses to focus simply on how people are doing. Young people are increasingly struggling, and the call for help grows stronger. Much of this can be put down to social media platforms, which offer fake interactions and promote objectification culture. On the positive side, an increased awareness of this has led to a return to nature, with many people seeking solace, both in nature and via professional help. These sorts of technologies also mean genuine human interactions and connections are becoming rarer, and thus more valuable. By bringing something real, human, and natural to the table, organisations will increasingly stand out. At present, Untamed Advice consists of only Jamie, although he has created, joined, and worked in teams previously. Despite this, he has any array of plans in the pipeline, including growing the website and building a company social media platform that will allow clients to support each other. Further down the line, Jamie hopes to build a wilderness retreat, where teams and individuals will be able to take part in a combination of survival skills, team-building, and mental and emotional resilience training. Jamie also plans to curate his podcast and newsletter more regularly, as well as producing more videos. Finally, Jamie is excited to announce his ‘Ancient Anger Management’ course is now live, which offers a holistic approach through an online course which gives students permanent rage relief using the blend of ancient and modern methods. This programme provides an integrated learning model, inclusive of activities, quizzes, and thought experiments, in addition to research, references, and reading lists. The course consists of a total of 40 lessons across 10 modules and comes with a CPD certification exam meaning individuals get CPD points and a certificate. Ultimately, wellness is something anybody can achieve. As Jamie explains, “Within each of us is an unbreakable spirit; [..] you can break free and be happy with the right support. […] I’ve witnessed it myself, and that’s why I became a counsellor”. With this kind counselling, clients can rewrite their stories, and live unencumbered lives. Contact: Jamie Goodwin Company: Untamed Advice Web Address: