Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 66 Best Business Insurance Providers 2023 - Weymouth Established in 2004 and driven by a desire to remedy a large gap in the market, Westminster Insurance Ltd (Westminster) has become one of the standout providers for those in the market for professional indemnity and public liability insurance. We spoke with CEO Gail O'Donovan following the team’s well-deserved success in the awards programme. It’s a rare thing indeed to find an opportunity such as the one Westminster found itself occupying. The sort of opportunity that simply doesn’t exist within dense markets with enormous competition. Of course, that doesn’t put aside the sheer amount of work and expertise that has driven Westminster from the very beginning. Others in the sphere have quickly faltered and stumbled when similar opportunities have arisen. It takes a strong team with strong leadership working in unison to secure enduring success. Here, Gail offers more insight into the machinations behind the company’s formation. “There was only one provider, and their service was slow and poor. We introduced a whole new way of applying for insurance - where the customer could use a simple online application, get an instant quote, and have the option to purchase there and then or save their quotes until later. We are all familiar with this type of service now but, in 2004, Westminster was unique. Since then, we have continued to build our reputation for delivering first class business insurance to sole traders, partnerships, groups, and limited companies, with an expanded range of products which includes medical malpractice, office contents, portable business equipment, employers’ liability, personal accident and cyber coverage. “Our customer range has expanded too, and we now provide insurance for over 600 different types of business practices: for beauticians, aestheticians, trainers, therapists, holistic practitioners, masseurs, veterinarians, first aid workers, animal workers and so on...... who themselves may have customers all over the world.” Gail and the greater Westminster team have cultivated this vast network through a clientcentric offering that, while innovative at its beginning, continues to innovate and evolve as a pacesetter in the market. The drive to deliver a first-class, personal service will always be front and centre to the company’s overall approach and processes. This is made all the more crucial when you consider that not everyone who starts building a business knows or understands the insurance landscape. It can be a confusing and complicated world, and many need a guiding hand to navigate it successfully and cost-effectively. Westminster does just that. “We understand that insurance is not something everyone knows lots about so for those who are not yet ready to use the quick and easy online application we'll take our time to answer all their questions, discuss their needs and ensure the insurance they get is exactly what they need and no more. We don't use automated phone systems and answer the phone directly during office hours.” Gail continues to discuss how this approach has impacted the team’s client retention. “We have always gone that extra mile for people and the fact that our business has grown so much over the years, almost entirely down to customer recommendation, is testament to our hard work. We pride ourselves on being truly in touch with the needs of our customers - excellent insurance, which is quick and easy to obtain, with payment options, great prices, personal support, and quick claim responses. When people tell us we're so different to other insurance providers we take that as a huge compliment!” This growing client base has also expanded the areas in which Westminster operates. As the list of businesses grows, so too does the industries the team have experience in. “The list of business practices we cover is constantly growing. Customers can ask us to cover something new and we will do our upmost to add it to our list.” This has created a self-feeding cycle, allowing Westminster to grow organically, whilst responding to demand. It’s put it in good stead for the future, as Gail says, “Countrywide we have seen a huge growth in beautician, aesthetic, and tattoo businesses, which we are pleased to support. Westminster looks forward to serving an ever-growing number of customers from a wide range of industries who are delivering hundreds of different types of service throughout the world. Whatever people need, we’ll do our best to help them.” Company Name: Westminster Insurance Ltd Contact Name: Gail O'Donovan, CEO Address: Mey House, Bridport Road, Poundbury, Dorset, United Kingdom, DT1 3QY Web Address: Contact Email Telephone Number: 01305 839939