Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 94 Most Innovative Golfing Network 2023 It’s All About The Golf envisions a world in which golf is accessible to everyone, regardless of their skin colour, gender, or wealth. The company is creating a free-to-use online service that will enable users to book their tee times, arrange accommodation and travel, and buy equipment and clothing. Here, we discuss It’s All About The Golf purpose and its social network proposition, The Clubhouse, which will bring together golfers from a diverse range of backgrounds to talk about and arrange to play golf. In the modern, fast-paced world, the golfing entertainment industry is evolving rapidly. Thanks to technological advancement, golf is no longer a member elite sport, but rather there is a grass roots level of golfer with a completely different profile to those who play in the traditional format. With the player profile changing, there is a significant need to challenge the standard format of elitism that still exists within golf. It’s All About The Golf aims to be this challenge. It's All About The Golf were inspired by shared experiences and the obstacles they faced when entering the world of golf to make a change in the industry. Their trials and struggles gave rise to their strong belief that golf should be open to everyone, regardless of skin colour, gender, or wealth. This drives the Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Diversity (AID) value system that sits at the core of It’s All About The Golf. As new golfers, the team found that advice was not readily available and that it was difficult to ask people questions. This eventually inspired them to create The Clubhouse, a networking solution that new golfers could use to ask other golfers questions, seek advice, and arrange their games of golf. To gauge interest in this idea, It’s All About The Golf created an initial platform for the networking model. People soon started signing up, and they took this as a sign to keep going. Since then, they have been working to further develop The Clubhouse in order to encourage interaction between users and to offer a marketplace through which they can buy and sell equipment. This month, in October 2023, The Clubhouse will be launched to the world. The goal is to build a complete golfing entertainment ecosystem that will primarily serve as a portal for information but also allow users to arrange and play all types of golf. At the heart of the platform will be the ability to match golfers based on their ability, location, and other preferences. It’s All About The Golf hopes that this software will attract and support new players from a wider section of society, making the world of golf more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It also hopes to increase business for golf clubs and courses across the country. The team utilise their complementary skills to effectively lead the team and develop their innovative software solutions. For its innovative social network proposition, It’s All About The Golf has been awarded Most Innovative Golfing Network in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. As it looks forward to launching the application, the company is currently seeking seed investment from interested parties to enable it to achieve its goals. Contact: Laurence Alam Company: It's All About The Golf Ltd Web Address: